“That’s part of coaching.”

Some of you are just gonna love this assessment.

Georgia isn’t ranked right now after coming within one play of reaching last season’s BCS championship game, but the Bulldogs have been anything but disappointing in the eyes of one NFL team’s scouting director.

The scouting director, who requested anonymity, believes the 5-3 Bulldogs have overachieved.

“They don’t have the draft-eligible players this year,” the scout said, “and when you actually look at it, it’s a credit to what their coaching staff has done. Their coaching staff lost nine guys on defense who are in the NFL, and they lost a couple of players on offense and then had all these injuries on offense, yet they’ve still gone out and won ball games. They haven’t won them all, but they’re winning games.

“I think the coaching staff has done a fantastic job there, and I see Georgia and LSU as having two of the best coaching jobs in the country considering all the players they lost in the draft.”

Of course, how can you take an anonymous opinion like that seriously?  It’s not like somebody posting a comment to a blog post.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    You’re right. Us blog post commenters KNOW EVERYTHING.😉

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Plus, I get the feeling I’ve just been trolled.

  3. gastr1

    If Mason is any good, next year could really be a year for the ages.

  4. Dawgfan Will

    Pfft. What does he know? I’ve been watching college football for YEARS.

  5. DawgPhan

    Typically when an anonymous NFL source talks about UGA it is something bad, so better to have them say something nice instead.

  6. Irishdawg

    But, but, blah blah blah SABAN!!!!

  7. Richt’s last quote in the article: “We came through it pretty good.” We all thought he was going down with the ship in 2010 after Boise. He deserves a title shot, and with the play-off coming, I think he gets one in the next 2-4 years.

  8. Martin Van Nostrand

    Leave the logic for the politicians. This is football damnit!!!

  9. David K

    So, Vandy must have more draft eligible players than we do I guess. Because our coaching staff is clearly better but they just out-talented us on the field.

    • Rocket Dawg

      Dude don’t be a jackass. Like I said the other day to one of you message board Sabans, go into your job tomorrow and fire your best 4 workers then hire some temps and see how your production is affected

      • Ginny

        I would say don’t feed the trolls, but your point is extremely valid.

      • David K

        Your analogy makes no fucking sense even though you feel it is clever enough to have to repeat it apparently.

        • Ginny

          The analogy makes perfect sense. What don’t you understand?

        • RocketDawg

          Obviously your brief managerial career at McDonald’s didn’t prepare you well enough so I will explain it to you:

          Mitchell, Gurley, Marshall, Bennett, JSW, Conley, Matthews, Drew (ejection for 3/4 of the Vandy game) all are what one would consider “top talent” and have missed significant time during which they were replaced by Douglas, Green, Davis, McGowan, Erdman, Tibbs, Mauger all Freshman or Walk-ons that are not the same type of talent. It is preposterous to expect the offense to continue to function at a high level when you have “C” level players replacing “A+/A-” level players.

          What don’t you understand about that?

        • JonDawg

          Seems to be angering you, that no one wants to ride in the WAHHHHmbulance with you..

        • JonDawg

          And besides, you should leave RocketDawg alone, or do you feel your simple-minded critique is clever enough to have to repeat it? APPARENTLY..

    • cube


      This guy is part of the same NFL community that was continuing to praise our coaching when we were going 8-5 and 6-7. Those guys don’t give a rats behind whether we’re winning games, as long as our players are prepped for their league. Preparing players for the NFL does not necessarily translate into being a great college coach.

      • I hope you won’t consider this bullying. I think you and I already danced that dance. But seriously, sometimes I think you are at the wrong site. I saved this quote from another bloggers site. I’m not gonna name the site. Still it bothers me enough to save it and remind me of how not to come across as a a member of the Bulldawg Nation. I don’t think you could cross that line. It would be sad if you ever did.

        “The only time we’ve actually done a damn thing is when this site went all out negative after Richt and the problems of the program. Fans should be thanking us daily for being the only one able to light a fire under this smoldering sh*t pile.”

        • cube

          I see that you’re still bitter about me calling you out for being an asshole to another poster who wasn’t being an asshole. I’m not surprised. But feel free to continue to attempt to twist the situation into anything other than that.

            • cube

              For you? Apparently…

              • Funny thing here is that while you were playing the Hall Monitor for this site, The Individual my post was directed at handled my comment and apparently is not distressed by it. You were the most imposed upon and irked by it. He seems to be ok with me. You just need to get over yourself. I’m good, you?

