The second worst thing about yesterday’s loss

Woeful Mizzou fan here.  Would it help if we apologized?

By the way, does anybody else find it ironic that Spurrier’s pinning his hopes for getting to the SECCG this year on a Missouri loss to a Western Division squad?


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  1. Carolina Gamecock

    “By the way, does anybody else find it ironic that Spurrier’s pinning his hopes for getting to the SECCG this year on a Missouri loss to a Western Division squad?”

    -Spurrier would say, “That’s karma, bitch.”

    • I guess that’s easier than saying “I’m a hypocritical asshole.”

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Scum sucking pig works, too….(ht whoever wrote the script for “One Eyed Jacks”

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Ah hell, I can’t help it. So, the kharma, bitch is that Spurrier is pinning his hopes on Mizzou getting beat, right, cause that’s what you said…maybe English is not your first language. I say that because the kharma that has you people pulling for TAMU is certainly interesting. Bitch

          • Carolina Gamecock

            What are you pinning your hopes on? Beating Georgia Tech and going to Atlanta the usual UGaly way—via the Peach-Fil-A Bowl?

            • D.N. Nation

              Georgia hasn’t been to that bowl in seven seasons.

              • Carolina Gamecock

                That is the ONLY way the DWAGS will get to Atlanta. Keep hope alive, UGaly!

                • Bobby

                  OMG, A Cock lecturing us on BOWLS and history! LOL Asshat. Look at your pathetic 100year history.

                  • Carolina Gamecock

                    Who cares about polishing leather helmets and reminiscing about Larry Munson and 1980?

                    This is 2013, and you have a 4-loss dumpster fire of a football program.
                    Carolina has surpassed UGaly and is a Top 10 team.

                    Pathetic describes a DWAG.

                    • Hackerdog

                      Is September too long ago? The Cocks didn’t put up much of a fight in Athens. Or in Knoxville either, for that matter.

                    • Carolina Gamecock's Mother

                      Otis!!! I done told you already. Quit playin’ on that laptop an’ get inside this trailer RIGHT NOW!!!

                    • Carolina Gamecock

                      But, but, but….Momma! I ain’t finished pretendin’ I am an alum (whatever that means) of Gamecocks U and actin’ like I know sumpthin’ ’bout football. It’s fun Momma ’cause nobody can see me or know that I work at the mill or anything. I can act like I’m….somebody. Please, Momma, please let me stay on that blog. I’ll do the dishes soon. I promise.

                    • Carolina Gamecock's Mother

                      SHUT UP AND GET YORE ASS IN THIS TRAILER NOW!!!!

      • Carolina Gamecock

        Why, yes! Yes it is easier than saying that! VERY GOOD! You Dwags TRIED REAL HARD and should be proud of your four-loss team and their victory over the SEC East Division Champions. And don’t worry…you’ll get to Atlanta TOO! I’m sure the Peach-Fil-A Bowl reps were impressed with the Dwag effort on Saturday and would love to see a UGaly-Maryland matchup.

        • Oh, you’re trolling. Bless your heart. You indulge yourself to your heart’s content and I’ll just ignore you.

        • Careful Brad

          We didn’t beat the East champs, Mizzou beat us. Are you really coming to a UGA blog talking trash about finishing second in the division in a year where you lost to us? Be proud of your trip to Tampa to play a generic Big Ten team, we will probably be in Jacksonville doing the same.

          • Carolina Gamecock

            Carolina will be the SEC East champions. UGaly is still a shitty team.

            • Careful Brad

              UGA is still a team that beat Carolina.

            • JG Shellnutt

              OK, we’re shitty this year…you lost to a shitty team, though.
              Do we still count wins and losses against teams from the west?

            • Carolina Gamecock's Mother

              If’n you don’t git your scrawny ass inside this here trailer and do these dirty dishes RIGHT NOW I’m not gonna let you screw your sister for 2 weeks as punishment!! Hell, she already told me that you like boys and she don’t want to be with you anymore anyway. Always puttin’ on airs and pretendin’ to be somethin’ you’re not…..

      • Tim Rankine

        Bluto, your Spurrier itch is hard to scratch.

    • If it happens, I hope Bama beats you guys 223-0, so you’ll go back into the hole from which you crawled and Tech will no longer have claim to the largest margin of victory in history.

