Help us, Obi Wan Malzahn. You’re our only hope.

Jesus, this is an embarrassing read.

At least there’s a slight nod in the way of Georgia’s existence.

You have an amazing opportunity, Coach. You’ll have to get past a pesky Georgia team next Saturday in order to turn your game against Alabama into a tiebreaker for the SEC West title.

“Pesky”, eh?  That Georgia team has two more wins one more win over top ten teams this season than Gus has.



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34 responses to “Help us, Obi Wan Malzahn. You’re our only hope.

  1. Jeff Sanchez

    I can go one better – This love letter from a cut-rate Holly Anderson wanna be to Gus. She also openly admits to trolling UGA fans about Nick Fairley

    “Seriously, Georgia fans are the worst. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m on a quest to never let them forget Nick Fairley. I’m having way too much fun.”

    The Gus / Auburn thing right now is embarrassing. Like watch two new people in love going all “schmoopie” over each other


    • Careful Brad

      Wow, five minutes of reading this is enough. She is an Auburn fan going to Alabama, that’s like being at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show looking for a slump buster. She says UGA fans keep brining up Fairley but then also says she keeps reminding us of him, which is it are we brining it up or is she reminding up? Frankly, I haven’t thought about Fairley since the clock went 0:00 and the score was 38-0 last year.


    • fetch

      Quote of the day from that article! “But enough of that. I’m not your Xs and Os girl. I’m all about the intangibles and adopting 18-22 year old student athletes as my children.” Translation: “I know nothing about how this here ‘football’ thing works. All I know is what my emotions tell me.”


  2. Yeah, that “pesky” Georgia team has eaten Auburn’s lunch six out of the last seven seasons, but, you know, whatever.


  3. The “salmon wrestling a bear” quip gave me a good chuckle this morning.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    Last time these two teams played, Georgia won 38-0. Now we are just “pesky”


  5. Dawgfan Will

    Are there actually people out there who think Auburn can beat Alabama this year? That’s precious.


  6. uglydawg

    I started a reply to this winch but decided against it. I think her unspoken concern is that the SEC has dominated college football to the point causing desperation in the rest of the land. What she’s really saying is “The only hope to take the SEC out of the NC game is for another SEC team to play spoiler” ..They’ve got to find some way to keep ‘Bama out so she’s slobbering all over Gus. She doesn’t seem to know much about reality.


  7. j4k372

    Pesky eh? Let’s hope the Barners are looking ahead too. I just feel good about this game. We have been through hell with injuries this season. We are finally getting some relief on that front and our defense is starting to come together.


  8. Spike

    Hey Rachel.. Iron my shirt, then get me a beer…


  9. Rock and Roll Rebel

    I guess when a team beats you by a combined score of 83-7 over the last two games, yeah, you could call them “pesky.”


  10. Re: the last paragraph.

    Auburn beat then-#7 Texas A&M on the road.

    Against current BCS top 25 teams, Georgia is 2-2 (1-2 against current BCS top 10 teams) and Auburn is 1-1 (no games against the current BCS top 10). Depending on which poll you look at, either A&M or SC is top 10 today. It’s worth noting that three of Georgia’s four top 25 matchups were at home. Both Auburn games were on the road.


    • You are correct, sir. Brain fart on my part.

      I don’t really want to get into which team’s wins look more impressive – Georgia’s win against LSU came without the services of its best receiver and Gurley didn’t play for much of the game, for example. The point is that if you’re going to dismiss Georgia as being “pesky”, you’re ignoring its resume.


      • Will (the other one)

        Although if we’re bringing up important players who didn’t play the whole game, best of British luck getting any Barners to admit Johnny Football missed part of the game vs. them.


  11. fetch

    Well now, isn’t that special! What’s the score again since Murray took a Auburn helmet to the knee?


  12. Bulldog Joe

    They sho’ are full of theyselves, ain’t they?


  13. Comin' Down The Track

    Overlook us at your own peril, Safety School U.


  14. Will Trane

    You have to wonder who in the hell schedules the Dawgs’ games. Back to Back years on the Plains. Can we not hire the persons who do that Auburn and Alabama. UGA should rent out Sanford Stadium to the Falcons or some other team. Sanford Stadium, the least used collegiate stadium in the SEC.


    • Debby Balcer

      The SEC set the schedule so we each have the correct number if home games since the addition of A&M and Mizzou. We knew that was going to happen last year.


  15. Will Trane

    How does Auburn and Alabama stay so injury free, suspension free, and schedule those cup-cake games each year? How much is Auburn and the SEC going to pay us for back to back games on the plains? Once again the AD and Athletic Board screws the Dawgs. You would think the supporters and alums would say this is enough.


  16. Will Trane

    Ms. Bachman, the sports reporter for the WSJ. Makes you wonder why she left Nike and Ducks land for the upper Manhattan. Long way from Wall Street to SEC. But if you are a writer at the WSJ you are presumed to be an expert on sports, in particular SEC football. Are there any major conference hampionship games played in New York?


  17. Will Trane

    We can understand why a grad of the University of Michigan would call the Dawgs pesky. After all they drilled her alma mater a few decades back after the Maize and Blue were defending national champs. Doubt if she was on campus that day, but Michigan not only got beat by the Dawgs in their legendary football history, but what was the team the Dawgs beat this past weekend.