Gurley’s aggression shall not stand, man.

A jorts wearer unleashes his sense of outrage.

Dash, How in the world does [Todd] Gurley not get tossed for throwing a punch right in front of two officials on Saturday? Not saying my Gators would have won anyway, but there were some ridiculous calls, and we got Gurley throwing left hooks and not even getting flagged. Is this something the league will review?

Edward Aschoff (12:06 PM)
Both were pretty blatant, and I’m surprised he didn’t even get flagged for them. Pretty bad. The league can still review the film and take action afterward. Gurley lost his cool. Can’t do that.

How can that be?  Those Gator defenders were just minding their own business when Todd goes all Hulk on them.  The SEC office can’t let that kind of unprovoked behavior go… wait, what?

Oh.  Uh, never mind.

Stay classy, Gator fans.  And kudos to the refs for exercising some judgment under touchy circumstances.


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  1. BeardDawg

    So I believe my network admin is a gator. I came in yesterday morning, and all of a sudden, GTP is blocked! WTF? Thought it was just temporary, but nope, still blocked this morning. So, its up to the trusty smartphone to keep up now. Just like a damn jorts wearing gator!

  2. Dawgy45

    Except that one of those “pretty blatant” punches (the one at the end of the game, IIRC) was shown on replay to be merely a shove to the face. It might possibly be that the TV camera angles and the view from the stands didn’t afford the same view that the refs had. I really doubt they would have allowed punches being thrown without flagging for it.

  3. What is it with Gators and eye-gouging?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The Gators are one of the dirtiest teams in CFB, have been for years. thugs of the worst kind. They don’t respect or fear their HC either so there is no governanance over these thugs at present.

  4. Bulldog Joe

    Predictably, the SEC is waiting a week to make a decision so they can inflict maximum suspension damage and help one of their in-state teams at the same time.

  5. Buddha

    My, that My Gators fellow certainly seems chapped about something. I’m surprised he can walk with his panties in a wad like that.

  6. uglydawg

    “Stay classy, Gator fans.” ? THIS is a false premise.

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Since Gurley has been touted as the next Herschel, and mentioned in the same breath, maybe he should watch the tape of the Tech game (1980?) wherein the classy Tech students threw various detritus at Herschel. Herschel’s response?…many yards, many touchdowns.

    Excellent response.

    In this particular instance, and just generally….Fuck the Gators, let the losers bitch.

  8. TennesseeDawg

    And may I extend a hearty “f*ck you” the the Florida Gators

  9. Irishdawg

    Florida fans are second only to Techies in their lack of self awareness

  10. Irwin R Fletcher

    Can we talk less about ‘my gators’ and more about Ed Ashcoff? Guy is a litter box.

  11. SaltDawg

    If we want to talk about a lack of flags, how about half the UF bench crossing onto the field after the horse collar on their side?

    • Normaltown Mike

      To be fair, a Georgia State Trooper was on the field at one point doing who knows what.

    • William

      But more to the point, how about the FU Assistant Coach putting his hands on JHC? At first I though he was just helping him up, but on review that is one ferocious and violent “hug” there. JHC was still down when they guy started grabbing him and yelling in his ear hole.

      • 79dawg

        The fat bald guy in the orange shirt? Pretty sure he was the one who tried to start the fight before the game last year as the teams were coming onto the field. Am told he is their S&C guy. He was acting like a child the whole game, running and jumping along the sidelines – major douche!

        • adam

          He was also pushing JHC around at one point when he wasn’t doing anything wrong and was being surrounded by UF players.

  12. Ben

    A few thought here. First, what do you expect from a couple of gators giving each other conciliatory back massages? Also, did anyone notice that the guy who gouged Gurley was then named the CBS Scholar Athlete of the Week? (At least I think that’s right; unless there are two guys who were #6 for the Gators.)

