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Tomorrow, the foregone conclusion

It’s not so much the final score I’m referring to in the header – aside from the slobbering last night on ESPN and the Alabama media, most pundits see the game as more than just a minor step for Auburn before a massive Iron Bowl – as it is the idea that the game boils down in its entirety to whether the Georgia defense can stop Auburn’s offense.

Now, I will grant you that I can find statistics that chill my blood, like “Georgia has been especially inefficient against zone-read rushes outside the tackle box, allowing 9.3 yards per rush”, but since when did Georgia’s offense against Auburn’s defense become little more than an afterthought?

It can’t be the statistics, because in games against FBS opponents, Auburn’s defense ranks considerably lower than Georgia’s, both in terms of total yardage and in terms of yards per play.  Additionally, the only offense that Auburn’s faced to date higher ranked than the Dawgs in total offense is Texas A&M’s.

Health has certainly been a concern for the Georgia offense, but that seems to be looking up for tomorrow.

The numbers suggest that Auburn is going to struggle as much with Murray and Gurley as Georgia will with Malzahn’s offense.  Agree or disagree?



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Still Chantastic

The next time somebody tries to tell you that the ACC is on the rebound, just point him or her to this header.

In related news, Tech fan haz a sad.


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