Mark Richt straps on his inner Dooley.

Appalachian State is 2-7 and checks in at 167 in this week’s Sagarin rankings.  But the Mountaineers remind Mark Richt of a more formidable opponent.

Any moment now, I’m sure we’ll hear about how ASU’s long snappah is the finest in all the FCS.

Scare them boys, Mark.  What’s the over/under on the number of times the coaches mention Michigan this week?



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45 responses to “Mark Richt straps on his inner Dooley.

    • gastr1

      Which equals the number of times Hutson Mason catches himself before asking Todd Grantham if he thinks maybe this game, this time, Hutson can get in there and play a few snaps, just this once.


  1. mwo

    It sounds like Coach Richt has channelled his inner Scorpio Jones III.


  2. Ptc dawg

    Boone is a much nicer town than Clempson, maybe that is what he meant. 🙂


  3. Rock and Roll Rebel

    they have won two games…so there’s that


  4. fetch

    He should be like the duck in that AFLAC commercial except replace “AFLAC” with “Michigan”.


  5. Slaw Dawg

    I’d laugh a lot harder if the Richt era Dawgs had not so often played down to the level of their competition.

    In addition to the Michigan thing, I’d betting the coaches will say the Mountaineers are fresh off a close, close loss to a good 6-2 Chattanooga team (in which the Mocs had to rally to win) and preceded that with a convincing win over a then 4-2 Georgia Southern team. And that one of their losses was in OT and 2 others were only by 3 points; a couple breaks and they could just as easily be 6-3 as 2-7. Their QB is 6-2, 210 and they average 282 air yards a game; they also average a healthy 42% on 3d down conversions; their leading rusher has produced 885 yards for a nifty 5.3 ypc average; and they have a number of Georgia kids who’d love to prove a point. In a game in which I’m sure they’ll let it all hang out, if we come out sleep walking, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this was far more interesting for 3 quarters than it should have any right to be.

    Let us not forget the 2 TDs gifted to North Texas on special teams.

    S’help me, if its some weird 21-17 score in the 3d and I see 3 straight Carlton Thomas specials up the middle, my head (and maybe Hutson Mason’s, too) will simply explode.


    • Let us not forget the 2 TDs gifted to North Texas on special teams.

      Yes, indeedy. Let’s also not forget that Georgia still won that game by 24 points. Or that Sagarin ranks NT 66th.

      If the coaches aren’t doing some game planning for Auburn this week, I’m going to be disappointed.


    • D.N. Nation

      It’s a conspiracy to never put Hutson Mason in games. Richt things that anything that comes from Cobb County is terrible, an opinion I happen to agree with entirely.


    • Will (the other one)

      Mine will if the D can’t hold a 2-win Div-1AA team under 20 points. I know a shutout or single digits is asking too much, but holding at least one team under 20 would be nice.


  6. 69Dawg

    In the Southeast I’ll bet Georgia boys are on just about every team and in some cases they are in great numbers. Am also sure that Florida runs into the same thing since Florida produces so many playas. We always get the Georgia boys best shot just to show the UGA coaches they screwed up not offering them a scholarship. If ASU has enough Georgia kids starting I predict a tough game until our size and numbers wear them out. Are we back to 85 yet????


  7. Russ

    Sadly, I think he has a right to be worried. Not that we’ll lose but that we’ll fart around so long that we can’t give any of our semi-injured starters a rest.


  8. Breezeword

    I am a proud Dawg who lives in Boone right next to campus. This place is hilarious this week. I love this App State fan base but delusional just ain’t the word. Even at 2-7 many feel the upset. Oh Michigan you tease….


  9. Chuck

    I saw something somewhere (how’s that for precision) about getting TGII some rest this week. Rest?!? Dude needs some PT; he needs to get back into game shape.

    I hope one half and maybe one series does the trick.



  10. section Z alum

    “The Richmond Spiders are perhaps the finest onside-kicking team I have ever seen.”


  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    Bluto, you sure ‘Straps On’ is the mental picture you want to convey here?


  12. Macallanlover

    Anyone who can throw a pass, and at least two mediocre receivers, can move the ball on us if given 3-4 seconds before our rush gets there. Our defense looks better, we seem to have the calls in a little quicker, but I am never confident I won’t see a receiver running free in our secondary. Hard to understand, and this is several years of this.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Absolutely right Mac! I just don’t get it. UGA used to be famous for great defense particularly outstanding pass coverage. The bad D, most notably the bad pass coverage, has been going on ever since Erk left with only a few teams as exceptions (2002 & 2007 are the only examples I can think of in the CMR era and I’m not really sure about ’07). Where is the next Jake Scott?


  13. Dante

    Maybe Richt is just genuinely jealous of their long snapper?


  14. The title of this post is so full of lesbian angst…


  15. Jim

    Well look who has the toughest ranked schedule according to sagarin? I hope we back into the seccg just to pixx off sos


  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    And in the spirit of the Vince and Larry show….the question that needs to be asked is this: Could Appy beat Vandy?


  17. IveyLeaguer

    If Mark Richt was really channeling Vince Dooley, we wouldn’t have been a sloppy football team the last 8 years.

    Instead of losing games by beating ourselves, we would have been the solid team who waits and waits until the pressure builds on the other guy, and then HE makes the mistake(s) that costs him the game.

    Lord knows, I miss playing solid ball.


    • Sunbelt Dominators

      App St & Ga So


    • Instead of losing games by beating ourselves, we would have been the solid team who waits and waits until the pressure builds on the other guy, and then HE makes the mistake(s) that costs him the game.

      You must have missed the last three or four years of VD’s coaching career.


      • IveyLeaguer

        You’re kidding, right? Because that was a talent issue, not coaching. Even then, we won some tough ballgames by being solid and physical.