Paul Johnson is a funny man.

He’ll be here all week, folks, try the veal.

Nice little shot by Tech coach Paul Johnson the other night at the Macon Touchdown Club. After referencing the Falcons’ losing “65 percent of their payroll” to injuries, Johnson couldn’t help himself and cracked, “I’m not quite sure if the University of Georgia’s lost 65 percent of the payroll. That’s a joke.”

So is that 1-11 run against Richt.


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44 responses to “Paul Johnson is a funny man.

  1. Spike

    Funny guy. Hope he doesn’t want to punch me in the mouth. 11-1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. W Cobb Dawg

    And for his next act, he’ll disappear.

  3. D.N. Nation

    You know, without looking it up, I have no idea what Tech’s record is. I don’t know who they played OOC. I don’t know where they are in the ACC standings- shoot, I don’t even know what division they play in. I know- I think?- that they lost to Virginia Tech on a Thursday.

    Congrats, Fish Fry, for making your program entirely ignorable.

    • uglydawg

      Tell me about it, D.N….I have relatives and friends that are Tech fans and they are constantly posting on facebook about UGA or commenting about UGA….what a complex they have! PJ is an idiot for not resisting making a remark that reveals his insecurity and jealousy of Georgia.

      • Dolly Llama

        I keep telling y’all — and some of you may do it like me, I don’t know — if you really want to see that complex distilled down to its DELICIOUS essence, you need to go to Stingtalk and just lurk on the board. It’s my second college football Internet stop behind this place. Tech lives up to all its stereotypes better than any other place I know of, from the coach to the alumni of seemingly every vintage.

    • OrlandoDawg

      Exactly. Living out of state and long over the habit of checking the ajc site, GT is completely off the radar. Can’t say I remember seeing a single play or highlight of theirs all year. Glad to see they are still obsessed with UGA, however. Long live their irrelevancy.

  4. Ben

    If not for one 15 minute stretch, Coach Richt would be 12-0 against that group. Those 15 minutes should never be forgotten.

    • Beer Money

      Trust me, from good sources, they never will be. Richt knows we need to beat their asses every year.

    • 81Dog

      not even a 15 minute stretch. One unthrown INT for a pick 6, or one wrapped up tackle instead of the long TD run (there were multiple ones), and GTU would be 0 for the Richt administration. Of course, a win by the skin of your stinger is still a win, and you have to give them credit for turning aournd what looked like a blosout at the half in 08, but the bottom line is they still suck.

  5. hassan

    Speaking of payroll…can we subsidize his salary to make it easier for Tech to keep him around? Otherwise, they might fire him and get somebody good.

    • Ben

      Now that’s funny.

      • Dolly Llama

        I think his buyout is the only thing keeping his ass anywhere. They ain’t got shit for money at Tech, and they ain’t got shit for fan support to ever make any more, either. When’s the last time they’ve legitimately come within 5,000 of filling that place? And how many times in the Johnson Era have they fallen 10,000 to 15,000 short? Many, many, many more times than the place has been anywhere close to full over those years, I can assure you.

  6. cube

    Yet another attempt by a Techster to try and make people think that their series with us is a rivalry.

  7. Nate Dawg

    Ha! That guy. Spurrier w/o the wins.

  8. Dawg in Beaumont

    Coach Johnson is correct, we do pay players. That is why we are currently on probation. Wait, UGA isn’t on probation but some school in Georgia is right?

    More probations than wins over UGA this millenium: This is Georgia Tech Football

    One more fun Georgia Tech stat: Mark Richt has more wins in “Clean Old Fashioned Hate” in Atlanta than Tech’s last 9 coaches combined.

    Bud Carson through Paul Johnson won 5 in Atlanta
    Mark Richt has won his first 6

  9. Comin' Down The Track

    Long may he reign!

  10. With those kind of blurbs, GT will keep him forever. Just what the Dawg fans hope. And that’s a joke. LOL

  11. 202dawg

    He just guaranteed the loss of at least one starter to season-ending injury for that. That karma; she earned her rep…

  12. Rebar

    “thats a joke”, yeah, kind of like your offense.

  13. Dog in Fla

    One-liners like that make me miss Lane who was the hardest working man in show business

  14. I’d love to hang about 60 on him!

  15. IndyDawg

    It would have been more in keeping with his fan base if he had ended with “Bazinga!” instead of “That’s a joke.”.

  16. PTC DAWG

    Hey Paul, do the initials FO mean anything to you?

  17. Paul was actually very humble pie most of the pitch. He zinged his ex AD who is now at Clemson for scheduling TWO Back to Back games in Clemson instead of home/away just before he left. (Radovich ?)

    He was down about 40 pounds and made a joke about looking for a new agent after the season…

    He just wasn’t the same ole smart ass, he was more the Erk Russell assistant guy he was before winning the Div II Nattys and 6-7 President’s trophies…

    Sort of miss the old persona, easier to disdain

  18. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I’m fine with Paul Johnson and hope that he stays at Tech for a looooooong time. (smirking)

  19. JRW7

    I think CMR’s record against Tech has kept him at his job at UGA!

  20. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Has PJ even earned 65% of his salary?