      • Carolina Gamecock

        Your adolescent petulance sustains me. Hopefully Carolina will get closer than “five yards to the BCS National Championship”.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Oh you mean like how close you got to the National Championship before George Rogers fumbled?

          Was that before or after Jo Mo was passing out steroids to everybody in Columbia?

          Your adolescent ignorance is obvious. Your adolescence is obvious.

          • Carolina Gamecock

            The last refuge of scoundrels and redneck UGaly fans—ancient history. Go ahead and polish your leather helmets over at Buttsmear where it’s always 1980 because the past is all you have.

            Or was that before or after Ray Goff or Jim Donnan was giving his “sons” financial advice?

            Outside of your 1980 fantasy world, Ugaly is a 4-loss dumpster fire of a football program and Carolina is in the Top 10 and bound for the SEC CG.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              It must have been difficult when your daddy got kicked out of the 96 country club cause he could not write in English.

              One thing about the past pig, is that it is really nice to have one.

              • Scorpio Jones, III

                “Or was that before or after Ray Goff or Jim Donnan was giving his “sons” financial advice?”

                I am a little confused by the construction here, if your first language was not English, this would make sense.

                • Carolina Gamecock

                  OK, let me type this REAL S-L-O-W so you low-information DWAG can understand the words “REAL GOOD”.

                  Was that before or after ONE OF YOUR FORMER CORCHES, either Ray Goof or Jim Donnan, was giving one of his “sons” financial advice?

                  Do you understand the words that I am typing? Or is an UGaly education really that pathetic?

                  • Was that when your best bowl was the defunct carquest and you had Brad Scott as head coach? Or had cheating old Lou taken over and brought you to the new heights of the Outback bowl. Win the SEC one single time and your shit program isn’t fit to lick Uga’s balls. But aww. Poor guy. Your team can’t even do that with your best coach ever. Lol. Everyone who isn’t a USuCk fan laughs at your team and it’s entire history. Now go clean your room kid.

              • Carolina Gamecock

                “One thing about the past pig, is that it is really nice to have one.”

                -Not nearly as much fun as having a PRESENT and a FUTURE.
                Keep replaying those VHS tapes of Larry Munson and 1980. LOLGATA…HOW BOUT THEM DWAGS ARP ARP ARP!

                • Carolina Gamecock's Mother

                  How many times am I gonna have to tell you, get off’n that damn computer and GET YOUR ASS BACK INSIDE THIS TRAILOR RIGHT NOW AND DO YORE CHORES!!!

              • Carolina Gamecock

                It is much better to have a present and future. Enjoy Corch Rix and your 4-loss season.

  2. I like those Missouri folks. I hope they win out and unseat those pesky elephants.

  3. Raven

    The second worst thing about yesterday’s loss

    may be this punk showing up here.

  4. AusDawg85

    GTP regulars…please don’t feed the tech troll. If it gets really bad, we’ll just have Will, Joy and DIF engage him. I’d pop some popcorn just to watch that!

    • Orl Dawg

      No the second worse thing will be when Mizzou loses to Ole Miss and A&M; therefore, that loss to AU cost us a trip to the SECCG. That’s when it will hurt the worst

    • JG Shellnutt

      I think Joy could do it by herself… I’ve tangled with her a couple of times. Not fun.

  5. To paraphrase the great Airplane: “I’d like something light to read.”

    “How about Great Moments in South Carolina Football History? It’s a one paragraph flyer”

    • Carolina Gamecock

      If I was the fan of a shitty 4-loss football team, I’d be obsessed with history, too. LOOK AT THE SUGAR FALLING FROM THE…..ARRRGH!

      LOL! Finish the drill against Georgia Tick….if you can!

      • And if I was a fan of a team with NO history, I’d be jealous of other teams that did and even be dumb enough to talk crap about a team that drubbed mine. Why don’t you go put on your Steve Taneyhill jersey and finish cleaning your room kid. You yell Go Cocks as a male, your stadium traditions are playing the 2001 theme and playing a recorded rooster crow and one of your retired numbers up is the great Steve Taneyhill. Oh, and you’ve never won ANYTHING. I think that about sums up what a joke your program is and if you can’t refute any of that in any way other than bragging that you MIGHT back into the championship game, then you’re more of a moron than you’ve already shown and not worthy of my time. Lol. Loser.

