Cast a wider net.

Georgia’s opened up the competition at punt snapper again.

Trent Frix and Nathan Theus are competing this week for the gig after punter Collin Barber couldn’t handle a high snap from Frix in the loss at Vanderbilt on a costly special teams blunder.

“We’ve kind of opened the competition back up and really analyzed what both those guys are doing,” said assistant coach John Lilly, who oversees the unit and makes the decision. “That’s the great thing about an open week. It gives you a little bit more time to work on some of those things. I think we’ve cleaned up maybe some of the techniques things that maybe could cause something to go awry. We’ll find out as we play the rest of the season.”

I don’t have a problem with competition, even this late in the season… but why stop at two?  If Tennessee could pull a place kicker in from a frat house, you’d think on a 30,000-plus person campus Lilly could find somebody to walk on and snap the ball.


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30 responses to “Cast a wider net.

  1. Baitstand

    Two too many “maybes.”

  2. fuelk2

    The “technique things” appear to be some anal puckering when it looks like a punt is going to be rushed. I don’t know why opponents don’t try to block every one of our punts. The threat alone will cause us to shat ourselves.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    30,000 kids, and not one single deep snappah?

  4. Lrgk9

    Need to put Barber on a Juggs machine.

  5. Erskine

    Maybe, just maybe, both Frix & Theus performed flawlessly during practice & these screw ups are wrong place wrong time moments. If you held a 30K audition, that in no way prevents the same in game error. What happens on the practice field is not necessarily what you get on game day.

  6. The other Doug

    Maybe we need a taller and more athletic punter.

    • 81Dog

      can Neville Austin punt? Or Manute Bol?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Hell, if we’re going that route, what we really need is somebody who can jump to be the punter at UGA. How about Michael Jordan? He never played football and maybe we can convince the NCAA to waive the eligibility requirements time wise.

        • 81Dog

          Doesnt Nique have some eligibility left? I bet he can still jump pretty well, even for a guy who’s 50 (holy crap. Nique is 50? Damn, I’m old)

    • Olddawg 55

      Maybe we just need a little more tolerance and patience with who we’ve got? It ain’t that easy, McGee!

  7. 81Dog

    the number one rated long snapper in the USA in the class of 2014 (I checked. Turned out there really is a system for training and rating kickers, punters and snappers run by a guy named Rubio. Who knew?) is apparently a kid at St. Pius in Atlanta. Maybe someone on the staff should pick up a phone or something.

    • Ubiquitous Ga Alum

      Nathan Theus was the #1 rated long snapper in the class of 2011 …

      • VD

        It’s pronounced snappah.

      • 81Dog

        well, then, I guess we should just leave him in there and quit worrying about finding someone who can actually deliver the ball where it’s supposed to go. Is that your point?

        • I believe his point was these ratings should be taken with a very large grain of salt.

          • Ubiquitous Ga Alum

            Yes that’s correct …

          • 81Dog

            that’s an excellent point, but if you agree that a change might be a good idea, then one has to start looking somewhere. I wasnt advocating just taking a guy sight unseen and putting him in the game Saturday, though that probably couldnt go much worse than what’s happened so far. Just take a look someplace. Ranking, UGA intramurals, a magic 8 Bball, SOMETHING.

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    If you have two long snappahs does this not mean, ergo, you got none?

  9. SlobberKnocker

    I was the quarterback for a wishbone offense back in the day. As a freshman, I was small (5’2″, 110 lbs) but quick. Guess who was the long snapper? Yeah, me as none of our linemen seemed to be able to consistently get the ball to the punter/holder. Coach literally told me to snap and dive at the feet of the kid in front of me, so that was all I did. I never really understood why it was so hard.

  10. We’re going into the 8th game of the season, and we don’t know who the long snapper should be, pathetic?

  11. JT

    This is what irritates me to no end; I have a friend who’s son is 6’2″ 233 pds. He was told by our “on campus coordinator” to come out and try out. He did in front of Lilly. Lilly said he was better than what we had. He was told that he would be called. He was never called. What happened? Trent Frix.
    So a few of our players knew about him and wanted to figure a way to get this to Richt. Apparently this was squashed. This kid can long snap better, outrun both those guys and actually lay the wood. He is currently on the UGA powerlifting team (club). His dad kicked for us in the 70’s.
    IMO he would have been the LS had our esteemed “on campus” recruiter had half a brain.
    It is pathetic that CMR’s support staff are that inept to the point of hurting the program.
    He will be out in January. Daryl Jones is a putz.

    • 69Dawg

      But but Frix is a legacy. I understand that your kid is a legacy too but we only have so many legacy positions open. Theus was offered for one reason guesses anyone. Special teams are an after thought. After what CMR said last year about studying special teams, if I was the AD his butt would get a job evaluation and not a penny of a raise or extension. If he gets pissed so be it. Quit giving ST’s lip service and do something even if you have to fire another FSU reject..