Brent Pease deserves another raise.

Some expletives shouldn’t be deleted.  This is one of those.

I don’t think Boom is getting fired, even if the Gators suffer through a losing season.  But I wonder how he’ll react if Foley dictates in the offseason that some changes have to be made on the coaching staff.


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37 responses to “Brent Pease deserves another raise.

  1. Tim

    Please don’t fire Boom or Pease! Four (or more?) in a row would be too delicious!

  2. The other Doug

    Florida won’t be any better next year, so Muschamp is doomed to be fired mid season next year.

    It’s amazing that our 2nd or 3rd stringer at every skill position on offense is better than their 1st stringer. They just don’t have any talent.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I think this is probably right. They won’t fire him after this season. They’ll wait until the product on the field next season is sup-par, then fire him so they will be ahead of other teams that are also searching for coaches by season’s end. I also agree that there is no skill position talent on O there.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Mayor…no skill position talent? Really?

      • The Lone Stranger

        The strategic pistons are already firing down there — Muschamp is, I believe, already twisting in the wind and that Foley schemer has his fingers twirling the figurative rolodex. I bet they figure they fired too low with Pease and go after the main guy, Peterson, in some strange retro make-up hire that will likely blow back in their collective faces. Kinda like how The Urnge pulled the preemptive trigger on Dooley or The Barn latched onto The Chin.

  3. Bulldawg165

    I’m surprised that you don’t think he’ll get canned. It appears that he’s in over his head and 11-2 last year seems like it was more due to luck in the turnover department than actual talent/coaching.

    • Boom’s got a huge buyout, he’s recruiting like a sumbitch, he’ll get to play the injury card to explain this season and I give him more credit for the 2012 results than you do.

      I will say that if there isn’t much improvement in 2014, that’ll be his last year in G’ville.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I agree Foley won’t fire Boom after this year. Injuries. Next season Florida opens with 3 easy games. Then the Gators play Bama, UT, LSU, Missouri, Georgia, Vandy and South Carolina in a row. Except for UT all those teams will have beaten FU the previous year except for Bama, which they didn’t play. Boom will never make it out of that stretch. He’ll be gone after the WLOCP, if not before.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I don’t know Mayor…it is pretty clear Boom has not a clue about hiring an offensive coordinator who can use what he’s got… a lot of these offensive players looked pretty damn good at times last year…Fred Taylor’s kid is a talented running back, Solomon is an asshat, but he can catch a ball.

          If I was Foley, I might have to listen to the growling coming from the Bull Gators’ area.

        • The Lone Stranger

          It’s an intriguing theory … but, when is the last time an SEC school unloaded a coach during the year (S.O.D. excluded I suppose)? That is like the Nuclear Option.

  4. gastr1

    I just want to read Ed Aschoff’s future column about where it all went so wrong amidst such high expectations. The Gators were going to Atlanta!

  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Imagine that. An a.d. would get after the HC if a top assistant consistently underperforms. Of course the assistant could blame the performance on injuries or youth, or both. But losing to vandy?! Even the most patient fans have a limit!

  6. Ed Kilgore

    I’d say Pease’s fate was sealed when he called the short-side option (his version of Bobo’s third-down dive up the middle) with the Gators first and goal inside the one-yard-line, trailing 17-0. Lost five yards, wound up kicking a field goal as the crowd booed lustily.

    What may happen now is that Boom will be required to find himself a can’t-miss offensive genius who will give him a schematic advantage…oh, wait.

    The ridicule of Boom at EDSBS for dumb, atavistic football has been just amazing, even before the Gators lost to Vandy. I think the Florida fan base is becoming a horde of energy vampires.

  7. Will Trane

    If Coach Boom is available after this season, will all those UGA fans stand up and holler for his hire as they did a few years ago. Or have they changed their mind now. What in hell did they know about coaching! Glad we did not have to play Vandy after UF this year. Heck, H”APPY” State was enohg fror CMR.

    • Ed Kilgore

      On a Florida blog last night, saw a lot of hopeful talk about Georgia firing Grantham and luring Boom to Athens as DC.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I’m fraid Ole Boom is tainted Bar Be Que in Athens.

        • Sparrow

          I don’t get this logic (not saying it doesn’t reflect the attitude of many Dawg fans, I just don’t understand it). The guy is an alum, a proven successful DC, will have fallen from the prospect of another HC job AND we have all of the Grantham frustrations and disappointments piling up. I hate to sound like one of those who thinks we should just emulate Bama, but are our feelings really so sensitive that we would turn away a guy who could help us improve on D?

          Whether he is an improvement is another matter and not really the thrust of my comment. I just don’t get turning him away because of our fee-fees…

        • The other Doug

          No way! Look at what Corch BOOM has done for us while he is Gainesville! DGD if you ask me.

  8. Will Trane

    injuries impact teams as well as schedule of play. UF will bring back 2 experienced QBs next year. UF’s major problem other than injuries has been their QB issue for about 3-4 years. Think Pease is a good coach but handicapped this season. Perhaps Boom changes OC based on Gators scoring.

  9. Well Pease is cheaper than Charlie Tuna. His contract runs through 2015.

  10. Dog in Fla

    #karma shot for Boom

    “I do feel badly for Florida,” James Franklin thought about saying after the game. “It’s no fun getting your butt beat like this at home, homecoming and all that. They’re probably not as strong a team as they were when they were kicking our tails since the last time I’ve been in here. But the blue team coach (Boom) and his guys, they need to recruit their way out of it, and it’s going to take a little time as we all know.”

  11. Beer Money

    Maybe they are sandbagging so they don’t have to buy almost $1 million worth of unsold bowl tickets again. Problem solved.

  12. 69Dawg

    I really never understood the Pease hire in the first place. The guy was from Boise State, they have fifth year seniors that are smart footballers not hot shot pre-NFLer’s who are not good team players. While all Pease had to do at BSU was oversee these scholar athletes, at Florida he must stroke egos and tolerate hotdogs and morons that want to fight when things don’t go their way like it did in high school.. On top of this his boss wants to be like Saban so he does not want the wide open stuff. This was a cultural mismatch.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Yeah, seemed strange to me, too. Seems like you, were you Will, would hire an experienced generalist, rather than someone with a background in the arcane.

      • The Lone Stranger

        The Generalisimo will not tolerate having his directives brought to light. Maybe Flurdah should go ahead and sign up another Belichick apparachick (sp.).