      • Carolina Gamecock's Mother

        That guy above is right!! Go to your room and clean it up as soon as you do the dishes–and stop actin’ like you been to college. You ain’t been to no college. Hell, you couldn’t even git into trade school!! Shut up and go inside the trailer like I told you!! RIGHT NOW!!!

      • Normaltown Mike

        Look at the bloomin’ onion, falling from the sky!

        • Carolina Gamecock

          Outback is too upscale for the DWAGS…if you beat Georgia Tick, you MIGHT get an invite to the Eet Mor Chikin Bowl. At least you can say you made it to Atlanta.

          • Carolina Gamecock's Granny

            Boy, you are a pitiful thing.

            I shoulda’ never let yer momma take that job workin’ the bumper cars at Heritage USA. Her being of “diminished capacity” and all. But that nice Mr. Bakkar said he’d take care of her.

            And take care he did! Whatn’t a year later you was born. Pitiful cross eyed, bow legged little critter. We done the best we could, didn’t we punkin seed?

          • SC DAWG

            Did y’all know the chickens made rings for winning 11 games? Rings! How f**king pathetic is that. The irony of this deusche and the old ball sack excited about the possibility of going to Atlanta to have their asses handed to them by Bama after whining like little bitches for 2 years about scheduling is amazing. The Dawgs ran the table to get there the past 2 years, USCjr got BEAT by us and Tennessee and may still back door their way in, but of course that’s something the shamecocks are used to, the back door. Bend over faggot! You thought the dicking we gave you hurt? Wait until Bama gets ahold of you. 5 yards to a natty? Your going to embarrass the entire f**cking east by being in a game you don’t belong in….if Missouri loses and then the legend of the shames will continue…embarrassment. Game, set match.

  6. SC dawg

    I’m a dawg fan in SC – and if you think this person is impersonating a gamecock – ya’ll are wrong – this is the way the real gamecocks are. And really what do they have to brag about – nothing – a few winning seasons – that’s it and a QB who just broke Todd Ellis’s TD record – big deal. A RB who is maybe leading the SEC – he can be thankful for UGAs injuries to Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. These folks in SC are delusional.

    • Normaltown Mike

      I fear you are correct.

      I’ve seen serious threads on SC blogs about Steve Tanneyhill. Not a bunch of punch lines about mullets and the golf shot, either. Legit discussion about Steve Tanneyhill and what he did for the “program”.

      • Agreed. I went to college in SC and while Clemson fans can be a bit annoying at times, everyone in SC who isn’t a Cock thinks they are a joke. They don’t even get that outside of SC when people hear Carolina they think UNC and when they hear USC they think Southern Cal. Delusional bunch but I guess if your history is that sad it does things to you.

  7. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Too bad Spurrier couldn’t figure out a way to beat two dumpster-fire programs and set up his team for a potential trip to a national championship game. When you boil it down, the larger SCe narrative remains, “Damn! If Spurrier can win there, he must be a hell of a coach.” All that walks out the door when he retires, which will be soon. And then maybe Skip will be available.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Wouldn’t it be great if Boom gets canned and the Ole Ball Coach leaves SCe for Gainesville. That would just crush their miniature chicken sized hearts.

  8. Corch Roy Goof

    Georgia is THE BEST 4-loss team in the country! Free Zaxby’s on me!

    • Coach Brad Scott

      Coach, I wish I was as good a coach as you.

      Member that time I went 1-10? Boy howdy, did we stink. Well, not as bad as that 1999 SCe team. They went 0-11!

  9. Bulldog Joe

    Missouri’s got to earn it now. They are playing two beatable teams and they are getting their quarterback healthy.

    Let’s see what Missouri’s made of.

    If they win both games, Mr. Spurrier will watch a team he beat play in the championship game for the third straight year.

  10. Carolina Gamecock

    I like big butts and I cannot lie.

  11. GetRealDawg

    Carolina will be sitting with 3 losses pretty soon after Clemson beats them. If they’re fortunate enough to go to Atl., they’ll be sitting with 4 losses. Not sure that Mizzou will lose though