Fifteen minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

If I’ve sat through an uglier series at Sanford Stadium than this one

Appalachian State at 9:51 APP UGA
1st and 10 at APP 46 GEORGIA penalty 15 yard personal foul on Corey Moore accepted, no play. 6 14
1st and 10 at UGA 39 Kameron Bryant pass complete to Andrew Peacock for 4 yards to the Geo 35, tackled by Shaq Wiggins.
2nd and 6 at UGA 35 Marcus Cox rush for no gain to the Geo 35, tackled by Chris Mayes.
3rd and 6 at UGA 35 GEORGIA penalty 5 yard pass interference on Josh Harvey-Clemons accepted, no play.
1st and 10 at UGA 30 Marcus Cox rush for 8 yards to the Geo 22, tackled by Tray Matthews out-of-bounds.
2nd and 2 at UGA 22 GEORGIA penalty 2 yard pass interference accepted, no play.
1st and 10 at UGA 20 Kameron Bryant pass incomplete to Andrew Peacock.
2nd and 10 at UGA 20 Marcus Cox rush for 2 yards to the Geo 18, tackled by Leonard Floyd.
3rd and 8 at UGA 18 Timeout Georgia, clock 03:34.
3rd and 8 at UGA 18 APPALACHIAN ST penalty 5 yard false start on N/A accepted.
3rd and 13 at UGA 23 APPALACHIAN ST penalty 5 yard delay of game on Kameron Bryant accepted.
3rd and 18 at UGA 28 Kameron Bryant pass incomplete to Malachi Jones.
4th and 18 at UGA 28 Drew Stewart 46 yard field goal MISSED.

… I’m truly grateful that I have no recollection of it.  There were almost as many penalties called (five) as there were plays run (seven).  I’ve got no idea how close Moore was to committing targeting on the play, but I’d have tossed him on grounds of general stupidity, anyway – it was clear well before he hit the receiver that no catch would be made, and if there’s something a Georgia defender should have learned by now it’s that there is no good reason to give an SEC officiating crew an excuse to throw a targeting flag.  It looked like there was contact on both pass interference penalties, both on short passes that wouldn’t have resulted in first downs.  On the other side, Frick and Frack (ASU’s left and right tackles) seemed to have made a pre-game bet to see who could draw the most false start penalties and the delay of game call that followed afterwards fittingly resulted in pushing the field goal kicker out of range to wrap things up.

Not to mention the entire fiasco was kicked off with the worst fake punt call I think I’ve ever seen.  I hope somebody pulled that sheet out of the Georgia playbook and unceremoniously burned it at halftime.

Don’t do that again, Dawgs.  Seriously.


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25 responses to “Fifteen minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Back in 77 we lined up for a short field goal, then called a timeout, the tried a fake. Why not just signal the play to the other team?


  2. gastr1

    Moore likely got tossed because he launched himself when he could have held up– or at least not launched himself. He did not make helmet contact, it was shoulder to shoulder, but he left his feet and the App State player’s head snapped back pretty violently from the force of the collision.


  3. reipar

    The replays I have seen thus far sure make it look like he could have caught the ball to me. He has one hand on it trying to bring it into his other hand and he lands with at least one foot in bounds. Does not seem that clear to me no catch was going to be made a day later and in slo-mo. Not sure what Moore was suppose to do other than hit the guy.


    • That play happened right in front of me and there’s no way he was catching that ball.


      • The Lone Stranger

        I thought the WR did catch the damn ball? And Moore subsequent to him hauling it in actually turned his body so he DID NOT use his helmet! It was another abomination of officiating but thank heaven it was in a low-pressure situation. I don’t know why UGa has to continue to bear the brunt of this stuff unless DBs in the State are just that bloodthirsty.


    • gastr1

      Moore cold have not left he his feet to hit the guy, that’s what. The rule includes “launching yourself.” That’s why he got tossed.


  4. reipar

    Not to sound argumentative, but did you not say you are truly grateful to have no recollection of the series of events? I have only seen a couple of replays this morning so will defer to your judgment of watching it live at full speed, but sure looks to me like there was a legit chance for the receiver to make the catch. Don’t get me wrong it would have been a great catch, but those do happen. Too bad it has come to the point where we even have to debate if you should hit someone in football 🙂


  5. TennesseeDawg

    That series pretty much sums up Georgia football these days


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    I have steadfastly avoided the Black Helicopter Squadron’s complaints about the officiating, but I gotta tell you, yesterday….I been watching football a long time, played a little a long, long, long time ago…I ain’t ever seen anything to match it.

    That series you could not see?…unfortunately I could…it was worse than you think.


  7. Will Trane

    Senator you used a word many of us are coming to the conclusion is a problem with this team, coaches & players, other than execution, consistency of play, injuries, play selection, time utilization, and etc. That word is “stupidity”. That word keep rolling through my mind many times after that game


  8. Will Trane

    It would be wise for Dawg players and coaches to keep quit about calls and targeting. If there is a targeting rule in the SEC, it is on the jerseys of UGA players. Would suggest the coaches have someone on the sidelines to call out targeting hits by opposing players at every opportunity, plus AD office should submit a list of 6 remainder of season to SEC.


  9. Will Trane

    9 minutes to go in game and the scoring stops. Can we not put an offense on the field that can run up a score. Scores impress polls. But not CMR, he is too sensitive to opposing coaches and teams. Play against Auburn like they did Saturday, it will get ugly early and very ugly at 00.00. Do we have a rushing offense with big ground gainers.


  10. SouthGaDawg

    Why do we fake a punt against a 2 win App. State team??? That’s all I have today…


  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    I’m just glad we don’t play Chattanooga…I’d rather play Kentucky. (He says..taunting the Kharmic Bitches like a Notre Dame cheerleader.)


  12. 69Dawg

    So as far as launching is concerned, a defensive player may not now leave his feet and tackle anymore? On TV it looked as if Moore realizes in mid-air that he has done a no no at which point he twisted his body so much that he actually hit the WR with his back. The official that made the call could only see the receiver’s head snap. It snapped because he had been hit in his chest by a body in motion. I want to know who the replay official was because he was an idiot. If you want to say it was a hit out of bounds or unnecessary roughness (see LSU’s helmet to helmet hit on a truly defenseless WR) I can understand but to eject a player who was trying his best to avoid the hit to the upper regions that just sucks. Later on Bob and DJ commented on two of our DB’s that were just standing by and looking on as another UGA player was making a tackle on yet another pass completion. Had it been the old days they would have tee the WR up and he would have dropped the ball from his cold unconscious hands.


  13. I don’t think the play was bad on the fake punt. The execution was bad. The QB should have kept it and ran the option to the right. That side of the field was wide open, and he would have gotten the first down. Everyone crashed on the jet sweep, so it was doomed from the start once he handed it off.