I wish I had some particularly special, deep insight I could share with you about today’s Appy State game, but, alas, no such luck.  I don’t expect Georgia to cover, but things should still be comfortably boring.

All I can say is that I hope that the currently banged up get healthy, nobody else gets hurt, Murray takes down Wuerffel’s record and we see Hudson Mason early and often.

I know it’s not much, but I’ve been too busy enabling lately to come up with more.

Consider this your game day thread.  I’m heading out of here for the Classic City.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Prediction: Dawgs win and look sloppy doing it

    • gastr1

      I think we’ll play a good game this time. We have a history of that after Florida wins. Additionally, there’s been so much costly sloppiness resulting in losses and near-losses that the staff has to be emphasizing focused effort regardless of score or clock. Today they push the players to go all out, all day.

      59-13, I say.

      • How are you feeling about that prediction?

        I’m not being snarky. Your prediction is what it SHOULD be. But for some reason, our program just has ZERO killer instinct and hasn’t had any for about 7 years.

  2. Timphd

    Betting men should take App and the points. Richt won’t push the score and I hope the third team is in early. No injuries and a win is all I hope for.

  3. Ptc dawg

    Who is this Hudson fellow you speak of?

  4. Rick "Paul" Webber

    Does anyone know if the game is on tv in Savannah

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Or in Chattanooga?

      • MurphDawg

        It is on ESPN3. We pull it up on a laptop and connect a HDMI cable to the TV.

      • It’s on in these Georgia Mountains. The Cooperhead Lodge, Blairsville. The Defense Lawyers of Georgia are meeting today for a little education on “Investigation Ethics”, taught by the one and only Jack Martin. GO DAWGS!

        • Dolly Llama

          Damn. Sounds like a powerful meeting. You a DA?

        • Macallanlover

          I have been by there but never inside. Do they have a decent set-up for football? Decent food? Pouring license? I may have to try to for an NFL day when it is rainy or cold, or maybe a good Monday night/Thursday night when there aren’t so many viewing options to switch back and forth to. All of North Ga, and much of Central Ga has the game either on Direct TV or any cable that gets WSB out of Atlanta.

          • Bar area has TV’s ..four I think. On the porch by the bar they have outdoor pool tables and sofa’s. Huge dinning room with big fire place and live music on occasion. Very nice and food is excellent. Don’t know if they have your brown liquor, but probably do. Open from 8 to 8 on Saturday and Sunday. Monday – Friday 5:00 until ?.

          • Olddawg 55

            It’s postgame and I had to listen to it on XM…the Dawg broadcasting team is a pain…seem to describe field events as an afterthought and I was staggered by the amount of advertising. In between the chatter and ads I was able to suffer through the first half, enjoy the second half, and feel happy for Mason and the reserve Dawgs (not reservoir dogs!). Hope never to have to listen to Howard again nor Zieir (sp) analysis either. I now live in dread for next week’s game. DVR’d the Auburn/Tenn game and it was a laughfer..unless you were a Volunteer. Malzahn has to get Coach of the Year in SEC if not nation..a helluva turnaround. Anyone disagree?

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              “Malzahn has to get Coach of the Year in SEC if not nation..a helluva turnaround. Anyone disagree?”

              I dunno, man…at this point, probably, but lemme see how things shake out.
              In my fevered mind, Mark Richt has a shot at it, all things considered, if we get really lucky in the Amen Corner. (One down, three to go.)

  5. How about the Dawgs allowing those NC folks come close in the last quarter? Sounds familiar, LOL.

  6. Macallanlover

    On a 3 game teaser I have Appy and 50 points, couldn’t resist. Wouldn’t mind losing it if it means Mason is given a chance to run the offense for over a quarter. I am thinking UGA wins something like 48-10. Plenty of room for Dawg fans to be happy and me not to have my blood pressure raised. Mostly hoping for no major injuries and an improved UGA team in all phases of the game.

    • Your teaser looks like a sure thing based on the 1st quarter. Our defense can’t stop App.State team that scored only 10 points against Furman and Samford, and scored only 6 points against Montana.

