Maybe the weirdest game I’ve been through.

First, I couldn’t figure out how Georgia was winning.

Then, I couldn’t out how Georgia lost.


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  1. Baitstand

    Just pay Jon Gruden whatever he wants and let’s move on.

    • Billy Mumphrey

      Yeah, I’m sure his .541 winning percentage as a head coach is just what UGA needs to take them to the next level. At least save ignorant shit like this for the off season.

      • RocketDawg

        Thank you. A loss always brings out the dumbasses…..speaking of which where is Muckbeast?

        • Sitting here laughing at fools like you continuing to live in denial while the evidence piles up.

          And now I know for a FACT that even you know how badly I’ve crushed you in every argument. You proved that my invoking my name out of nowhere when I hadn’t even posted in a week or longer.

          • I’m with you Muckbeast. Where are all of the Grantham apologists tonight? Ah well, I am sure by Thursday this entire loss will have been spun into a defensive gem.

          • Rocket Dawg

            Don’t flatter yourself dipshit. I invoked your name because of all the dumbass posters who come out of the woodwork after a loss, you take the cake as the absolute worst.

            Hey be glad at least you “won” at something today.

    • Jimmit Haslam 4Ever

      Joan Gruben is haad coarch Tannassee, he drinkz scotch strait out of Pilot gass nippulz, and haz land in Eask Tannassee, and wife is volz cheerlader, cumm back to Lozers wit Socks Baitstandz, we mizz you.

    • Mikeinvaldosta

      Humor is the best medecine

  2. WF dawg

    The ending was like 2005, but worse.

    • RocketDawg

      I said the same thing after it was over, only if replay had existed in ’05 we get the ball back since Oliver knocked it out of the receivers hand and it went out of the back of the end zone, kneel it out and the ball game is over.

      It sucks to be on the bad end of miracle plays like that.

      • Merk

        it was 4th down….you cannot fumble the ball forward on 4th down. Thus it going out of the endzone would not have mattered.

        • Minnesota Dawg

          IF it had gone out the back of the end zone, it would have been a touchback, 4th down or not. But it didn’t go out of the back of the end zone. We get cheated enough on calls, no need to just make extra shit up.

      • JonDawg

        I looked at my Dad and said “just like 05′ ” too. We were there. Just like this game, it turned into a very exciting game right up until the end, and just like this game, I’m in shock, and I feel like a W has been stolen from us.

    • Will (the other one)

      Not really. At least for me. I didn’t think there was anyway we’d lose after topping 30 points in 2005, much less give that play.
      Meanwhile, once I saw we were only rushing three on that 4th down I got nervous.

      • Olddawg 55

        Agree, I told my neighbor who was watching with me that a three man rush was the kiss of death, but even then I couldn’t imagine a play like the tipping of the ball. Let’s make it our mantra as my old coachs would say,”it’s fourth down, the last play for our foe, the play that wins for us…do not try to does no good..the ball is down at the line of scrimmage and is ours…knock the ball to the turf and let’s get off the field”. What ever were they thinking. Still a masterful SECOND HALF..not so much the first half. Suck it up, Dawgs…finish the year in Atlanta!

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          As soon as I saw the deployment of the Dawgs on D I knew we were in trouble. You can’t let a QB with a strong arm just stand there with no threat of being tackled for as long as he wants before he has to throw. He’ll find somebody open, or at least who looks open, and launch it. He’ll pick the defense apart. The mistake from the coaching side was only rushing 3 (one didn’t even rush) and playing 8 back. I guess Grantham didn’t see this year’s Northwestern-Nebraska game, the 1987 Maryland-Miami game, or a whole host of other games where this very thing happened..

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I just saw some more on ESPN. 1992 LSU-Kentucky game (I’m not sure on the year) where the LSU QB threw a 70 yard TD pass to win and 1995 Colorado-Michigan game where Cordell Stewart did the same. Do you know what they all had in common? The defense only rushed 3–played back with 8. When will coaches learn?

  3. CrawforDawg

    It’s fourth down. Bat the pass down and the game is over. Unfortunately, Matthews goes for the interception.

    • SC DAWG

      Mathews never touched the ball moron, JHC tipped it.

      • CrawforDawg

        I didn’t say he touched the ball. He was clearly first to the ball and should have attempted to batted it down rather than positioning his hands to make the int. Actually, both of them were going for the int. and not trying to bat down a fourth down pass. “Moron”? That’s pretty weak coming from an asswipe like you.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      CrawforforDawg is right-he just got the DBs backwards.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      I don’t think you can blame Matthews for trying to catch and secure the ball. If they try to bat it down, weird things can happen…uh…um.

  4. Tough to watch the ending but you have to admit: Nobody has had worse breaks than Georgia this year. Without three freak ACL tears we have one of the most powerful offenses in the nation and Aaron has a full cast of throwing options. Without the awful mis-calls on penalties we probably win vs. Vandy. And now we lose a game on a total fluke/miracle play (depending on if you ask us or Auby).

    Is it bad breaks or do we just play sloppy/not respond well to adversity?

  5. Snake Plisskin

    4th down…let’s call time out to set up the D…later CMR to CTG, “Didn’t you tell them to knock down the ball!!!”…CTG, “I thought you did!!!”…and now for the rest of the story…Paul Harvey out

  6. CitadelDawg

    Feel you man.

  7. Billy Mumphrey

    Ole Lady Luck really kicked ’em in the nuts tonight.

  8. TennesseeDawg

    The football gods have not been kind.

  9. ZeroPointZero

    I prefered when were down by 20 than to lose like this. Agony. Pure agony. I think I may take up watching opera instead of football. I’ll live longer.

