For a fat team, you sure don’t sweat much.

Hugh Freeze, a coach in search of a compliment:

That sounds like something Coach Dooley would say back in the day, after he finished fretting about the opponent’s long snappah.  Except Vince would usually say that about Southeast Directional A&M State, not another SEC team.  Ouch.


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7 responses to “For a fat team, you sure don’t sweat much.

  1. Russ

    Well Freeze seems like a douche but I also get the feeling that Bielma doesn’t have a lot of friends around the league.


  2. Dog in Fla

    If Hugh keeps coming up with Bugs Bunny very very dangerous one-liners like that during open season on Bielema, soon Rebel the anthropomorphic Black Bear will be replaced by an anthropomorphic semi-aquatic rodent known as The Beaver as the official sporting mascot of Ole Miss


  3. Hugh Freeze

    Half the lies they tell about me ain’t true.