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A simple question

Is Jimmy Sexton the Nick Saban of coaches’ agents, or is Nick Saban the Jimmy Sexton of agents’ coaches?


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One good thing about faking injuries

Rogers Redding has an itch he can’t scratch.

Speaking generally, Redding expressed concern about ethical issues involved with faking injuries. Officials are instructed to treat injuries as if they are real and to stop play.

“There’s nothing the officiating community can do about it, and there may be nothing the rules committee can do about it,” Redding said.

Boy, that’s gotta suck.



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Mark Richt straps on his inner Dooley.

Appalachian State is 2-7 and checks in at 167 in this week’s Sagarin rankings.  But the Mountaineers remind Mark Richt of a more formidable opponent.

Any moment now, I’m sure we’ll hear about how ASU’s long snappah is the finest in all the FCS.

Scare them boys, Mark.  What’s the over/under on the number of times the coaches mention Michigan this week?


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Mumme Poll, Week 10

Here you go:

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 Alabama 32 (18)
2 Florida State 32 (9)
3 Oregon 32 (3)
4 Baylor 32 (2)
5 Ohio State 31
6 Stanford 30
7 Missouri 27
8 Clemson 26
9 Auburn 18
10 LSU 14
11 Oklahoma 12
12 Michigan State 7
12 Oklahoma State 7
14 Wisconsin 5
15 South Carolina 4
16 Texas A&M 3
16 Fresno State 3
18 Georgia 1
18 Arizona State 1
18 Miami 1
18 UCF 1
18 Northern Illinois 1


  • Can I just say it’s impressive that Georgia will wind up facing five teams on that list in the regular season?
  • Ohio State has played one.  And won’t likely see any more.
  • No Notre Dame bias here.
  • Obviously, some of y’all disagree with my assessment of Auburn and LSU.
  • UCF gets more votes (okay, vote) than Louisville?  Interesting.
  • By conference affiliation:  SEC – 7; Big 12 – 3; Pac 12 – 3; ACC – 3; Big Ten – 3; MWC – 1; AAC – 1; MAC – 1.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Dig in, peeps.


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Gurley’s aggression shall not stand, man.

A jorts wearer unleashes his sense of outrage.

Dash, How in the world does [Todd] Gurley not get tossed for throwing a punch right in front of two officials on Saturday? Not saying my Gators would have won anyway, but there were some ridiculous calls, and we got Gurley throwing left hooks and not even getting flagged. Is this something the league will review?

Edward Aschoff (12:06 PM)
Both were pretty blatant, and I’m surprised he didn’t even get flagged for them. Pretty bad. The league can still review the film and take action afterward. Gurley lost his cool. Can’t do that.

How can that be?  Those Gator defenders were just minding their own business when Todd goes all Hulk on them.  The SEC office can’t let that kind of unprovoked behavior go… wait, what?

Oh.  Uh, never mind.

Stay classy, Gator fans.  And kudos to the refs for exercising some judgment under touchy circumstances.


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The unequivocal special teams success story of 2013

… is Marshall Morgan, who, as we sit here this morning, leads the SEC in points per game and the entire country in field goals made per gameHe’s perfect on all 22 of his extra point attempts, as well.

He’s also the only SEC kicker to make the list of Lou Groza Award semifinalistsEmerson describes Morgan as “the team’s best bet right now to be an All-SEC pick” and that may very well turn out to be the case.  And don’t forget, this has all happened after he was suspended for the first two games of the season.

Anybody see it coming?  Bueller?  Bueller?


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Musical palate cleanser, we don’t have the time for psychological romance edition

Don’t ask me the how or why of this, but Cameo’s “Word Up” earwormed its way into my group’s collective consciousness this past weekend, becoming the unofficial theme song of the trip.

Here’s the released music video, from back in the day when MTV ruled the world and patent leather codpieces were in style:

Sounds like victory.


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