                • cube

                  I’m fine. You’re the one who keeps bringing it up. You did it once before and I chose not to respond. You did it here. Are you going to keep doing it? You seem to be upset that you were wrong but don’t want to admit it and are somehow trying to twist it into something else.

                  • Okay Cube. I don’t know what boldness came over me. I began to feel slightly uneasy about your reprimand. You know I am not used to being called out for a comment by someone besides who it was directed at. And there was something ominous about just letting your azzhole comment slide. It was just as though I had been forced into some confession of guilt – I don’t know – something not quite right; but you had made a decision and regardless of my own point of view you were moving forward with it. So fine. Let’s move forward. You usually have a post I’m interested in reading. Just don’t correct me anymore. That’s a bit presumptuous.

          • JonDawg

            cube, don’t take it the wrong way when AHG is an asshole, its his natural state of being..

        • W-L records speak for themselves.

          • That said, it is somewhat comforting but not really to know that your stalking obsession will never end. And that you will steadfastly and assholishly continually refuse to get it.

            • Hah… I gotta pass Hijo. We’re not suppose to play together here. That kinda hint is seldom given… soooooo. That said, you gotta start working out son. You never seem to be able to get it all out in the first breath. But if not for you and your blog where would we be? If not for you? Still, you didn’t need to out yourself. That’s on you.

              • Because I use a single name, and can stand by what I say, unlike others who need 4 or 5 different aliases to keep them happy.

                And again, the proof is in the pudding there Stevie, and the W-L record speaks for itself. As does your repeated inability to get our style. But of course, you won’t respond to the comment, or on S&G. You’d rather just make mysterious snarky remarks on someone else’s website.

  10. I wonder what he thought of the job our coaches did with nine NFL defensive players last year?

  11. Skeptic Dawg

    This is just my opinion, but I would not be shocked if Richt hangs it up following this season. I am not saying he is leaving, just that i would not be surprised if he does leave after the season. He looks beat up week in and week out, he makes comments about how difficult coaching is as a profession, he is selling his lake house on Lake Hartwell. All of this could mean nothing and I could be completely wrong. I just won’t be surprised if he does announce his retirement.

    • mdcgtp

      I think it is always a possibility in this profession, and particularly with Richt who seemingly does not seemingly need the personal affirmation from each recruit that commits to UGA (like say Urban Meyer) nor does he view his life through the prism of his W-L record.

      that said, I think it has taken a lot to get the program back at a championship level, and yes, we are on that level. Take Bama’s top two RBs, top 3 WRs, starting S, away from them and let’s see if it’s “business as usual”.

      Obviously, our success in 2014 will be contingent on the combination of health, defensive development under a presumed new DC, OL replacements, and of course Mason (assuming he is the starter). The fact that our offense requires the QB to make a lot of reads at the LOS does not lend itself to a first year starter being great. that said, if ever there was a year where UGA/Richt/Bobo offense could still prosper with a game manager at QB, 2014 might be the year.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        Last season this team appeared to be at the championship level and I would have agreed with you 100% following the SECCG. This season has shown that the Dawgs are no even close to that level. You are correct about the injuries and no one will argue with you on that. But the injuries have shined a massively bright light on the multitude of issues that this team has. Yes, the issues are correctable, but they are the same problems that have existed for some time (years for some, the entire season for others) with no improvement. So to say that the Dawgs are close is not accurate. They are closer than they were 3 to 4 years ago, but the are not close.

        • D.N. Nation

          What is “championship level,” anyway? Alabama is really the only team that can expect to annually be at “championship level.” Everyone else goes through rises and falls.

          This blog and others like to say LSU is annually at championship level, and to that, I say scoreboard.

    • I’d be lying if I said this exact same line of thought hadn’t crossed my mind recently………what if we’re all sitting here wondering whether Grantham will be back next year or not, and it turns out we have much larger issues on our hands? He just looks tired, edgy (by Richt standards), and frustrated. Maybe the hip is taking more of a toll than we realize.

      But then I look at the roster he’s got coming back next year, and think surely there’s no way he could walk away now. If prospects looked dim for next year, I agree that it wouldn’t surprise me if he walked. I know that Richt doesn’t measure his life totally by success on the football field, but man, it’s hard to imagine ANYBODY walking away from next year’s roster.

      • Bright Idea

        It sure doesn’t appear to be the least bit enjoyable for Coach Richt this year. I think the hip pains him and he could barely walk across the field in J’ville. As benevolent as he is I don’t see him hanging it up yet.

        • Dog in Fla

          “As benevolent as he is I don’t see him hanging it up yet.”

