Still not quite sure of things

Auburn opens as a three-point favorite at home against Georgia.


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  1. SouthGaDawg

    Something to think about. Georgia is #4 in rush D in the SEC. Auburn is #9. That might be the difference on the Plains Saturday.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Sure enough on that score. I like this matchup in a bizarre way. Dawgs still have the better ballplayers across the board.

  2. Rick

    Seems like a really, really even match.

    They are getting .28 ypp more on O than us, and we’re giving up .28 ypp less than them on D, although our schedule has been a couple notches tougher. We have Gurley back and our D has been improving, so we might be better than our season stats, but you could argue the exact same for them given their improvement over the season.

    I hope to god special teams is not the difference, but I expect that line to move closer to a push by the end of the week.

  3. sniffer

    So you’re sayin there’s a chance…

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Nope, not me, we got no chance, none….see Bitches, I respect you, nice Bitches, really pretty Bitches.

      • sniffer

        I don’t know what I was thinking..

        But, can’t the bitches be kind to us this week? I mean, its Auburn. They seem to be quite full of themselves these days.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Hell Sniffer, of course the Bitches can be kind to us…problem is, their track record vis a vis the Dawgs is pretty damn scarey…especially this year. Nice Bitches, pretty, sexy, sweet Bitches.

    • IveyLeaguer

      Well, all we gotta do to slow down the Malzahn offense is defend the entire field on every play, know exactly what we’re doing on every play, don’t miss any assignments at the Back Level and few overall, get great one-on-one coverage in space from our ILB’s and Secondary the whole game, tackle well one-on-one in space the whole game, set the edges and stay in our lanes the whole game to contain Marshall, and consistently get them off the field to make sure we don’t get worn down in the second half.

      So, yeah we got a great chance. 🙂

      • Hope so, Ivey….Hope so…I have a really bad feeling about this one. They need this real bad. If Vandy can beat us…..I am afraid Auburn can.

        • Dog in Fla

          “I have a really bad feeling about this one.”

          Both you and this NSFW guy need to get on the bus and get some school spirit. There is no way we lose to the Aubruns

          • School Spirit is not something I am low on, but I am a little scared, kinda like Larry would be. When Vandy can beat us… just makes me afraid of all of the teams we play every year. Beating Florida was wonderful, especially the three in a row thing and I really do not think we will lose to Auburn, however anything can happen on any given Saturday….and all that.

      • adam

        We also have to score points on offense.

  4. Trace

    I mean, it’s not like Mark Richt is 8-4 against Auburn while winning the last two matchups by a combined score of 83-7.

    • Dog in Fla

      And after we beat Auburn by 14 because the Marks couldn’t beat Auburn by 38 as they did each of the past two seasons, the Marks will have lost control over their consistency

  5. Man the barners are really high on themselves. The message boards are thinking they will hang 50 on UGA with running alone. Some are also thinking they will go undefeated the rest of the way and be left out of the NCG.

    I really hope UGA brings some reality back to their conifer liberated world. If UGA’s defense has done one thing well it is defending the run which is just about all AU can do. If the D line holds up it will be a long day for them.

    • Andrew

      Great when they run btw the tackles. It’s going to be more lateral than we’d like.

      I still think it will be a close one. Maybe JHC or Swann as a spy on the thief will help.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        No shit, Andy, that thief crap is beyond contempt. The kid made a mistake and paid a hard price for it. Don’t forget, we recruited Nick Marshall, hard, signed him, put him on campus…mistakes, just like losses have many fathers.

        • Andrew

          Blaming UGA for him stealing? We rescind the offers of known crooks – Deion Bonner. Can’t catch em before the crime.

    • PHDawg

      Yes! I’m from Columbus; Auburn is practically 13th grade for my high school. All I’ve seen since the TAMU game has been that “Weagle Weagle”…stuff (WTH is a “weagle” anyway?) and how they’re going to beat Bama in the Iron Bowl. As a Georgia grad living in Alabama who has to tolerate adults trying to get my children to say “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle,” I’d love to see us go into Auburn, punch them in the mouth, then watch Bama stomp all over them, and THEN watch FSU and Jameis Winston beat the snot out of Bama in the NCG (that’s for my FSU grad parents). I’m not even wishing for Mizzou losses. I just want to see Auburn and Bama go down in spectacular fashion. And delivering the first blow sounds pretty damn great to me.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Alabama will crush their souls

  6. Rusty

    I think we have a great shot unless we go all clueless on them. Who knows?
    I’ll still love them anyway.

  7. ASEF

    No fan base in the SEC comes out hiding faster or goes into hiding quicker than Aubies. Which means we only have to listen to them one more week.

  8. Macallanlover

    I am more encouraged about our chances against The Barn today than I was 2 weeks ago. We are certainly still vulnerable to misdirection and mobile QBs but the most gaping hole is our pass defense, and that is what they haven’t shown the ability to exploit. Granted, we are much worse at pass defense than the other teams they have played so they may still make us look foolish in coverage….again, but we have been reasonable stout against the rush. Auburn runs a different version of the running game than we have seen this year but UGA has faced Malzahn before and handled it pretty well.