  10. Zach

    I want to be mad but I can’t come up with a legitimate reason to be. 99 times out of 100 that ball hits the ground and the games over. Craziest game of the season so far and that’s saying a lot.

    • Coach Bobby Finstock

      That’s how I feel, too. It was just a miracle. Vandy made me way madder. Same with Mizzou. This one almost makes me laugh.

    • Brownesman

      Finally, someone that gets it. Blame the D and Grantham on the rest of the game but that was just a dumb luck play. Sure they should have knocked it down but they ran into each other trying to make a play. Easy on the kids. They are young and are gonna be great for us over the next few years.

    • Connor

      Agree I can’t be as mad about this as some other losses. The team didn’t give up and played well enough to win, they just caught a really bad break at the end. It happens. Good for AU, sucks for us.
      Hopefully they don’t let this linger into next week. Not many reasonable excuses for struggling with Kentucky.

  11. Miguel

    Valiant effort coming back in the 4th. Impressed with the way they gutted it out. Too bad it had to end that way. Aaron Murray is amazing.

  12. heyberto

    I predict this game will go down in their history books as their version of ‘Run Lindsay, Run’. That depresses me.

    As for the game itself… It’s hard not to feel like both teams deserved the win… I probably won’t feel so generous when I sober up… But Damn. Helluva 4th Quarter.

    You can talk about all the things this Georgia team doesn’t have, but it’s got an awful lot of heart. Hate it for those kids.

    • Nah, ‘Run Lindsay Run’ ended in a National Championship. There year will end in two weeks and a pretty good bowl. Maybe more like P-34 Haynes?

    • Brandon

      Nah, Bama is going to kick their ass in a few weeks. I’m proud of our team, its not their fault Grantham can’t coach his way out of a paper sack.

      • Olddawg 55

        Did you watch Bama and Miss St….Auburn can only feel a warm fuzzy having seen that…Bama can be had! If that trainwreck that is the other Bulldogs can play them that close maybe Auburn can take it…who knows? The Shadow??

    • Sliceshs

      +1000 percent. Aaron is a warrior.

  13. As I said before the Game:: Still too many injuries And the obvious bias of the SEC Referees for the Dawgs to overcome, Same scenario the Dawgs faced with Vandy,

    • Cosmic Dawg

      The refs were totally fair. What do you call that TD call for Murray? We need to just go out there and crush our opponents, then we won’t need to spend half the season whining about the refs, with our players motioning for the refs to throw flags, and holding their outstretched arms to the refs, hoping they can help us win a game. We need to win our games.

      • Dawgfan Will

        Um, thanks for that wisdom.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          After reading your content-rich response I now have a guide for how to post wisely on a cfb blog. Thanks for that.

          • Charles

            Cool story bro.

          • Dawgfan Will

            I apologize for the snark. The idea of “crushing” our opponents is a noble one, but in the context of this game, is not relevant. This was always going to be hard-fought game. The ending of it definitely sucked. But we were never going to crush this particular Auburn team (unlike the last two years’ teams).

            • Cosmic Dawg

              We’re all snarky tonight, no sweat. My point was only that we’re blaming the refs for the outcomes of close games, when we need to be focused on dominating our opponents so we don’t need the zebras or miracle finishes to help us along.

              We’re saying the refs are why we lost to Vanderbilt….there may have been some bad calls, but we lost to Vanderbilt because they beat us.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                CD, I must disagree on the refs being “fair.” They were unfair to Georgia the whole game wuth multiple bogus calls. Did they flag Auburn some, too? Yes, but they missed a lot of calls on Auburn, including the helmet to helmet hit on the last play of the game, which should have resulted in #30 being ejected, a half the distance penalty and the Dawgs getting an untimed down from the 10 yard line. I’ll post more on that later.

      • JonDawg

        Accusing others of “whining about the refs” only looks bad on that person when its nothing but sour grapes. Unfortunately, we have been on the receiving end of horrible calls all year, tonight leading to exactly 10 points. The “leaping” call was bs, and you know it, led to a TD. The no review on the fumble , when their player’s version of possession included the ball being behind him, clearly in our players arms. You have an agenda, and that’s fine, but damn you need to open your eyes and see reality buddy.

        • Debby Balcer

          +1 and Gurley hit after the pass helmet to helmet and non calls on late hits to Murray. You know it is bad when Richt gets called for his behavior.

          • Lrgk9

            Penn Wagers. Made a call on the field on a fumble and UGA recover when everybody knew UGA had it. Crap call. Then flags us 15 yards for getting upset on a crap call. Richt told the guy who should have made the call off and Penn Wagers could resist flagging Richt of all people. Sheesh.

            Then a 330 pound guy with a 10 ” vertical jump gets lowbridged and flagged for ‘Leaping’ on a punt safe of all bull shit calls.

            Two possessions that resulted in points after legitimate stops and illegitimate calls. Worse than the ‘Foot Stomp BS. Officials need to get OUT of The Game and learn how to make the helmet to Helmet calls and Late Hits on our QBs not just ours on somebody else.

            Penny Wagers and his crew suck at his part time job.

            But as Coach Bryant used to say “You got to allow for that by playing farther above your opponent.” That’s the one thing I hold against Richt – He’s competitive but does not allow for other cr@p that happens…

        • Cosmic Dawg

          What kind of agenda are you talking about? I’m pulling for the Dawgs just as hard as anybody. I didn’t see that our player “clearly” had the ball in his arms, I saw it loose around the waist of the Auburn player and then they got covered up. Did you think Murray “clearly” had a touchdown?

          I thought the refs did a pretty good job tonight, and I think our problems are with our defense, not the refs.

        • Dave

          Sorry bud…..but blaming others is always what losers do. The fumble call was bad, but good teams overcome adversity like bad calls…..other than that the refs did a reasonably good job….the refs didn’t roll over and give up the next 55 yards after the bad call either….