          No kidding. They will have to cart him out on top of or in an ice chest

    • Ginny

      I would honestly be shocked if he did. He loves these kids and loves the game despite all the drama and criticism. Man, that’s going to be a really really sad day for me when he finally foes hang it up.

    • D.N. Nation

      I watched UGA/UF again and Richt looked like absolute sh*t, especially on the game-sealing drive. I think his health is affecting him more than he’s let on.

      An offseason of rest could change everything. It’s happened to many other coaches.

      • Ginny

        I think that’s the difference between Richt and a lot of other coaches (ahem Urban Meyer). He seems to understand the whole work/life balance thing, as much as you can being a D1 college football coach in the SEC. If he feels like he needs rest I trust that he will take it.

  12. cube

    “Their coaching staff lost nine guys on defense who are in the NFL”

    So this guy is giving the defensive coaches a pass this year b/c of that but not analyzing last year when they had all those NFL caliber players? That shows how useless this is.

    • MGW

      Yeah, all they did last year was get the team within 5 yards of a national title. Bunch of chumps.

      • cube

        It wasn’t because of the defense. Strange comment.

        • 69Dawg

          Last time I checked it was a team game.

        • Riiiiight. The defense gave up 7.25 points per game against the four BCS teams they played to finish the season (Florida, Ole Miss, Auburn, and Georgia Tech). That directly led to winning the East, setting up a matchup in what would be a national semifinal against the best team in the country… that they almost won. That wasn’t because of the defense.

          Was the 2012 defense statistically dominant? No. But, they played half the season without one of their best players (Ogletree), had to play their best WR at CB for a few games (Mitchell… talk about depth problems), had the best defensive player in college football miss a few games with injury and be limited in others (Jarvis), and had zero depth. Once the starting lineup came back from injuries/suspensions and had time to gel, they were actually pretty good, despite the lingering depth issues that finally did them in when they faced a team with unlimited depth.

          • SGDawg

            Florida, Ole Miss, Auburn and Tech — some real 2012 offensive powerhouses there. So this year, we can use statistics to prove that our defense isn’t as bad as it looks on the field, but last year’s statistics should be thrown out because they were “pretty good” for the last few games against shitty teams. If you have any BS meter at all, it’s defective.

            • Who said to throw out last year’s statistics? I used last year’s statistics to prove that the defense wasn’t all that bad last year considering the off-field issues and the roster problems.

              And, Georgia doesn’t make it to Atlanta without the defense’s effort against Florida. They also held their own against the eventual national champion before depth did them in. My BS meter is just fine, and I can objectively view reality without my preconceived, ignorant notions dictating my views.

      • SGDawg

        The defense sucked last year. If you factor in the “draft choices,” it really sucked. Our defense never came close to stopping Alabama, and a whole lot of others.

        • Our runD was puzzling to me. Especially in bright lights of Kentucky. But the pass D was a stark contrast to that. Saban stopped throwing it so much and decided to run it down our throats… and pretty much did. If we get them both next year it could be interesting.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Depth. The D got gassed in the 4th quarter of the SECCG. The first three quarters they played fine.

  13. Irishdawg

    I say no way Richt leaves anytime soon. He’s recruited all this young talent, and wants to develop it. And he seems to get a lot of personal satisfaction out of mentoring and molding the players into men, which is admirable. Hopefully he gets his hip healed in the off season and won’t be in such obvious pain next year.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If CMR has what I think has has wrong with his hip, it will require major surgery and extensive rehab. I hope I am wrong.

      • ? Wow. Well what do you think is wrong? My bride pointed out his little hitch after the uSC game. It was more noticeable after the Florida game. She thought it might be the replacement hip. They can affect the length of the leg. Or he’s had a limp from that injury for so long it has just grown more pronounced. Whatever the reason he looks a bit worn down.

  14. “Anyone can support a team that is winning – it takes no courage. But to stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs you, that takes a lot of courage.”
    Bart Starr

    • Bart Starr was my neighbor in Riverchase. His wife, gives some delicious coffee cakes at Christmas Time.

      • I once drank a beer with Billy Carter!😉

      • anon

        i will venture to say that 100% of the people on this website DO support the team (myself included). that doesn’t mean we have to stand by and see our program be passed by other programs with what we see as sub-par coaching and preparation. I propose that calling for an upgrade in the entire coaching staff IS supporting the team. bunch of damn richt-enablers on here

        • Ginny

          Count me as one of those “damn Richt-enablers.”

