Taking my act on the road

I’m heading out for the Cocktail Party this morning, which means that posting, like my sobriety, will be sporadic at best.

Whether you’ll be down there with me, or watching the game from home, enjoy yourselves.  Injuries, mediocre records or whatever, it’s still one of the crown jewels of college football and we’re lucky enough to claim it for our own.


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121 responses to “Taking my act on the road

  1. Be careful and hit me up on twitter if you want to get lunch on Friday here in Jax Senator.

  2. Ginny

    Cannot wait. The most wonderful time of the year. Safe travels.

  3. Nate Dawg

    Senator – please get drunk & post in the comments section after the game – I hate to be the only one..wink wink.
    Have fun & pullem thru! Go Dawgs!

  4. Russ

    Safe travels Senator and bring home the win.

      • pcidoc

        Safe travels. Will be there tomorrow around noon. The Missus and I are taking 2 of our grandsons- one who is a huge Dawg fan and hopes to matriculate there next fall and the other who is a Bama fan that I’m trying to correct his thinking.
        Go Dawgs. Let’s get a win! GATA!!!

  5. Spike

    See ya there!!


    GATA and thanks for the blog.

  7. uglydawg

    Mull this over..By all reports, Gurley is about 100% and well rested…Douglas and Green have gained valuable experience from having been thrown into the fire…..Georgia should be able to p-o-u-n-d the Florida offense late in this game..Gurley makes everything better..esp the play fake and the screen….and of course the running game.GATA indde!

    • The Lone Stranger

      Are you already into the brown liquor, ugly? I trust so and Godspeed good man. I say the game hinges upon the Dawgs’ DLine — they ought to be able to go pummeling through toward Murphy, who may singlehandedly solve the turnover drought.

      • hassan

        The game hinges on our ability (or lack thereof) to get a punt off or attempt a field goal without disastrous results.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        I am much more worried about our OL than our DL. Unless by DL we mean what it means in baseball….:)

  8. DawgPhan

    bring home a W and talk way too much shit in all those florida bars.

    go dawgs!!!

  9. JT

    see you there.

  10. Debby Balcer

    It looks like the weather will be perfect Saturday. I will be in the stands loud and proud cheering for the DAWGS!!!

  11. Noonan

    I love the Artie Lynch quote. I have taught my kids (age 7 and 5) that we don’t hate opposing teams – except the Gators. We hate them intensely. They understand.

  12. Yeah, the forecast has been rain all week. Stay dry, Senator….not orally of course. BE WELL and GATA.

  13. rampdawg

    Well I can’t make it down this year. So have a great weekend on Amelia. I will ask a favor of you now. After The Dawgs get the W saturday, and when you get back to your after game abode. Sit out on the deck, take in the ocean and have a fine single malt along with really fine maduro. That’s what I do.

    • Macallanlover

      Damn, those are my two favorite ways to kick back. I don’t have to wait for a Gator beating to enjoy them here in the mountains of course but they do seem to be even better on days like that. Mother Nature has gotten her special paintbrush out this week, everything is setting up for a special weekend for all Dawgs. Enjoy everyone!

      • Cosmic Dawg

        We’re in Athens, but I was hoping to take the family on a drive and hike up to the NGA mtns on Sunday afternoon but it’s not looking likely….where are you guys, Mac?

        • Hey, I am at the “Birds Nest” in Blairsville until the end of January. Where are you guys in these glorious GEORGIA Mountains? At this Health Retreat I have no TV, no internet, no contact with the outside world. Have to go into Young Harris to connect with the world. Not sure where I am going to watch the GAME.

          • Russ

            Wow, don’t often see Young Harris mentioned very often. Matriculated there many years (and brain cells) ago.

            • Wish I had known about Young Harris before I went to Athens. Would have been a good place to start. Beautiful here, and especially love all the Wine Vineyards. May make this my permanent home after the first of the year.

        • Macallanlover

          I am just deep in the mountains very near the NC line, not close to anything really, even Google can’t find me. Young Harris is about 45 minutes from me, play golf there occasionally. Supposed to be clear and colder in Sunday, high in the fifties.

  14. MT Dawg

    Go Dawgs!
    Have fun!

  15. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Watch for speedtraps! You are going to be driving in Georgia and Florida after all.

  16. hunkerdowndawg

    Senator, what time are you hitting TRay’s in the morning. I’ll look for you. Safe travels.

  17. Rebar

    Vaya con Dios Senator! If we play as physical as we have the last two years against the Gators, you’ll have a great time.

  18. Ed Kilgore

    I’ve watched this game from so many vantage points: Manuel’s Tavern (1980!), a friend’s house in Baltimore, a sports bar in Georgetown, a hotel room in St. Kitts, a fake British pub in Half Moon Bay (last year). This year’s at home, so the tailgate begins at dawn.

    • Ed Kilgore

      Just realized I forgot about the time I followed the game during my honeymoon on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean by eavesdropping on a Florida fan who was paying a fortune for text play-by-play! And forgot to wish the Senator a great time and a happy recap! Let’s pray we aren’t talking about the refs or laying odds on Grantham’s firing when Sunday arrives.

  19. Skeeter

    Gators wear jean shorts!

  20. Ok kids, Dad’s out for the next few hours. Anyone got any UGA links to share?

  21. TomReagan


  22. HVL Dawg

    If I could, i’d send you a bottle of bourbon.