    And if anyone should have been tossed, it was the guy who took at swing at Floyd early on. I love how Floyd said just enough to provoke him, and then walked away laughing after he got hit.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      That was Solomon Patton, who came into the game with a huge chip on the shoulder because of Alec Ogletree breaking his arm last year.

      Leonard Floyd, a savvy freshman, played Patton like a violin and got him to erupt.

  13. I think that was Patton that shoved Floyd.. Patton by the way, was starting the chippy play from the play 1 in the game.

    • fuelk2

      Patton has some hurt fee fee’s (h/t the Senator) after Shawn Williams broke his arm while clotheslining him to the ground. That play should be in the dawg porn hall of fame.

      • Andrew

        One of my favorites. Him sprinting to the sideline after that tackle and Marcus Howard celebrating on the sideline in ’07 – pure energy. Dig it.

  14. UFTimmy

    Both teams were chippy. Both teams did some dirty things. And this is troubling to me as a Gator fan. If the trend continues, it may cost Muschamp his job. The one thing he has over Zook is he hasn’t gotten into a fight on frat row. The lack of discipline during the game, and his lack of discipline engaging with a fan walking off the field is disturbing.

    But a punch is a punch, and the rules don’t state that you don’t get ejected if they started it. He should have been ejected. As should a couple of Florida players had what they done been seen.

  15. Will Benson

    Is he eye gouging? I think it looks like he is being a polite gator by helping Todd up by his facemask. Either way it was evident that the Gators were giving Todd the business in the piles and Todd was not having any of it. Ugly win or not……three in a row and five out of the last ten sure feels great.

  16. Bulldog Joe

    If I wasn’t celebrating so much, this would have pissed me off more. All I can say it’s a good thing the ACCPD wasn’t there.

  17. paul

    This was clearly a game where the refs, had they been doing their jobs, should have called both coaches and the captains out to midfield and said “from here on out every unsportsmanlike conduct call will result in an ejection. Get your guys under control or we’re tossing them.” It was just plain dangerous out there and as a fan it was easy to predict when the blowups were coming. And we’re not even out on the field. They let it get way too out of hand.

  18. Slaw Dawg

    #1 on my hate parade going back to childhood has been the War Tiggers, based largely on the fact that they’re cheaters and the lousy, often thuggish behavior and classless remarks by their players and fans. Their on field behavior hasn’t improved all that much, but their fans have admittedly become (mostly) civilized. The Gators on the other hand have been competing vigorously for the top of my personal hate parade, and their clearly provocative behavior in this game (the Gurley baiting started with the first tackle–check it out) and the asinine remarks and behavior of their fans is leading me to conclude that they have managed to combine the worst aspects of the Barners (see above), the NATS (clueless, irritating whining or preening and no idea of how to win or lose with class) and even the damn Vols (I love the coach, I hate the coach, let’s park a moving van in his driveway, throw rocks through his window, flip him off and cuss him out, why oh why aren’t we #1 all the time?, RAWLPH!). They really are the worst, aren’t they? Well, screw ’em. The pendulum has swung, the worm has turned and it’s another era of Dawg Domination that will hopefully stretch Gator hand wringing angst well into my dotage.

    • Bulldog Joe

      UF’s team and fans have always been #1 on my shit list. I am over 50 and have been going to games there for a long time.

      Tech in 1981, LSU in 2003, and Auburn in 2010 came close, but UF’s low-rent antics haven’t changed one bit.

  19. Silver Creek Dawg

    Senator, that was me later in the chat pointing out the eye gouging and what not that UF was doing. Aschoff replied he never saw any of it.

    I then tweeted him the above photo last night. Surprisingly, I have not seen a reply…

  20. Macallanlover

    FU is the dirtiest, thug program in all of CFB (except for 2010 when AU temporarily dethroned them with Fairy and Company) haven replaced The U teams from the 80s. It isn’t just against Georgia, but they seem to reach a new level in Jacksonville. It doesn’t help that Boom, Spurrier, and Urban have coached the vast majority of those years, it starts at the top. Stronger discipline regarding retaliation is one of the few areas I disagree with Mark Richt’s philosophy of coaching.