  14. Athens Dog

    You can not overcome that nerd tech ahole pen wagers. Seriously. Richt got a penalty. The league office has to look. Damn. .

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Sorry, not this time. Wagers called several penalties against Auburn early on…and somewhere in my brain I have to think if it’s a jump ball you have to give it to the team that started out with it.

      • JonDawg

        That’s just it, Cosmic, it wasn’t a “jump ball” at all. The player who lost the football, was laying in the fetal position, with only ONE hand touching the ball, WHILE the ball was BEHIND his legs, all while in JHC’s forearms/hands.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Okay, I must have missed something on that fumble and the struggle inside the pile. I was pissed about the Wooten TD a couple of weeks ago – I thought that was clearly a TD.

          I’m just hearing a lot of grousing about the refs and I don’t think it’s costing us entire games…they miss calls or call bad penalties on the other guys, too.

          • Dave

            Bobbling….not a td….in this game the refs blew this fumble call, but again, a good team doesn’t roll over after that call. Adversity happens in life. Losers complain about it, winners deal with it in stride and move on. The most important call of the game was truly 50/50. Either call would have been right, and it went our way. Yet we still complain. This game wasn’t lost by the refs.

    • JonDawg

      The refs cost us 10 points, seeing that the fumble that wasn’t reviewed (looked like we got) led to 3 points, and the bs about Taylor “leaping” (i’ve never seen that called, ever) led to 7. This has to be the most frustrating year of officiating in Dawg games I’ve ever seen.

      • gastr1

        But they let a TD stand that probably wasn’t. Come on. Whine about something else. The referees complaint is just so pathetic.

        • CitadelDawg

          You can’t put that game on the refs, but seriously, the ref apologists are absurd. There were TERRIBLE calls in that game. And on the basis of WHAT exactly could you possibly overturn Murray’s TD run? He locked his knees and had a guy beneath him, I think he scored. But the refs didn’t catch a tipped pass to score a TD.

      • Dave

        Correct call….bad coaching…..everyone knows that rule….been around a while now.

  15. Rob Coike

    Marshall stole from us again

  16. Brandon

    I don’t give a damn what anybody says, objectively speaking giving up 43 points and 566 yards on defense is about as bad as you can do. Auburn has not lost since 1996 when scoring 30 or more, we would have all kinds of damn trophies if in our trophy case during that time if all we had to do was score 30 points. Grantham delenda est.

  17. AusDawg85

    I will take Aaron Murray to Vegas some day. I will bet exactly opposite of everything he does. I will then hand him all my massive winnings and thank him for being a Damn Good Dawg.

  18. John Denver

    Please don’t be predictable tonight…please…it was a tough 1st half, but we rebounded, our coaches clearly shared a methodical approach. Just when we all thought there was no chance to come back…we won! Our defense stopped them…4th and 18…we stopped them again…only somehow the ball ended up in their hands…weird. We lose. Accept it. Our coaches and players deserve your money…your cost for tickets, beer, cable bill, whatevs’, we all go to work Monday…think about our guys and not yourself.

    • Dawgfan Will

      It doesn’t matter.Even if we had won, they would have bitched about how we didn’t win by enough.

      • Snake Plisskin

        You know the old saying…”Show me a good loser, and I’ll”….ahhh forget it…feel free to enjoy the loss

  19. SouthGaDawg34

    The kicker for me was the un-penalized helmet to helmet “targeting” hit on Aaron Murray by DE Ford to end the game. This year’s Nick Fairly got away with it the entire game. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

    • Wow. You’re right. I forgot that a player in the act of throwing is a defenseless player. But we should know by now that player safety rules can only hurt UGA, never help them or protect our players.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Our useless AD needs to make a complaint to the SEC office about that. Maybe #30 will get to sit the first half of the Bama-Auburn game for that. He certainly should.

    • Dubyadee

      It was a clean hit.

      • Debby Balcer

        Really? I guess any hits against Murray are clean since they aren’t called.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        It was helmet to helmet. I watched a replay in slow motion a dozen times. What’s important is that had it been called there would have been another untimed down in the game (game can’t end on a defensive penalty) and UGA still might have won the game. More referee shenanigans.

  20. Redan Dawg

    Simple fundamentals prove elusive for UGA yet again. 5th grade football players know to bat that ball down. We try to catch it. Me first. Stats baby!!!! From the arrests to the penalties to the selfish play on the field. Me me me. You may be able to bench press the gym and run a 4.4, but if you have rocks in your head the best you are ever going to be is wasted potential. The youth is not an excuse. This is not rocket science. It’s basic fundamentals. They are either ignored by the coaches or disregarded by the players. Which one doesn’t matter…. the results still stink.

  21. Gregdog

    And we thought the Bama game was painful…this hurts really bad. We continue to have a million dollar offense and a 10 cents defense. I feel really bad for AM.

    • Merk

      Funny part is our OC is under paid and our DC is over paid

    • JonDawg

      I am a DAWG for life, and Im an avid Bobo supporter, but my goodness, where was that attack mentality in the first half? If slinging the ball on them (while they were steadily defending the pass) was working in the 4th qtr, when we absolutely HAD to throw it, why didn’t we try that approach more early in the game? We cannot overcome our own deficiencies and the refs, because each are worth 10-14 points each..

      • Will (the other one)

        We couldn’t keep Murray upright in the 1st half.
        Bobo’s buddy Friend needs to seek employment elsewhere this offseason.

      • Brandon

        That’s right because everybody knows it is realistic to do far better than put up 38 points and 550 plus yards against a Top 10 team. Fire Bobo! He sucks, we want Brent Pease, say it with me.

