A simple question

Is Jimmy Sexton the Nick Saban of coaches’ agents, or is Nick Saban the Jimmy Sexton of agents’ coaches?



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  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    After a while, the Bama fanbase would get tiring….even to the devil himself. Who could blame Satan…er…Saban for wanting to leave? Also, has anyone ever won national titles at 3 different schools? I don’t think so. History beckons.


  2. Honestly, I do not think College Football Coaches should have agents. Has it always been this way? In answer to your question…Nick Saban is the Jimmy Sexton of Agent’s Coaches.


  3. rampdawg

    Does anyone really give a flying f**k?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Eh…rampie. If Bama loses Saban, Bama likely returns to earth. The Tide has shown a proclivity to make bad hires (see Dubose, Shula, etc.). If that happens the East champion stands a much better chance of winning the SECCG. The likely winning team in the East most years in the current pecking order is….UGA. The team most helped by a Saban departure would be Georgia, even more than LSU or Auburn.


      • Ben

        Yeah, but that was under another AD. They were so close to hiring Rich Rod that it’s not funny, and they kind of backed into Saban, didn’t they?

        Don’t get your hopes up, though. A guy who dislikes the media as much as Saban ain’t gonna go to a place with the LHN. Unless, of course, he’s really fed up with the Bammers, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility.


    • PHDawg

      Yes! Those of us who have to live among the Bammers do. In fact, if he leaves, I think I shall drive through my neighborhood and take a picture of every house with an Alabama flag to be able to go back and see if the flag comes down and an Auburn flag replaces it.


  4. Seriously, Mrs Saban was seen in Austin last week looking at real estate. Who can blame her. It is not the best place to live….Tuscaloosa. Even with the Lake house. …one still has to spend most of their time there.


  5. Doesn’t Sexton represent Grantham?


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Anybody seen the Erin Andrews interview with Saban?

    I think Erin was enamored.

    FWIW….when he talked about competition he mentioned us first…I almost burst into tears…

    He did have some interesting thoughts about player safety…really.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Dazed and confused Sabanologists are still trying to reach the University of Mars for clarification. Thus far they’ve only reached Venus where a satellite branch of Jimmy’s office told them to do a 180 to search for Uranus

    “There’s not the University of Mars, which is a better place. No, that’s not that. So now it’s easy to be comfortable here.”



  8. 69Dawg

    “I will not be the coach at Alabama.” “There’s not the University of Mars, which is a better place. No, that’s not that. So now it’s easy to be comfortable here.” We don’t call him Satan for nothing. Still why in the world would he want Sexton to put that out there at this time. He now has the side show that he hates so much. Sometimes I think Sexton is just a loose canon that rolls around the SEC.


    • Dog in Fla

      How could Jimmy or Nick, or both, not have known that trying to take Mack’s job without Mack’s permission would put them directly in Joe Jamail’s target zone