    While the FU players and coaches are the primary culprits, it is time for the SEC office to intervene with strong letters to all schools and instructions to the officials. They can start with handling the inflammatory chop as an automatic penalty, but end with eye gouging as a season ender. That specific attack is far beyond a punch, which is of no consequence to a player wearing equipment, just dumb for the one swinging a bare hand. The Spikes mugging of Moreno was allowed, and couldn’t have been missed by officials, hard for the SEC to complain when they allow that type action, or what Fairy did several times at Auburn. They have to take responsibility.

    The FU player who was injured last year was the catalyst for Saturday’s action, he entered the game with intent to start trouble. It happened on the first play and continued from there. There is no way the FU staff could not have known about his attitude in the 2 weeks leading up to the game. I hate to see our players respond to the normal trash behavior of taunting and bumping, much cooler to just leave and smile while the penalty gets marked off against the other team. I really liked the screen pics leading into the 4th Qtr which showed FU players jumping around dancing and prancing as individuals while UGA was gathered as a team around Mark Richt as he addressed them. It is this type of calmness about Richt in crucial times that gives me the greatest confidence.

    • Macallanlover

      I should add, Jimbo had better be proactive on the Gay Turds’ intent to play dirty to get better players ejected before he goes to Gainesville. FU has nothing to play for and would love to have FSU missing players the following week. Look for that game to start similar to ours if officials don’t defuse it in advance. Not sure which league’s refs will be used, hopefully not Slive;s neutered group.

      • adam

        Florida State is going to obliterate the Gators. Can’t wait.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I think Mac’s point was that some of FSU’s players may get obliterated by FU thugs (eye-gouging, spearing, going low, etc.) even if FSU wins. The players that used to play at the U now are in Gainesville.

    • Dog in Fla

      Boom says he’s sick and blanking tired of this type of calmness about Richt

    • Also, I loved White Lightning Bennett pointing at the scoreboard during the melee at the end of the game (once again, started by a loser Gator). One Gator keeps talking and Bennett keeps pointing.

  21. Skeeter

    “I am shocked, shocked, to find that gambling’s going on here!”

  22. Will Trane

    Lot happened in that game on both sides. Game is over. SEC would be well served to issue letters to teams re next season. Thought the officials did a very good job in game considering the emotions on both sides of the field this season. This is one of those games where it is best to move on with a verty strong warning next year.

    • The other Doug

      I assume you are recommending the SEC putting both teams on double secret probation for next years game, and they would be wise to listen to you.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I don’t think they did a good job at all. They should have immediately started throwing flags from the beginning, Patton’s swing, the constant taunting by both sides, and tried to get it under control. They didn’t, and it got worse and worse.

  23. DawgBiscuit

    The Florida fanbase deserves the gold medal for mental gymnastics. The chippiness and dirty play in this game has never bothered them before…as long as they were winning (see: Spikes, Brandon). All this feigned outrage over Gurley is just to make themselves feel better about losing by claiming a moral victory. Everybody knows UGA is a different team without #3. The Florida faithful reason that without Gurley in the game they would have won, so they fabricated a controversy that he should have been ejected so they can still feel superior to us even though they’re on a 3 game losing streak. I wish the Gators many, many more moral victories in the coming years.

  24. Spike

    Knowshon Moreno would like a word with that Jort wearing butt head.

  25. IveyLeaguer

    There were several FU players who went after Gurley from his very first carry. And he never seemed to get over it. Can’t say that I blame him.

    Like somebody said, kudos to the refs for applying context to what was going on, and not singling out Gurley. They knew.

    What was scary though, was how close that thing came to getting out of hand. And it wasn’t Georgia that instigated it.

  26. Go Dawgs!

    Man. It’s nice to be a fan of the team just sitting back and laughing while the other guys bitch about things being so unfair.