  23. Russ

    Wearing my Georgia shirt to work an a guy stops me to say he’s a Dawg fan as well (sort of rare here in Houston). Turns out, his dad was Harry Babcock, who played end for the Dawgs and was the first pick in the 1953 NFL draft, going to the 49ers. Woof!

  24. DugLite

    We need a game day post Senator!

  25. DugLite

    That’s it I’m gonna put one in the upper deck. This place is gonna smell for weeks.

  26. DirtyDawg

    Great opening drive. Gurleeeeeeey! Unfortunately, Wiggins still can’t cover his grandma.

  27. Dolly Llama

    What’s wrong with Gurley? He sure doesn’t look over on the sideline, but damn if I can see what happened on the play.

  28. Dolly Llama

    I don’t know where they took 2012-vintage Marshall Morgan or what they did with him, but I’m sure liking whoever’s impersonating him this year.

  29. Dolly Llama

    Shit! Now Artie’s down.

  30. Dolly Llama

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand … Rantavious just got robbed — unless justice is done on this review.

    • Rec

      Is it to early to talk about paying a plane to fly around the Gator Bowl with a sign reading “Buldogs for Boom?”

  31. DirtyDawg

    Wiggins cannot, repeat, cannot cover.

  32. .Dash

    Let the meltdown ensue. God I hate watching this team.

  33. DirtyDawg

    Can’t we ever put anybody away? Rhetorical question.

  34. Dolly Llama

    If we end up losing this damn game, and Grantham’s not gone by this time next week, I will be real disappointed.

  35. Ellis

    Bobo better be on the same bus as Grantham. I am so sick of him going ultra conservative when we get a lead. We got screwed for sure on the incomplete pass ruled a fumble but Bobo has been mia since the first quarter. Ridiculuous that Florida is still in this game.

    • DirtyDawg

      yeah, once again, we went conservative way too early. Let UF right back into the game. Could have been a blow-out.
      Ok, we have it inside our 5 as the third Q winds down. A long-drive TD here should win it.

      • Dolly Llama

        So much for that shit.

        • DirtyDawg

          Yeah. We’ve run six plays in the second half.

          • Ellis

            Unbelievable. Unacceptable. Total fail, yet so predictable. Richt can save his job by dismissing Bobo and Grantham asap, otherwise he has probably come to the end, which I hate because I like him.

            • Dolly Llama

              Lord, I’m pissed as anybody, but please. Grantham? Fire his ass now and make him buy his own ticket back. Richt? Dawg, you’re crazy as hell.

              • Ellis

                I agree. I don’t want to see Richt go but he has to make some changes this year. Might as well start fresh since we lose Murray, but Grantham isn’t working and Bobo is a disaster.

  36. Ellis

    Mark Richt better blister this referee crew after the game

  37. Ellis

    Anybody on this board still want to justify Bobo’s job? Safety? He had three good choices – Gurley, Gurley, or Gurley and he goes play action in the endzone! We will never win anything with that idot calling plays.

    • The other Doug

      Something was up with Gurley. I bet flu.

    • Patrick

      For the record, you just called out Bobo for going “too conservative” when we had the lead.
      In basically your next post, you called him out for not running the ball.

      So…which is it?

      I think your next post should be “we should fire Bobo for calling plays that sometimes don’t work”

      • uglydawg

        Georgia has thrown out of the endzone very succesfully this year. Purifoy was unblocked on a blown assignment. Real Dawg fans are celebrating tonight and not bitching.

      • ellis

        No I didn’t, but I understand football. The play action in the end zone was just a poor decision. You see, it takes too long to set up and a sack leads to, well, a safety. It could have been worse, nice job for Murray to hang onto the ball, but in that situation you need to get positive yardage running the ball forward, especially when you have the best running back in the country and have controlled the line of scrimmage. That is the kind of bone headed play calling that kills us. Timing is everything and it is a skill that Bobo just has never seemed to understand.

  38. Grady Grad

    Bad day for Lynch to go brain dead.

    • Dolly Llama

      Like your ‘nym, Dawg. I’m a Grady “Double Dawg” myself – BA in ’92, MMC in ’94. You? We might know one another.

  39. David

    Call for LSUfreek graphic

    Lynch lateral = bill Buckner 1986

    • Ellis

      I don’t know about Buckner, that was his fault. That was a horrible call Murray threw the ball from the 20 and it hit Lynch on the 21.

      Two games in a row that horrid officiating has changed the game against Georgia. I know they do it behind the scenes but I would like to see Richt step up and call out that crew for that call publicly.

  40. Russell Hall

    Well, Saban. Nobody’s leaving the Gator Bowl.

  41. DirtyDawg

    Lord, I hope we somehow win this clusterf****!

  42. Dolly Llama

    Oh, God, I just need to go lay down.

  43. The other Doug

    That was 30 mins of hell.

  44. DirtyDawg

    Brett McG–My hero.

  45. ZeroPointZero

    “Elizabeth, it’s the big one!”

  46. Over at Swamp Gas they are having a serious debate about whether Muschamp is a UGA plant.


  47. Normaltown Mike

    This regime makes it really hard to love the Dawgs.

    I really wish CMR would retire soon. I see too many of these type games to believe he will ever do different.

  48. In some respects UGA letting them back in the game just makes the loss all the more painful and bitter for Gator fans….and that’s always a good thing.