      • Dave

        Pretty sure TG had more carries in the 2nd half boss……seriously bobo did well here yet again…hard to call plays when they can run right around both tackles…..

  22. Rick Perry

    I believe this season defines hapless. Fuck …

    • Brandon

      1990 begs to diffah, overall record,
      Lost 34-3 to Clemson; 28-12 to Ole Miss; 38-7 to Florida; 33-10 to Auburn; 40-23 to Georgia Tech; with a losses to Kentucky and LSU also added in for good measure.
      1993, 1994,1995, and 1996 would all also like some respect, combined overall record 22-22-1, during that time with a plethora of beat down losses, heartbreaking defeats, and a double digit loss to Vandy on homecoming in 1994 also added for good measure.
      It can get far far worse than this my sweet summer child.

  23. Rick

    If Munson were still with us:

    Ol’ lady luck just ripped off our head and shat down our necks.

  24. Paul

    The defense snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Unbelievable.

  25. It was fourth down. BAT THE BALL DOWN. Game over. The fact that he was TRYING to catch the ball is unforgivable. I guess somebody wanted an interception instead of a sure win. You know, stats are important these days and that D sure puts a lot of players in the NFL.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Hang on, now. It wasn’t like he was going up against a WR and had the choice to bat it away from that guy or try and catch it. I think he had just as much chance of something weird happening if he tried to bat it away as what actually did happen. Hindsight is 20/20…if he’d batted it away but it deflected and the WR caught it we’d be typing CATCH THE DAMN BALL!!

      • My two year old can swat a ball to the ground. Swat it to the ground.

      • I would be ok if he tried to catch it on third down. Or second down. Or first down. It was fourth down.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          I get what you are saying and probably agree with you that batting it down would have been the *best* thing to do. Maybe if they’re in a corner of the end zone or near the sidelines I would agree with you more, since they could have knocked it out of play.

          But I do understand feeling a lot of pressure to not play fast and loose on the ball at that moment and, with no receivers close by to wrestle you for it, that you wouldn’t want to just knock it around for the Football Gods to do something with it.

          But yeah, knock it down. Or catch it. Or let your teammate catch it.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            I can appreciate wanting to go up and snatch it out of harm’s way and hug it all the way to the ground.

            • JonDawg

              How about this one for both of you… Do NOTHING! Watch the replay, that ball was so overthrown, Louis Young would NEVER have gotten to it, had our DB’s who were they waiting on it, let it fall harmlessly to the ground. You two are right, anything would have been better than playing “tip drill” with the ball. We had them beat..Why does this stuff always happen to us?

      • Brandon

        I have a lot bigger problem with a 3 man rush than I do with the catch on 4th and 18. That was a fluke play but I’d rather Marshall not have a chance to plant his feet and heave it 50 yards. Go back and watch the 2002 Georgia-Auburn game, Auburn got the ball back with about the same amount of time, needing only a FG to tie, and Van Gorder was bringing the house.

        • Dubyadee

          Whatever. The defense worked PERFECTLY on that play and Marshall was forced to make a desperate throw that had no chance of success, absent JHC/Matthews bungling plus some truly bad luck.

          If anything, this play is proof that rushing three is sometimes a good idea. They kept 5 in to block and it forced a QB who is not a very accurate passer to make an impossible play. If you want to make up reflexive play calling rules, you should try to avoid bringing up the point on plays that demonstrate that the rule is stupid.

          • 81Dog

            Looked to me like the UGA rusher in the middle wasnt really rushing, he was protecting against Marshall bolting up the middle of the field into a wide open space. It’s certainly fair to criticize the coaching/playing that led to the execution of the play, but the D alignment had the play covered right. We just blew the knockdown of the pass.

    • Biggus Rickus

      The problem with the play from my perspective is that Harvey-Clemons didn’t have an awareness of where his teammate was. Matthews played it more or less correctly. The ball was about to land softly in his arms and end the game, but his fellow safety poked it out and ugh.

  26. heyberto

    I loved the unsportsmanlike penalty on Richt. Loved seeing him fired up on occasion. Means more because it is so infrequent, but I didnt mind it then, and I don’t mind it now.

  27. Dolly Llama

    Senator, are you ready to get behind moving Grantham out?

    • Junior

      I sure as hell hope so. To hear that his scheme is more complicated than whats being run on Sundays is mind boggling.

  28. Biggus Rickus

    I can’t read the comments at Dawgsports anymore. They’re infuriating. Way too many blame the offense for everything while saying nothing about a defense that IS GOD DAMNED TERRIBLE.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The O scored 38 points. Murray threw for 400+ yards. What more do those idiots at Dawgsports want?

      • Biggus Rickus

        As best I can tell, their logic is the offense should never struggle and the defense should be applauded every time they play well for a quarter or so.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Well, they also want you to be really, really, polite and watch your tone, because they don’t like banning people, but they like to warn you that you could get banned…a lot.

        And by the way, this is your last warning.

        (I kid, I kid)

    • But they controlled the Line against North Texas….

  29. Granthams replacement

    Middle school defensive backs are coached to knock passes down on 4th down instead of going for interceptions. Middle school coaches make $35000/yr. Grantham is stealing from UGA.

    • Dawgoned

      Woerner did the same thing on the last play of the 1981 National Championship Game — intercepted a deep pass on the final play on fourth down instead of knocking it down. I remember screaming at the TV screen for his being such a dumb ass. Fortunately, we got away with it last time.

      • KingCantona

        Difference being that Woerner was an all-timer for the Dawgs that you would trust to make a play vs. a sophomore and freshman who have plenty of potential but little to show for it so far

  30. Merk

    Upside to many HC jobs coming up this year is that there will be a lot of jobless assistant coaches who will work for cheap. Maybe we can buy a new OL coach and DC or at least DB coach.

