Happy homecoming

It’s moments like this that make you realize how special this season is turning out to be for Florida.

Then again, only eight Gators bothered to head to the southeast corner after the game to join the band for Florida, Our Alma Mater.

“I thought we only did it when we win,” Murphy said.


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40 responses to “Happy homecoming

    • uglydawg

      Castle, you’d better be glad that blue highlighted link showed up under your reply…otherwise we would have thought you are REALLY enjoying UF’s decline.

    • fetch

      Hello, Castleberry, is that a ten-gallon hat or are you just enjoying the show?

  1. Russ

    Florida needs to slow down on that dumpster fire. If it burns too hot they may let Boom go this year. I want them to smolder along with BMF for this year and have him swap OC again. Then next year they can fire everybody and start full Tennessee mode.

    • fuelk2

      They can go ahead and fire Boom. I woudn’t mind seeing a homecoming for him as DC.

      • Russ

        He never impressed me as a DC but maybe that’s because we always whipped him. He would still be an upgrade from Grantham probably. His Florida defenses have been tough so yeah I guess I could put up with the arrogant prick.

        • uglydawg

          How much do you think TG’s pro-experience sways recruits to come to play at UGA? They all want to play in the NFL. It’s a factor. But UF probably isn’t going to fire Mushcamp this year…and even if they do, he’ll get another head coaching job. If LK Jr. can keep getting jobs, so can Boom.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            The Gators need to keep Boom for another recruiting season, then fire him midway through next season. They then need to hire SOD (he’s available) and keep him for 3 to 4 years. Then they need to fire SOD and hire Butch Jones who will be available by then. Then they need to keep him 3 to 4 years……..

  2. Dante

    The Swamp isn’t an intimidating craphole anymore. It’s just a craphole. I’m still not thrilled about calling the Gator Bowl a “neutral site” for games against the Gators but I am glad we’ve only played one game in the Gainesville in last eighty or so years. To borrow from Shawn Mullins, it’s kinda like Starkville, with a tan.

  3. Normaltown Mike

    To be fair, the Senior Gala when they receive their Letterman’s Jorts is the crowning achievement for all Gators.

  4. Slaw Dawg

    Just breaks my damn heart.

  5. Brandon

    Truth be told Vanderbilt would have beaten Florida in Gainesville years ago if not for officiating. I remember one particularly horrendous incident 4-5 years ago.

    • uglydawg

      I remember it. That’s when I began realizing how bad SEC officials are… I think it was pass interferance…not called against UF that cost Vandy the win.

  6. gastr1

    Truth be told, we’ll not have to worry about long winning streaks vs. Vanderbilt being snapped because we haven’t had such a long winning streak vs. the conference doormat. Also, truth be told, there is this http://www.foxsportssouth.com/collegefootball/sec-conference/story/Vandy-tops-Gators-nets-first-Florida-Geo?blockID=960009&feedID=3703

    Yes. I am still pissed off about the Vandy debacle, because I believe it will cost us Atlanta, and it was just an inexcusable meltdown.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Vandy didn’t beat Georgia, the refs did.

      • Brandon

        Yeah the “targeting” calls in the UGA-Vandy game are a national joke, it cost us the game. We could have and should have played better and overcome it to win anyway but they cost us the game.

        • gastr1

          Right. The high snap that gave them the ball at the 15, that had nothing to do with it. The fumbled punt by Swann, that didn’t matter either.

          • SlobberKnocker

            Their drive after the fumbled punt was the drive we stopped them on then the drive was extended due to the targeting call that was overturned.

            So no, that one had nothing to do with it.

          • Macallanlover

            Come on gastri, every game has mistakes where young athletes make mistakes, yeah barber flubbed a snap, and Swan muffed a punt (first and only time for either), but that game was won by one specific play call that was made by an official that was not in the position to see the play best, and blew the call. Then, instead of discussing it and getting it right, they sent It to the booth official who saw it was so bad that even he had to overturn it. This from the same guy who earlier had robbed us of our best DL player for 2+ quarters and refused to shame the imbecile head of the crew for a call he had blown. Sorry, all games have more than one play that can be the turning point but all you need to know about this one was the zebras blew it, handed the game to Vandy, and it was so bad it probably will be the key game footage that changes the horrible NCAA decision to implement this illogical mess of words.

            • uglydawg

              The officials should officiate the game..not participate. They were pro-active in possibly costing UGA the SEC E and at least costing them a game. Call it fairly and UGA wins that game. This is reality. Offiicials can determine the outcome unfairly…and they did.
              Just because you make some honest mistakes doesn’t mean you should have to accept being treated unfairly.
              If an innocent person stands before a judge and the judge pronounces him guilty because his shoes aren’t shined, would you say he deserved to get screwed because he made the mistake of not shining his shoes?

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              +1. The Dawgs D stopped Vandy after the punt muff. Georgia had a 13 point lead and was about to get the ball somewhere around the 35 yard line with 10 minutes to go in the game. 4 first downs (like the South Carolina game before and later FU) and the game is over. Instead, out comes the hanky from the ref on the wrong side of the field and it completely changes the game.

          • Brandon

            I thought I made clear we helped them, but without the calls (specifically the Ramik Wilson call) we still win, our stupidity notwithstanding.

            • gastr1

              Friends, letting a game like Vanderbilt be close enough that officials’ decisions can affect the outcome is the problem. We handed that game to them on a silver platter. The refs just made sure we didn’t drop the platter.

              • Debby Balcer

                No the refs knocked the platter out of our hands when they ejected Drew. We almost caught it then they did it again with Ramik. The refs clearly affected the outcome of the fame.

                • Ed Kilgore

                  Sure they did. But under the “but for” test, neither the muffed punt reception nor the ref’s call on Wilson would have mattered without the TD handed to Vandy on the bad snap. And while the ejection of Drew didn’t help, it didn’t lead directly to points, either. In a game like that, everything “affects the outcome,” but I still say the ST disaster was the biggie.

  7. Dog in Fla

    #Winning Photo Caption: “Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp leaves the field after losing to Vanderbilt 34-17 in Gainesville”


    Gatorsports Runner-Up #Winning Photo Captions:
    4th runner up: “Boom has left the building.”
    3rd runner up: “One is the loneliest number.”
    2st runner up: “Gimme Three Steps.”
    1st runner up: “Georgia Illuminati Man Walking.”

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    1988??? wait a minute UF Timmy said they did not have football till 2000.

  9. Bob

    I thought they started counting in 1990. Appears they stopped in 2010

  10. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Florida, Texas, and USC all looking for coaches at the same time? Only if you’re an AD with a death wish. Jimmy Sexton’s wildest dream come true.

    I’m actually hoping Muschamp flames out at UF, then goes on to bigger and better things somewhere else. We’re not too far away from the narrative of post-Spurrier UF being a job that can kill a career unless you stumble onto a Timmy or two.

  11. Merk

    Regression to the mean?


    Florida’s turnover margin against Vanderbilt was -4. Tyler Murphy threw three INTs and the Gators fumbled another. Florida’s turnover margin is now -2 on the season, after they finished +15 last year.