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Auburn, without the bad deflection

Mark Bradley haz a sad. A big one.


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Game day thoughts: if hating Tech is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Random things that have bopped into my head over the past few days:

  • It was lost in all the great things Georgia Tech accomplished last season, but Tevin Washington managed to end a lengthy streak by completing over 50% of his pass attempts.  Luckily for us, Vad Lee is more of a traditionalist at the position.  His completion percentage going into today’s game stands at a robust 47.1%.
  • Speaking of Mr. Lee, if the Jackets have to put the game in the hands of their passing attack in the fourth quarter, you can go ahead and light your cigar.
  • That being said, I have a funny feeling that the Georgia defender to keep an eye on today is Leonard Floyd.  If Georgia can’t set the edge and hold it, Tech’s going to get its share of decent gains running the ball outside.
  • I don’t think it takes any deep insight to recognize that Mason is the story on offense.  How the coordinators handle deploying and defending him will be the chess match of the day.  I expect lots of blitzing from Roof.
  • One thing to be nervous about:  Georgia Tech’s offense in the red zone.
  • Another thing to be nervous about:  Jeremiah Attaochu against Georgia’s offensive tackles.
  • We know Georgia’s struggled on the turnover margin front, but Tech is no great shakes there either, at minus-2 on the year.  If you take out the 1-AA opponents, the Jackets are minus-nine.
  • One other thing about Murray’s absence, aside from the fact that he absolutely owned Georgia Tech, is that the offense was really making strides in adjusting to the absence of a true deep threat.  I’m hoping the offense doesn’t miss a beat with Mason, but we’ll see.
  • Does Miami’s win yesterday affect Tech from a motivational standpoint?

Georgia is more talented and the Dawgs have been the more motivated team under Richt.  Ordinarily, that’s been enough, but 2013 has been a weird year, to say the least.  So I’ll say Georgia wins but doesn’t cover.  Which means I’m looking forward to another enjoyable walk out of BDS.  I’ll be the guy dressed in red with a shit eating grin.

The thread is open, guys.  Jump on in.


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Proof that Paul Johnson surfs the Web

The genius, on Hutson Mason:

“We won’t know if he’s as good vertically as Aaron Murray until he plays for a bit,” Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said. “He’s clearly very accurate when you watch the tape in the little bit he’s played in. Everything that I’ve heard in the state for the last two or three years since he’s been there every time there’s a scrimmage or every time there’s practice, they’re always raving about him. I know a couple of years ago when they were struggling a little bit, people were yelling for him to be the quarterback. So clearly, he’s talented.”  [Emphasis added.]

I’ve gotta think that last sentence there was pure sarcasm.  If so, that’s not badly played, if you think about it.


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Oh, the things you can learn at The Hive!

And here I was thinking that Gurley kid’s pretty special.


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Friday lunch buffet

No turkey in this buffet.


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Analogy of the day

If you’re a Georgia defender, Paul Johnson is just like Jimmy Williamson.

Defensive players don’t like dealing with triple-option offenses like Georgia Tech (7-4) and Georgia Southern run, and specifically don’t like having to keep their eyes out for pesky offensive linemen who consistently dive at their knees.

“It’s just like being out on the streets: you’ve got to keep your head on a swivel and watch your surroundings,” Smith said. “Protect yourself at all times.”

Sometimes players can’t play because of suspension and sometimes they can’t play because their knees are suspended.

Smith’s first substantial playing time actually came as the result of an illegal chop block that knocked DeAngelo Tyson out of Georgia’s 2011 win over the Yellow Jackets. Smith, then a green sophomore, replaced Tyson in the lineup and recorded seven tackles and 1.5 tackles for a loss, earning SEC Co-Defensive Lineman of the Week honors in the process.

Scooters and cut blocks.  I hate ’em both.


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It really never gets old.

WordPress just reminded me that GTP celebrates its seventh anniversary today.  It was Georgia’s ’06 win over Georgia Tech that inspired me to start blogging, and this post was the result.  (Thanks for the memories, Reggie.)

And while I’m reminiscing, I can’t help but share my favorite post about Tech over that seven years.

When you say “Tech fan base”, you’ve said it all.


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