  31. Scott W.

    Does Will Muschamp need a job yet?!

    • Biggus Rickus

      I thought he might be on the verge of saving it, but based on the way the second half started, he’ll be looking for work on or about December 1.

  32. Thatguy


    • Thatguy

      if you need me, I’ll be out back, alternately hanging myself, and digging a shallow mass-grave for Penn Wagers and his crew for the lack of ‘targeting’ calls levied against Allbarn defenders hitting Murray late that would, AND HAVE, gone against us.

  33. Dolly Llama

    If it makes anyone feel any better, a quote from a Stingtalk thread on our game. (Those SOBs are obsessed with us, and their game threads on our games have more comments than ours — and in some cases, on threads on their own games.)

    The post: “I just looked at the Auburn thread here. Most posters here aren’t old enough to remember Gt beating Uga. If you think auburn beating Ga. is great, just imagine how you will feel if you get to see Tech beat them!!!!”

    My God, if self-parody came up and bit those sons of bitches in the face, they wouldn’t recognize it. It could be worse, Dawgs.

    • Biggus Rickus

      It doesn’t, because Tech may very well win this year. There’s no reason to think their triple option attack won’t work against this defense.

      • Dolly Llama

        They aren’t half the squad Auburn is, from the quarterback on out. If we lose that game, the “firing squad” needs to aim higher than Grantham, I’m sorry.

        • Will (the other one)

          Yep. Auburn actually has talented players and Marshall can clearly do more than just miss the broad side of a barn like the NATS’ QBs.

          • Dolly Llama

            Vad Lee? Please. Imagine Marshall throwing and simultaneously diving on the ground covering his face, and that’s Vad Lee.

        • Biggus Rickus

          I may be more confident about that game in a few days. Right now, any offense that isn’t completely terrible concerns me.

  34. UPDATE: The point totals of the last 13 teams UGA has played that were ranked in the AP top 20.

    43, 41, 41, 30, 38, 32, 9, 35, 33, 42, 45, 35, 49.

    6 scored more than 40.
    12 scored more than 30.
    We are 3-10 in these games.

  35. Dawgoned

    I’m glad this abominable, snake-bit, cluster-fuck of a season is just about over.

  36. Junior

    Where is Turd Furguson?

  37. sniffer

    Senator, you been drinking? Your syntax is a little off…

    BTW, all you narcissists who are personally insulted by our loss, look for a different life. The one you got sucks.

    • Dawgoned

      We didn’t really deserve to win this game, but it would have been a nice capstone to Murray’s career. And it was a shame to give it back on the last play like that.

      • Andrew

        How did we not deserve to win had we knocked the ball down? Right now they don’t feel like they deserved it.

  38. W Cobb Dawg

    Grantham is lucky I wasn’t the towell guy today. I’d have taken the towel and strangled him while everyone was watching louis score. CTG is a cancer on the UGA program! Incredible comeback by AM, ruined by a POS DC.

  39. Russ

    Not reading the comments because I’m sick of all the dumbasses that want to fire everybody every week. I’ll just say that Penn screwed us hard in the first half (punt “leaping” and fumble recovery). But when he had the ultimate chance to screw us on Murray’s TD run, he didn’t for some reason.

    D finally stepped up at the end and Murray almost single handedly won the game for us. It took a total fluke lucky play to beat us and I still thought we were going to win it after that. Just typical shitty luck of a 6-4 season.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Yeah, luck was involved. Yeah, the crew made a bad call on the fumble, and Wagers was a shit for flagging Richt afterwards. Blaming those things for the loss on a day when the defense gave up 493 non-fluke yards and 37 non-fluke points, and the offensive line didn’t block for a half is delusional.

      • Will (the other one)

        And when the DC does the same “let’s just rush 3” crap that got beat against LSU….

        • W Cobb Dawg

          We actually rushed 2. Our 3rd rusher, #58 Bailey, stood there and watched. Unbelieveable how clueless CTG is! The incompetent Ramsey was a better DC.

          • Biggus Rickus

            For what it’s worth, it should have worked. I’m more angry about everything that happened in the first 3 quarters. And really the first three-and-out that Auburn had was a gift. I’m sure Mason would have picked up the first down if the receiver hadn’t tackled him.

          • gastr1

            He was probably spying on Marshall, no?

            • 81Dog

              that was what I thought, too: keeping Marshall from bolting into a wide open space up the middle for a long run. The alignment wasnt bad, just the execution on the back end by 2 defenders in perfect position to knock the ball down and win the game.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          +1. What does the “prevent defense” prevent? It prevents you from winning.

          • Chopdawg

            99 times out of 100, same defense same play, ball thrown the same way, it’s an incomplete pass & we win. Terrible rotten luck is all it was.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        +++++! D makes one (1) stop in the whole f-ing game and we’re supposed to be appreciative.

    • IAmAGurleyMan

      If you think luck is to blame for the poor season and not a crappy defense, then you have your head up your ass.

    • Dolly Llama

      I can understand you wanting to read the “Fire Coach X” things when they’re fresh, but if you get to sleep on it and give it some quiet reflection, would you at least agree that Todd Grantham needs to go?

  40. DiggityDawg

    12 men on the field … again. We lead the damn country in too-many-men-on-the-field penalties.

  41. DiggityDawg

    Shit. SCarlina pulls it out, thanks to inept Florida offense. Coulda been a win-win — Muschamp keeps his job and Spurrier loses.

  42. Ol Dawg

    Just a rough year to be a UGA fan. What is the recruiting looking like?

