Name that caption: Crimson jihad

Evidently, this is via Al Jazeera:

It sort of puts me in mind of the old joke about rooting for the Soviets if they played Georgia Tech in basketball.

Anyway, have at it in the comments.



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22 responses to “Name that caption: Crimson jihad

  1. Timphd

    Bama opens as a 7 point favorite over Al Quieda.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    I didn’t know Bama was on Tech’s schedule this year.


  3. I didn’t spell check. I thought it said Obama.


  4. mwo

    If Al Qaeda played Auburn, I would put Osama’s picture in my front yard!


  5. Not so fast….you would not want to endanger your family! If Al Qaeda played Auburn, I am sure they would beat the living daylights out of them with our SEC Refs favoring Awbun


  6. Tommy

    They can have ’em.


  7. 81Dog

    Senator, that old joke about pulling for the Soviets against Tech in basketball is not a joke. Tech played the Soviet National Team for their season opener/exhibition game back at the Goober Dome back in the mid 80s. Accompanied by a younger brother and a buddy from law school named Alex, we went tot he game, sat on the baseline,, wore red and pulled for the Soviets, who thrashed the nerd hoopsters. We got a lot of dirty looks from the pencil necks, but no one really bothered us. Imgaine 3 normal guys in red surrounded by a sea of Sheldons from The Big Bang Theory, all dressed in non-matching shades of yellow, and you should have a pretty accurate, albeit disturbing, visual.


  8. Katherine Webb would look good in the burka issue of Iranian Sports Today!


  9. AusDawg85

    “We Want Bama”

    Please…by all means, take them.


  10. Dog in Fla

    Salim Abu Aziz rolls with Crimson Jihad

    “Unless you, America, pull all military forces out of the Persian Gulf area, immediately, and forever, Crimson Jihad will rain fire on one major US city each week, until our demands are met. First, we will detonate one nuclear weapon on this uninhabited island as a demonstration of our power. Crimson Jihad’s willingness to be humanitarian. However, if these demands are not met, Crimson Jihad will rain fire on one major American city each week.”