      • The Lone Stranger

        So then, the Dawgs are up to scratch with the mighty Grizzlies. At least we can be comfortable in that knowledge.

  7. mg4life0331

    Looks like Mizzou doesnt want any part of a tie breaker. I mean I would love for the dawgs to win the east, but I really dont want to eat a loss to Bama. This aint last years team.

    Not trying to be a debbie downer and I dont hate the coaching staff. I just dont think this years team could make it.

  8. dudetheplayer

    Auburn can put up the points, but that is one shitty defense they’re fielding.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      ^^This. Georgia’s got a real chance to beat Auburn if our O personnel are healthy and our D plays like it has the last 2 games. That said, we’ve got to stop the mental mistakes on O and ST. It doesn’t have to be a perfect game–just a competent one.

  9. Our defense is not improving. It has not turned the corner. There is no way to spin this. We played a historically bad Gator offense and a weak Vandy offense. So whatever glimmer of hope we took from those games should be extinguished. The Gators averaged 4.56 ypp on offense against UGA. They averaged 2,52 ypp against Missouri.

  10. uglydawg

    I thought the idea of a fake punt was to suprise the defense…not advertise you’re going to fake it.
    Corey Moore just ejected for making a tackle.He acutally turned his body and hit the reciever with his back to avoid the call…but to no avial..He’s guilty of playing while being dressed in red.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That call was as bogus as the Ramik Wilson call. When is the SEC officre going to do something to refs who blow these calls?

  11. WF dawg

    Mark Richt is becoming the chippiest half-time interview around.

  12. I’d say its a pretty even game a halftime. And the stats agree. Hope we can pull it out. Of course, we just need to make one more play than App. State– as Grantham would say.

  13. At this point, I’m mostly just laughing at what a joke our program has become.

    Then the crying starts…

    • Normaltown Mike

      Another Saturday at Muck’s house…

      “Georgia stinks! We’re losing 3 zip after the first series…..
      Georgia Rules! We’re winning 7-3 after two series….
      Georgia stinks! We’re “only” winning 7-6 after three series…”

      • I have no idea who you are projecting about, but enjoy.

        Our program straight up sucks, overall. We’ve never recovered from the Sugar Bowl chokefest vs. West Virginia.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Er….Muckie….UGA finished the season #2 in the nation in ’07 and has won the SEC East twice in the last 2 years. Last season the Dawgs were 12-2 and but for a tipped pass would have won the SEC, played in the BCSNCG and likely would have been National Champion. Give it a rest, man! Sheeesh!!

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            And, trust me when I say this, Mr. Beast, at Georgia the above run is the best in UGA history, with the possible exception, of course of 80-83.

          • Winning the SEC east….. yawn.

            2007 team… Look at how many players on that team went to the pros, and then explain those brutal pathetic losses to SC and Tenn.

            On offense alone:

            Matt Stafford (top 10, maybe top 5 NFL QB)

            AJ Green (top 5 NFL WR)

            Knowshon Moreno (top 15 RB in the NFL, rushing, receiving, and blocking).

            And the defense. Off the top of my head I recall at least 7-9 players on that D made the pros.

            And yet we choke away 2 horrible games.

            But of course, you have another convenient excuse “but for a tipped pass!!!!!”

            Always an excuse for our program.

        • WF dawg


      • We kinda/sorta get by on talent alone. We never outcoach anyone. Our S&C program is shit. There’s a reason 4/5 star recruits underperform for us then become NFL studs.

        Look at how many dominant NFL defenses have a former GA player as a key part. Its brutal.

        • Olddawg 55

          Having trouble with your logic….how did those guys get into the NFL? Guess they must have shown some talent that was honed by those intellectually challenged coaches! I complain about the team’s performance, too, but then sit back, have two fingers of bourbon, reflect, and say, hell man, the Dawgs aren’t that bad…live with it, Muckie!

          • Really?

            They get drafted lower than they would have otherwise, or they walk on.

            And then out perform their college performance once they are in the pros.

        • Timphd

          Stop responding to the beast. He’s at best a GT troll. At worst, he’s a nerd living in his moms basement. Oh, wait. That’s one and the same isn’t it?