  43. Varsity Dawg

    Remember last summer when so many people were worried about losing Grantham to the pros, and people were demanding that McGarrity open up the wallet to keep him long-term? Those were the days, my friend.

    • Merk

      Yeap, we get to hope for firings this offseason, but they will not come. Richt will stay his last couple of years and notch 15 seasons, then hang it up. At that point we will finally be able to move on. Hopefully the coach that gets brought in can get good assistants and utilize what we have here.

      • Fire Grantham. Just think about how nice it would be not to have to score over 40 to have a chance at winning.

      • 69Dawg

        You mean Bobo because he will get the HC job. UGA too damn cheap to get a first rate HC.

        • Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. We’ll pay what we need to when that day comes. The only guy who is out of range is Saban and only because Bama would match whatever we offered. When CMR decides to hang it up, we will have a selection of good head coaches who want the gig and McGarity will open the checkbook for the right guy. IMHO, that’s at least 5-7 years away.

  44. Merk

    Today is fire everybody, tomorrow will be “well, I would rather have Richt than (insert coach X) cause he is not a nice guy.”

  45. Billy Mumphrey

    The sun is going to shine in my back door one of these days

    • Babyfarts McGeezax

      Jerry is the only thing that is making me smile now.

      I literally hope Penn Wagers dies of a massive heart attack. Can’t wait to hear this shit all year from my in laws. Yay.

  46. That’s 20 times we’ve given up 30 points under Grantham in 4 seasons.

    The previous 5 seasons under Willie Martinez we gave up 30 sixteen times.

    • WF dawg

      For me, it boils down to an argument from the lesser to the greater. If I used that stat w/r/t CWM to (rightly) argue for his firing, I’m obligated to use it w/r/t CTG to argue for his.

      • That’s 7 times we have given up 40 under CTG. It happened 5 times under Willie. Richt used the 40 point games as the reason for firing Willie.

  47. 69Dawg

    Finish the Drill, my ass. Harvey is the one that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Why do we recruit athletes that are too dumb to play their position.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That’s actually coaching 69. When a player goes for a meaningless interception rather than knock down a pass on 4th down, that’s coaching. All sorts of bad things can happen when the DB does that. We just saw one. They can intercept, then fumble and the opposing player pick it up and run for a TD is another one. I see Georgia players do stuff all the time to pad their personal stats. Remember a few years ago when UGA players would bat the ball around trying to pick up a fumble and run with it rather than just fall on the damn ball? Same mentality. “I’ll get a TD and be the HERO,then maybe I’ll get drafted higher.” There is no “i” in team but there is one in Georg-“i”-a. I’d make JHC wear a tee shirt with it spelled that way from now on if I was CMR.

  48. If we can keep all of our remaining opponents to single digits, we won’t finish with the worst defense in UGA history. We are at 302 points in 10 games. Willie’s last year we gave up 335 in 13 games.

  49. Babyfarts McGeezax

    The more I think about the last 18 months of sports the angrier I get. Fuck the Cubs’s goat. GA’s team failures extend to every sport and have taken years off my life. I hate this.

  50. Always Someone Else's Fault

    It’s just painful to see Murray having this great a season while everything falls apart around him. He’s been awesome. If any player could change my position on paying players, it would be Murray. Watching Grantham cash a $100,000 check every game while Murray keeps trying to climb out of the holes Grantham’s defense digs is just a tired farce at this point.

    4th and 18 was ridiculous. So was giving up 250 yards on the ground in the first half.

    Time for 12 hours of sleep and 48 hours of media blackout.

  51. JRW7

    It’s 4th down, just knock the ball down, game over, but, This season was really over, after we lost to Clemson!

  52. If it makes anyone on Team Fire Grantham feel better (it’s the little victories in life!), I’m officially done apologizing & rationalizing for Grantham after today. Although some improvement has clearly been shown this season, it’s week 10 now. Never mind all the other shit (and there was a good bit), but calling timeout on that last play and then having 2 different dudes go for a int catch that nets you -50 yards of field position when all you are supposed to say to your team in the time out is 1) don’t let your man get behind you 2) bat the fucking ball down… is inexcusable. Dude has given up 30 pts 20x in 3.75 seasons, Willie gave up 30 pts 16x in 5 seasons. I’m done. Grantham out the morning after the bowl game.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Why in the world would you wait until the bowl? Dec. 1. No need to tarry. We’ve got work to do.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. Fire him 5 minutes after the regular season is over so we can get a head start on getting a new DC–before other teams get ahead of us. We can let a GA run the D in the bowl. He couldn’t do any worse.

        • WF dawg

          I thought our GAs did a fantastic job preparing us for TAMU in the 2010 bowl game. That fact alone told me we made the right move to fire CWM.

  53. Will Trane

    Where was the offense for the first half. Auburn runs 50+ plays in 1st half. Top priority…get more and better O tackles, Can not start drives behind the chains. Pull Barber’s scholarship and get another punter. Get bigger and quicker interior D lineman for the IZR & OZR. 4th & 18 no blitz or QB pressure. Not good.

  54. Will Trane

    Young secondary and Mathews comes a little late. Not enough picks from this very young secondary. But position coach has to move these guys up more. Can tell Mathews has rust from injury. Still D not disciplined and smart. Gap assignment and discipline huge re IZR and OZR. JHC and RWilson can be very good players with more work.

  55. Will Trane

    Puzzled by 2nd and 3rd down O calls on last scoring drive. 2 incomplete passes from inside the 7 leaves too much time on the clock. Burn the distance and the clock. Tigers FGK has the leg, accuracy, and distance if they got to UGA 40. Mathews on the sideline and AU’s left hash. Had too much distance to make up on that deep route.