    UGA should have success throwing the ball against Auburn’s secondary if Murray has any time at all. My biggest concern is Gurley’s ankle, he isn’t at 80% from what I have seen since his return and we need to keep their defense honest. We still seem incapable of stretching the field since the carnage in the TN game but if Conley is back, and Rumph has earned some trust, we will be in this game until the very end. This could be another high-scoring, close shootout for the Cardiac Dawgs. Shame this game isn’t in Sanford, where it should be. They should at least have played it in the Dome to give some neutrality to the game, the cheating bas tards don’t deserve any edge after what they pulled in 2010.

  9. A10Penny

    Our improvement vs. the run has been great, but every time Connor Shaw ran on 3rd down, they got a first. If not for the hustle of JHC and one of their receivers losing the ball in the sun…

    Now, the Dogs face a better rushing QB on a better rushing team…at home. Who beat Tennessee senseless. Nick isn’t Cam, but don’t forget what they did to us in the 2nd half in 2010. Gus Malzhan flat out knows how to coach offense, and if we shut down their run game for 4 quarters it would be a huge upset.

    We really need the O to show up and get off to a good start.

    • adam

      Auburn’s rushing game is better than South Carolina’s but they don’t compare with the Fighting Spurriers’ passing offense at all.

      • A10Penny

        They probably won’t need to pass it much. Everyone knows what Malzahn’s offense is going to do, but they’ll get their yards anyways (it would be different if we had Alabama’s or Stanford’s run defense). Hence my belief that we need a big game from our O. And pray that we win the turnover battle.

  10. Rebar

    Long sustained drives by our offense will keep their offense off the field. A couple of early 3 and outs by our defense would be tremendous for getting the lead and grinding it out.

    • adam

      Our defense forcing some early 3 and outs wouldn’t surprise me. The problem is that our offense doing the same wouldn’t either.

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Once the sting of the Vandy loss wore off, I thought to myself, “Well, our 3 biggest rivalry games are still ahead of us. If we go 2-1 in those games, I’ll be happy.” We beat Florida, and I expect to beat Tech. But I think we lose to Auburn. In fact, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the 4th quarter is even interesting.

    Given that Vanderbilt is apparently the most competent offense that we’ve faced in the past 3 games — and they scored 30+ and beat us — I’m still not prepared to agree that our defense has “turned the corner.” If we can hold Auburn to something under 30, maybe. (Of course, even as I type that, I’m thinking, “Jeez, 30? Is that how low the bar has fallen … ?”)

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Turd, get that Vanderbilt “beat us” BS out of your mind. No such thing happened. The cheatin’ SEC refs beat us. If the stinking zebras don’t throw the bogus flag on Ramik Wilson for a great clean hit then the Dawgs get the ball back on downs at the 30 with about 10 minutes left in the game, up by 13 points. Did you see the South Carolina game? Did you see the WLOCP? The same thing would have happened. The Dawgs would have had a series of first downs, run out the clock and won by 13. This was LSU ’09 all over again–a victory stolen by the cheatin’ SEC refs. Not a game won by Vandy.

  12. sUGArdaddy

    Stack. The. Box. Make that joker throw it to beat us and we win. I don’t think he can. I don’t think he will. Make them beat man to man coverage. Make him make the throws. He can’t. 8 in the box. Stop that Mickey Mouse offense and force them into throwing.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Lemme get this straight: We have the worst pass D in the SEC (maybe in the country) and you want us to “stack the box” with 8 defenders, meaning play pass defense with 3 players. That means man to man on 3 wideouts. And a LB picking up any back coming out of the backfield and another LB picking up the TE if he runs a route–both man to man. And if they put in 4 wideouts or go empty backfield cover another receiver with what, an LB? Dare them to throw on the worst pass D we have ever had–right? I just want to be sure what you are saying.

  13. Bob

    I think part of the impression that we are better against the run is because the opposition is thinking…why run when we can pass without fear. Maybe if we can get AU to punt on 3d down we can make it a game. I have never, ever witnessed a 3d down defense as woeful as us. And to think it has not improved against the Moutaineer and Gator offensive juggernauts if frightening.

  14. Cojones

    Our D is growing up fast. Remember Buffalo? App St was no wallflower and tested us well. Short right pass has to be more than Marshall can resist so there’s where CTG sets his trap. Ray Drew has stepped up permanently and that alone has changed this D by letting others tend to backfield and LB business. Sacks and tackle for loss affect game plans and will make Auburn reluctant to pass. Marshall’s feet will make the only diff because it always has screwed up our rush D when the 12th man enters.

    Predict a good outcome for us when the Dawg attitude seeps into Aubies’ bones. They won’t know where to scratchthat itchy feeling that something’s wrong. Hope they pull the Taylor crap and bring their towels because they will need them.