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Observations from the 45, Georgia-Appalachian State edition

It was a 39-point win against a poor 1-AA opponent, so I see no need to get too deep into the woods here.  A few bullet points will have to suffice.

  • Any discussion of this game has to start with Aaron Murray claiming the career SEC passing TD record away from Danny Wuerffel.  I know he’s got to be disappointed that his last season failed to live up to the promise it had before all the skill players started dropping like flies, but as far as I’m concerned, knocking two Gator greats off the all-time list, as well as going 3-1 against Florida, puts him in the pantheon of Dawg greats.  He’s the Theron Sapp of our time.
  • I enjoyed Hudson Mason’s enjoyment.  His enthusiasm was obvious. (I kidded to a friend that Bobo should have pulled a joke by sending out another quarterback after Mason’s first TD pass.)  It’s clear he’s listening to his coaches.  His mechanics have improved, most noticeably in his cleaner and quicker release.  He went through his progressions nicely, albeit against a defense that won’t be confused with a SEC one.  He throws a catchable ball.  He’s not as mobile as Murray and he doesn’t have Murray’s arm strength.  It’ll be interesting to see what he can do next season with all the weapons he’ll have at his disposal.
  • If you didn’t appreciate how deep Georgia’s receiving corps was at the start of the season, Rantavious Wooten explained things nicely to you. The TD catch where he schooled the DB on a ball that hung up a little bit was particularly brilliant.
  • I guess they’ll be working on pop-up kickoffs this week.
  • Chris Mayes, I really would have liked to have seen a fat guy touchdown just once this season.  You had your chance, man.
  • It’s a shame Rumph’s season has been so delayed by the hamstring injury.  He’s not a blazer, but he’s got deceptive speed, good hands and above-average body control.  Add in his height and he still could be a factor over the next few games.
  • Great to see Tray Matthews back.  He may have been rusty, but his play wasn’t tentative.
  • Grantham detractors, has it occurred to you that you may have been trolled by the man?  ASU doesn’t run the ball well, but has the most efficient passer in the Southern Conference and a couple of senior receivers who can play a little.  They were going to throw the ball, yet Grantham came out playing soft zone and stuck with it.  Of course the Mountaineers were going to get yards.  But they still wound up with season lows in points and total yardage and their offense was essentially non-existent after the third drive.
  • That being said, is there a more money call against Georgia’s defense than going four-wide and throwing to the receiver being covered by whichever Dawg ILB drew the short straw?


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Still not quite sure of things

Auburn opens as a three-point favorite at home against Georgia.


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Hey, Mark and Greg…

the next time you’re on the phone with Steve Shaw talking about targeting, ask him about this non-call from last night:

That’s a more egregious example of targeting than any of the plays I’ve seen Georgia defenders flagged for this season.  Way more.


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You know you’ve played a cupcake when…

Georgia jumps into a tie for ninth in the SEC in defensive scoring.


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ESPN is a four-letter word.

I don’t know if you stuck around until the bitter end of last night’s (not so much) game of the century of the week, but if you didn’t, you missed this exchange between Lundquist and Danielson:

Guess Uncle Verne isn’t looking to jump networks.


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Brent Pease deserves another raise.

Some expletives shouldn’t be deleted.  This is one of those.

I don’t think Boom is getting fired, even if the Gators suffer through a losing season.  But I wonder how he’ll react if Foley dictates in the offseason that some changes have to be made on the coaching staff.


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Fifteen minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

If I’ve sat through an uglier series at Sanford Stadium than this one

Appalachian State at 9:51 APP UGA
1st and 10 at APP 46 GEORGIA penalty 15 yard personal foul on Corey Moore accepted, no play. 6 14
1st and 10 at UGA 39 Kameron Bryant pass complete to Andrew Peacock for 4 yards to the Geo 35, tackled by Shaq Wiggins.
2nd and 6 at UGA 35 Marcus Cox rush for no gain to the Geo 35, tackled by Chris Mayes.
3rd and 6 at UGA 35 GEORGIA penalty 5 yard pass interference on Josh Harvey-Clemons accepted, no play.
1st and 10 at UGA 30 Marcus Cox rush for 8 yards to the Geo 22, tackled by Tray Matthews out-of-bounds.
2nd and 2 at UGA 22 GEORGIA penalty 2 yard pass interference accepted, no play.
1st and 10 at UGA 20 Kameron Bryant pass incomplete to Andrew Peacock.
2nd and 10 at UGA 20 Marcus Cox rush for 2 yards to the Geo 18, tackled by Leonard Floyd.
3rd and 8 at UGA 18 Timeout Georgia, clock 03:34.
3rd and 8 at UGA 18 APPALACHIAN ST penalty 5 yard false start on N/A accepted.
3rd and 13 at UGA 23 APPALACHIAN ST penalty 5 yard delay of game on Kameron Bryant accepted.
3rd and 18 at UGA 28 Kameron Bryant pass incomplete to Malachi Jones.
4th and 18 at UGA 28 Drew Stewart 46 yard field goal MISSED.

… I’m truly grateful that I have no recollection of it.  There were almost as many penalties called (five) as there were plays run (seven).  I’ve got no idea how close Moore was to committing targeting on the play, but I’d have tossed him on grounds of general stupidity, anyway – it was clear well before he hit the receiver that no catch would be made, and if there’s something a Georgia defender should have learned by now it’s that there is no good reason to give an SEC officiating crew an excuse to throw a targeting flag.  It looked like there was contact on both pass interference penalties, both on short passes that wouldn’t have resulted in first downs.  On the other side, Frick and Frack (ASU’s left and right tackles) seemed to have made a pre-game bet to see who could draw the most false start penalties and the delay of game call that followed afterwards fittingly resulted in pushing the field goal kicker out of range to wrap things up.

Not to mention the entire fiasco was kicked off with the worst fake punt call I think I’ve ever seen.  I hope somebody pulled that sheet out of the Georgia playbook and unceremoniously burned it at halftime.

Don’t do that again, Dawgs.  Seriously.


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Just trollin’.

I can’t believe nobody’s taken notice of this.

Georgia Passing QBR:  A. Murray 82.2  H. Mason 94.0

QBR – it’s not just for G-Day anymore.


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