ESPN is a four-letter word.

I don’t know if you stuck around until the bitter end of last night’s (not so much) game of the century of the week, but if you didn’t, you missed this exchange between Lundquist and Danielson:

Guess Uncle Verne isn’t looking to jump networks.


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6 responses to “ESPN is a four-letter word.

  1. Macallanlover

    At that point they should have shown her sizzling Hardee’s commercial and not subjected us to Miles trying to get Mett killed by continuing to throw in a hopeless situation and risking his QB’s career. That was painful to watch those sacks at the end. I don’t know why coaches don’t know how to put up the white flag when it is truly over. Verne handled that very well, and Danielson did his usual excellent job as an analyst (second only to Todd Blackledge, imo.)


  2. Mike

    that was great


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Which one is his momma?

    I have it from a source that AJ has a tat of Jesus on his chest…


    • Alabama is so damn good. Just want them to lose, but guess there’s no chance of that. I am kinda like the Frat Boys and Sorority Sisters. ….Just went to BED and knew they would win like always.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Well, I guess Verne can now forget about ever having a career in this business. 😉


  5. TomReagan

    As long as we don’t have to endure any clips of FOX coverage, everything is kosher.

    Also, if this guy can get a girl like that, then there is hope for all of us.