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Penn Wagers brings out the other sides of Mark Richt.

Yesterday, you met Smartass Richt.  Now, here’s Coy Richt.

Richt was reminded that Wagers was also the referee in the Florida-Georgia game in 2007.

“Was he?” Richt said, and the crowd assembled for the radio show could be heard laughing. “I don’t know what to say.”

I suppose it could have just slipped his mind.  Ehhhhh… nah.



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About next season…

Blake Tibbs says Georgia has its own Honey Badger.

“We’ve got a lot of weapons,” redshirt freshman receiver Blake Tibbs said. “And Hutson, he don’t care who’s open. If they put a dog in a helmet and some equipment out there, if he was open, Hutson would throw it to him. That’s one thing about Hutson: He don’t care. If you’re open, he’s going to trust you to make the play and he’s going to keep throwing to you.”

Uga better keep his eyes open next season.


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Flawed BCS? Corch is just sayin’.

You gotta love the way Urban Meyer calibrates the validity of college football’s national title format.

“Without spending much time on it, because it’s not fair to our team for me to spend much time on it, I will say this — I think it’s a flawed system,” Meyer said Monday. “But when you logically think about what the BCS people have done, and which obviously we’re all part of, I think it was great for a while. I think you take an imperfect system and you do the best you can without hosting a playoff.”

Gee, “great for a while”?  I wonder when that was.

Flash back to Florida, 2006. Ohio State coach Jim Tressel was known as “Senator,” but “Mayor” Meyer was no political slouch.

It remains a somewhat sore and squishy subject, but Meyer became embroiled in BCS politics in 2006 when, as Florida coach, he made waves by saying before the final polls came out that the national championship game should not be a rematch between Ohio State and Michigan.

“A rematch would be unfair to Ohio State, and it would be unfair to the country,” Meyer said. “I just don’t believe that’s the thing to do. How do you tell Ohio State they have to go beat the same team twice? (Michigan) had their chance,” Meyer said the day after No. 1 Ohio State narrowly defeated No. 2 Michigan 42-39.

Yes, those were happier times, when college football was being fair to all of us.  But those days are gone, evidently.  At least we’re getting a new playoff system, though.  That ought to bring some satisfaction to Corch, right?  Well, at least until Ohio State’s outside looking in again.

“I imagine there’s going to be controversy with the playoffs too, now. It’s not a 64-team playoff; you can only have four guys. What’s that fifth team going to feel like?”

I’m sure he’ll let us know when it happens to him.


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Mumme Poll, Week 12

Well, well, well… looky here. We’ve got a tie at number one.

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 Alabama 28 (13)
1 Florida State 28 (13)
3 Baylor 28 (2)
4 Ohio State 27 (0)
5 Clemson 26 (0)
5 Missouri 26 (0)
7 Oregon 24 (0)
8 Auburn 23 (0)
9 Michigan State 18 (0)
10 Oklahoma State 15 (0)
11 Wisconsin 8 (0)
12 South Carolina 7 (0)
12 Texas A&M 7 (0)
14 Arizona State 4 (0)
14 Stanford 4 (0)
16 Fresno State 3 (0)
17 LSU 2 (0)
17 Northern Illinois 2 (0)


  • Can’t say there’s anything particularly shocking in the results – Baylor flips with Ohio State in the polls from what we’ve got and we like Michigan State more than the pollsters do, but that’s about it.
  • Conference make up:  SEC – 6; Pac-12 – 3; Big Ten – 3; Big 12 – 2; ACC – 2; MAC – 1; MWC – 1.

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“This is the most emotionally draining season I can remember.”

If you’re a Georgia fan, you’d better hope Nietzsche was right.

And as this poll reminds us, we were being drained before the season even started.


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