“We’re not anxious to move outside the organization.”

The major conferences have decided that, divisions, schmivisions, who cares about that.  After all, what’s in a name?  Rather, they’re letting their inner Nick Sabans run free.  They simply don’t have time for the smaller schools’ shit anymore.

The drumbeat for schools to break away from the NCAA or create a so-called Division 4 has faded away. Perlman said there’s an aim to essentially get a separate set of rules within the current NCAA structure for high-revenue schools. This would mean that Maine’s athletic department, with its inherent fiscal limitations, will not be able to vote to limit what USC can spend.

“We want to be able to administer, legislate and govern our affairs without having to achieve a consensus among all the rest of schools not as directly impacted as we are,” Perlman said.

This would mark a significant shift in the NCAA governance model, as under the current structure Ohio State and Texas follow the same set of rules as Buffalo and New Mexico. This has happened despite a revenue gap that can be upwards of $100 million annually. There’s a notion among presidents and athletic directors that there’s no need for these schools to separate from the NCAA, as they’ve already separated themselves with their budgets, television networks and the salaries they pay their coaches.

The wolves are tired of the squirrels telling them how to fix dinner.  But they’re still willing to use the same kitchen with a little remodeling.


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7 responses to ““We’re not anxious to move outside the organization.”

  1. AusDawg85

    Thank goodness they continue to be focused on their concern for the well-being of the student-athletes and not money.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    No animal shall sleep in a bed…. with sheets.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    So, you’re gonna have different rules etc, for the big boys? And lose the input by the smaller schools on what affects the larger schools, and we’re gonna do this within the same framework we have now? Hey, since I support one of the”wolves” I guess I am fine with this, but knowing what I know about the NCAA’s ability to keep stuff straight, as a wolf-supporter I am gonna keep one eye peeled all the time.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    How is what Pearlman said any different than having a new division?


  5. paul

    Not sure what Emmert has offered to keep everyone happy but there doesn’t appear to be much, if any benefit to staying within the confines of the NCAA.


  6. Emmert wants to save March Madness because that’s the NCAA’s cash cow. If he has to serve up the squirrels to do it, he’ll be the one to skin them before putting them in the pot. If the wolves want to move up filet mignon, he’s more than willing to put it on the plate. If March Madness ever loses its marketability in today’s sports world, that will be the end of the NCAA.


  7. mike in orlando

    “The wolves are tired of the squirrels telling them how to fix dinner. But they’re still willing to use the same kitchen with a little remodeling.” That is simply awe-inspiring.