  56. Will Trane

    Last play, what did AU’ staff see to go that deep of a route.Do not think that was a HM play. Analyst are going to have a field day with that coverage. Secondary coach and secondary are going to have to live with that a long time! Can not let a WR get behind you and make it up with clock going down and 1 point gaem.

  57. Will Trane

    Waiting to see OC put TG outside the T or TE but set off the line in back field with Douglas behind QB. OC has the players, but not the plays to stretch a D across the field and create more running lanes for a combo of TG + BD or Green on a play at the same time. Think the deflected TD pass will leave a lastineg impression on a very young Secondary.

  58. Carolina Gamecock

    You Dwags keep your heads up! You TRIED HARD! And a national audience got to see an EPIC SEC showdown!

    Thanks for your part in helping crown us SEC East Division Champions again!

    A grateful Carolina Gamecock alum.

    • Carolina Limpdick

      Mommie!!! That guy who says he is a South Carolina fan said he’s something else…an “alum”…what does that mean? Oh, I understand now. There are people who PRETEND they attended a college and call themselves that. Does the University of South Carolina have those…you know…alums? No? They just have people like this Carolina Gamecock guy who pretend they went to school there? I get it now! From now on I’ll be an alum, too!

  59. I would like to congratulate Zero-time SEC Champion Aaron Murray for his inadequate career. Four-time SEC Champion Danny Wuerffel finds your record amusing.

  60. Senator I just noticed your ‘Quote Of The Day’. It turns out Ray Drew isn’t just a minister, he’s a damn prophet: “I’m confident as all get out. I don’t see anything that’s going to stop us other than ourselves.” — Ray Drew,, 11/13/13

  61. Red Neck

    Carolina Vagina. Look. All us GA boys fucked your daughter, kinda cute, your wife, her pussy smelled like rotten mullet fish, then your mother, but we passed on your wrinkly grandmother, and the rumor got around about the fuckin stank comin out of Ft Sumter. Kind of why the North chose your shitty harbor first.

    • Carolina Gamecock

      Your fever-swamp rant arouses me. All is right with the world…the DWAGS lose for the fourth time this season, and Carolina wins the SEC East Division title.

  62. Red Neck

    Look bro. Schadenfreude is a virtue. I hope you win the East.

  63. TennesseeDawg

    Carolina Chicken is just a leftover AJC Tech troll

    • Carolina Gamecock

      Was it my proper spelling and grammar that gave me away? Yeah, I know readin’, ‘ritin’, and rasslin’ are the 3 R’s at Ugaly.

      • TennesseeDawg

        No, it was just the fact that you log on as fan of another team since your own team is a pathetic 1-11 versus Georgia

        • Carolina Gamecock

          I am an alumnus of South Carolina. Too bad…too bad…really…too…bad.
          You should be really happy…this is a typical Dooley Dawg season, 7-4 or 7-5. Shades of Ray Goff.

          • JG Shellnutt

            Like I said about this guy last night, let’s just ignore this guy who comes to other teams’ message boards and tries to make people mad. Maybe he’ll go somewhere else. Again, electronic anonymity makes him bold. In person, he is a much quieter and weaker person, afraid of getting his ass whipped.

          • Noonan

            You must be proud of your ACC championship. The pinnacle of South Carolina football achievement. Or maybe you are a tech fan, in which case your life could not possibly be more pathetic.

  64. Dr.Dawg

    Sickening to watch all the replays of the 4th-and-18 pass on the WWL. Looks even worse the day after. Two of our guys playing stupid on pass defense. Sad season.

  65. uglydawg

    Things are kind of out of hand here. It was a good football game. Georgia played a top ten team on their turf and lost. We all feel bad about it, but good grief…some of you need to calm down. Don’t sell your dignity over a freaking college football game. Take some solace in the fact that the Barners know they were very, very lucky…and look forward to the next three games.
    BTW…Aaron Murray is just behing HW as the greatest Dawg of all time.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ug…with all respect, if you can’t sell your dignity over a football game, what else would be worth it. 🙂

    • Dr.Dawg

      Channeling your inner Muschamp? Look, I love Mark Richt as much as anybody, and Aaron Murray walks on water for me, but something clearly isn’t right about this team. Chemistry, coaching, whatever, I don’t know. But something is wrong.

      • What’s wrong with this team? It’s called defense and it’s been festering for a number of years now between Two Thumbs and now The Towel. When you’re fundamentally unsound especially in a complex, pro-style system, this result is what happens. We’re finding out this year the number of defensive issues that Jarvis Jones covered up personally with his ability to control one side of the field within 7 yards of the line of scrimmage and Shawn Williams covered with his ability to support the run from strong safety. Our outside guys don’t set the edge or play the QB option on the zone read well. Our linebackers are generally liabilities against the pass regardless of coverage. Our corners don’t tackle well and refuse to support the run especially the jet sweep. Our safeties are athletic but inexperienced and need work on fundamentals.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I love Aaron Murray, but please pump your sunshine elsewhere.

  66. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ping Normaltown Mike….if you went to Mayretta High, is this worse than the Lightning Strike in Valdosta?

    • Normaltown Mike

      Sorry Scorp, I’m not “OM”. I went to Lassiter, so don’t recall the game you reference.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Oh….good, glad you did not have to suffer through that. (or being OM either, for that matter.🙂 )

        FWIW….state championship….Mayretta ahead, closing seconds, kicks off…..long KO return, Dosta win. This was so long ago they still played state championships in home stadiums. (mid-sixties somewhere)

  67. Scorpio Jones, III

    I suspect, fwiw, this is going to be very difficult for the team to get over, to have come back and still lost is heartbreaking. But then this team has had everything else broken and come back to play pretty well, so we shall see.

    It is sickening to see folks blaming the kids who had played so hard, and helped to play us back into the game.