        • But you can’t hold a whole fan base responsible for the opinions of a few, sick twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame the whole CFB system? And if the whole CFB system is guilty, then isn’t this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, anon – isn’t this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we’re not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America. Gentlemen!

          • W Cobb Dawg

            You’re in pre-med, Otter.

            • That gave me a flashback. My oldest and youngest are at the Grill early one summer morning for breakfast. We were parked and enjoying the morning in front of the bookstore before heading into the Grill. A panhandler asks my youngest (6 at the time) for money for food. Youngest responds- Sorry I saved my money to buy a book. Panhandler turns to my oldest (8 at the time) and asks him and oldest gives him a dollar towards his breakfast. We later go into bookstore and find the panhandler is buying cigarettes. We head home and the two sons are argueing over what was the best thing to do about the panhandler. In the end my youngest says. “You’re an enabler…just own it!” Now flash forward to college . Youngest is finace major wants to be an attorney finishes next semester. Oldest is a science guy starts med school this August. That tells you something about personalities huh?

              • Dog in Fla

                My flashbacks are so different.

                But according to Bluto, above, there is no difference

                Bluto: “Take it easy, I’m in pre-law man.”
                W.Cobb: “Thought you’re pre-med.”
                Bluto: “What’s the difference?”

  15. “Not to the strong is the battle, Not to the swift is the race, Yet to the true and the faithful, Victory is promised through grace.” Crosby

  16. IveyLeaguer

    The defense should have come together before now. Like the other post said, “it’s late”. Shouldn’t have taken this long.

    Even so, the defense is not what ruined the season. What did that was coaches inability, once again, to put together a solid football team. Had we been solid on offense and ST’s, we could have tolerated the defense just as it was.

    Yeah, it’s late, and like Herrera says, it’s really not there yet. Still a ways to go. Auburn will show us exactly how far. My guess is quite a distance.

    • Definitely Not Logan Gray

      “Had we been solid on offense”

      It’s like losing the top two RBs and four of the top five WRs hurt the offense somehow!

      I get that guys being hurt has shown light on team issues that already needed addressing (especially STs), but this “the injuries don’t count” attitude some fans have about the offense is freaking obnoxious. This offense put up 41 on South Carolina (leading to their coaches openly fighting in a game) and 44 on LSU’s saintly, championship-level defense, and then didn’t maintain that pace. Like freak injuries started piling up or something!

      “Auburn will show us exactly how far. My guess is quite a distance.”

      You’ve guessed quite a few things here this season. Your “guesses” concerning Aaron Murray have been quite revealing.

      • Todd

        The injuries get the offense a pass. The defense sucked last year. Bama prison raped Georgia’s D in the Atl. The OBC beat the brakes off the dawgs in Columbia. From last year, what teams were really good that Georgia beat? Hell, take Jarvis Jones away and how does the record look?
        This year the offense was going to have to out score everybody. Then came the injuries.
        Georgia is not a well coached team, and hasn’t been for a long time. Georgia has lived and died on “out athlete-ing” teams. IMHO, that is why you see the Georgia players in the pros and Georgia has no crystal footballs.
        Recruiting cycles (senior Olineman to freshman rbs) are screwed up. Georgia never has awesome skilled players with a good veteran O-line.
        Richt’s teams look like old FSU teams playing in the SEC.

        • SGDawg

          Agree with some of that regarding last year’s porous D. But some of Richt’s old FSU teams had some awesome interior line talent. Who was the last really great defensive lineman you remember at UGA? Not a linebacker or a safety, but a hand-in-the-dirt lineman?

        • IveyLeaguer

          [“Georgia is not a well coached team, and hasn’t been for a long time. Georgia has lived and died on “out athlete-ing” teams. IMHO, that is why you see the Georgia players in the pros and Georgia has no crystal footballs.
          Recruiting cycles (senior Olineman to freshman rbs) are screwed up. Georgia never has awesome skilled players with a good veteran O-line.
          Richt’s teams look like old FSU teams playing in the SEC.”]

          Agree with that 100%. It’s just like the FSU teams of old but with less talent, so little to no talent advantage against the upper level SEC teams. And since we’re not solid (well coached) we’ll lose to lower level teams by being sloppy and beating ourselves.

          How about the recruiting cycle on defense, though a lot of that is Grantham’s refusal to work younger players into a rotation (gotta do what it takes to win is the excuse, and then we have to go with most of a whole defense of players who aren’t ready).

          But until Richt figures out you can’t out-talent this League, changes his philosophy and figures out what it takes to build a disciplined, solid team .. nothing is going to change.

  17. Boss Dawg

    Saban says, “eat me.”