          • It makes you feel better to think that. Then you don’t have to face the facts about our program.

            Keep making hilarious assumptions about people speaking the truth.

  14. dudetheplayer

    Love getting fucked by the refs each and every week. Just love it.

  15. uglydawg

    Is this an SEC officiating crew? They’re bad.

  16. Normaltown Mike

    All aboard!

    The SS HUTSON MASON has set sail…

  17. uglydawg

    Mason very good passer….so far.
    Dawgs up 44-6
    Kudos to camera crew…showing all those beautiful Gawga girls!

  18. Sam

    Wuerffel’s record got broken, and we covered. That’s a pretty good day.

  19. Scorpio Jones, III

    And finally, Muschamp gets his signature loss, in the Swamp…losing to Vandy for the first time since 1945…oh…wait, Florida did not play football then, must be a mistake.

    Anyway, never thought I would be glad to see James Franklin happy.

    Will, buddy, hope you and the wife are quick packers.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      LOL . . . Orlando Sentinel’s UF game story accompanied by pic of sailor kissing girl in Times Square on V-E Day.

    • Olddawg 55

      Both coaches and their wives, huh? Muschamp to God knows where and Franklin to bigger and better places! Damn, that was a sweet game!

      • Georgia Illuminati

        I know I’ll get some flack for this but I would welcome Agent Muschamp back to Athens with open arms to be the DC.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Naw, no flack, Mr. Smarty…cause it ain’t happenin. There is only one new DC I want, and he won’t be available till after the National Championship, and we done fucked that up once.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            You want….Saban? I don’t think he’ll take the job.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Naw…he’s too old. Kirby, dude…yes Saban has some input, but he calls the D. I spec this is a daydream, but who knows? I spec he and Bobo would be potent. Plus then you would have two viable candidates when Mark Richt gets tired of fucking with us.

  20. Scorpio Jones, III

    I don’t know what made me want to puke more, our first half, or Auburn.
    Hasn’t Will Muschamp been to Shreveport before?

    Forgive my envy, but Roooooollllll Tahd!

    • Switch hitters are always welcome. Go Dawgs!

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I resent yo damn implication Homer…Intellectually I can appreciate Bama, their play even gives me a semi-goosebump now and then. But, blame it on my Daddy and my Momma, and most of the members of Momma’s folks, my heart belongs to the damn Dawgs. And that is appropos…you gotta suffer if you want to sing the blues.

  21. uglydawg

    Dawgs held AS to 6..not bad. Their first drive was maddening..8 minutes of short completions.
    The announcers (after Georgia had a player ejected and 15 yd penalty, another penalty for a personal foul, and another penalty for pass interference that was possibly tipped…all on the same AS drive) spoke of the tenacity of the AS offense. But this was truely a flag happy crew..both teams saw a lot of yellow.
    I can’t wait to see the UF blogs….I wonder if they are going to try to get James Franklin….There should be clauses in the contract of every coach in the conference prohibiting them from going to another SEC school without a “layover” of at least a year at a non-conference school or a sit out.
    I dont’ really know if UF would consider Franklin…but there’s gonna be heat in the kitchen down in the swamp. They’re going to cook that Bulldog Boom.

  22. Will Muschamp’s post=game speech to players leaked:

  23. So where does Aaron Murray rank among the greatest UGA players? He’s got to be top 10. Is he among the top 5?

    • 81Dog

      I don’t know about his rank among the greatest, but I don’t think we’ve ever had kid who was tougher. The number of shots that young man has taken, only to jump back to his feet and keep playing, is pretty amazing.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I think he’s probably a great kid, I only get to see Aaron during games…basically, until somebody proves this wrong, there is Herschel and everybody else.

        And, it behooves to me to suggest Buck should be in the top of the list…I remember sitting in section 131 at the Awbun game in….78? and hearing Buck scream as a Awbun guy broke his leg in the east end zone. Ole Buck, he pretty tough, too. Did some nice things, record-wise and so did the team he led.

  24. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yo, Boss…get yer ass in gear, mighty pontification awaits.