    It seems to me if a kid makes a mistake on a play like this…or any other mistake, really, is it not on the coaches? We have a defensive staff that makes what… $2 million a year collectively?….we don’t have somebody who tells the deep guys to call the ball?

    Somebody up above observes this team is not lucky, and that is obvious. I don’t think I have ever seen a football team that is more snakebit than this one.

    And I guess Ellis Johnson is off the short list.

    • SJIII, spot on analysis as usual. The players’ instinct is to catch the ball (just like Conley in the SECCG last year) not knock it down. The coaches have the responsibility to tell them to knock the ball down during the time out. If the coaches told them to knock it down and they didn’t do what they were told, that’s on the players. I would run both of them until their tongues fall out, and neither would start this Saturday. If the coaches didn’t give them the right instruction during the timeout, Grantham and Lakatos both should be shown the door at the end of the year for an oversight of epic proportions.

      • I’m not sure trying to teach fundamentals at that point in the game is correct. We’ve ended more than one tight game with an int. Maybe they reminded them along with NO Defensive Holding, Defensive Pass Interference, Illegal Contact & Use of Hands etc. and it didn’t get through to them. The 60 minute piece on Sir Saban showed him screaming at a db ” I’ve told you three times already…” That would be the fourth time. Yikes! Tough first half to dig out of. Heartbreaking ending. Scorp is right. Games like this can break your will. Vandy was flat against Kentucky and should of paid for it but those ints saved them, and The Nerds put up 30+ on Clemson. We ain’t out of the woods yet. Win out and we can all go to the Chik bowl in Atlanta. We’ve lost a hand full of games by a hand full of points. Close but we ain’t playing horse shoes.
        Go Dawgs!

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Homey I can’t disagree about your questioning the efficacy of teaching anything at that point in the game and you would hope that both players would instinctively understand that the safe thing to do was knock the ball down….but ….if some coach or GA or somebody did not remind them of this….well it could not have hurt…no?

          Hell, I don’t know, maybe every coach and player on the sideline told both Harvey Clemmons and Matthews to just knock the ball down….what worries me is that somebody assumed they would do that.

          I’ve been reasonably circumspect in my comments on coaches and the jobs they are/have doing, done.

          However, it appears to me we have considerable talent on defense. It also seems to me even the kids who are supposed to call the defensive signals are confused.

          This is an indication of basic failure to teach, to me.

  68. Will Trane

    Lot plays in game. Some go and some did not. The last AU TD stood out. They luckily had a play go their way. As best I can recall this was the only pass deep in the center of the field they ran enter game. The plays that hurt was the continued offensive tackle issues we have with blocking and QB pprotection.

    • Biggus Rickus

      They had lots of plays go their way. They hit another pass deep down the middle and should have had one more in the first half. I’m still not sure the refs got the call right on the drop on that one.

  69. Will Trane

    Puzzled how the offense disappears for spells in a game. Our running game is woeful too many times. Just no completely dominate across the entire LOS. Too many false starts in road games. Play a solid defensive team like Florida and let AU’s D dominate you in a half.

  70. 69Dawg

    Georgia has had some heart breaking losses in my 66 years but this one coming as it has to a team which started the season with so much promise has me as depressed about the state of our program as I have ever been. We can’t seem to “Finish the Drill” and keeping that motto seems like a bitter joke to me at this point.

    We have a million dollar QB and Running back but a 25 cent offense line. We have a defense that should have the nick name of the “Chinese Fire Drill” defense and when we really need them the special teams are just awful. The punting failed us in the first quarter along with the offense. The D played hard to keep us close. Finally when the O got started the D was tired and yet they had them at the end 4th and 18 but couldn’t “Finish the Drill”. This game is hard to get over. If CMR can get this team to win out it will be a mighty feat of coaching indeed.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Your definition of keeping it close differs from mine. The defense didn’t force a punt until midway through the 3rd quarter and got us down by 20 twice. I agree with you that they played hard. They didn’t play well, though.

  71. Will Trane

    Tough loss, but I think the players know they can play with top 10 teams. They have to learn to make plays through out the game. Have no issue with Mathews of Josh Harvey on the play. They played the ball and it did not go our way. You want sec to play the ball.Not sure Mathews responsibiltyon play,but he trailed iit . Seems he should have been ahead or outside theWO

  72. Will Trane

    Like to know how many teams other than Bama, UGA, and LSU lost as many players early from last year. At least we should be by the drum beat of CMR’s released players starring at other SEC schools. It would be good to have a dominate ball control running game. But we are star struck with oft injured, oft suspended players never fully available to play a solid season.

  73. Todd Grantham said. “We got hands on it. We’ll just learn from it and move on.”

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Note to Todd Grantham….when you have two deep safeties did you make sure one of them would call the ball?

  74. Will Trane

    Agree. Move on. It is one of those plays. Auburn was damn lucky. They got the W. But we do not have to play them back to back home again. Their schedule and fortunes change next season. Circle Auburn next year and hunt their QB between the hedges. Take him out in first quarter.

  75. Will Trane

    They got lucky. Everybody knows they should not have won. even them. Win the next 2 in convincing fashion. 8-4 with the injuries, youth of defense, schedule, piss poor SEC officiating, put that play behind you and close the season as the best looking team in SEC.. Start making your own plays, wins,

  76. In looking at potential DC candidates, Phil Bennett at Baylor has probably done the best job of any current least statisically. He is 57 and has quite a resume. He was head coach at SMU from 02-07. After that he had great success as DC at Pitt before being lured await to Baylor last season. Baylor has gone from giving up 38 points per game to 17 per game. Now it could be that Baylor’s offense is responsible for that. But I did watch Baylor shut down Oklahoma this season.