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I’m not an AD, although I play one on the Internet.

I’m not one to call for a coach’s head, but there’s no doubt that plenty of you don’t feel similarly restrained.  That’s okay, but I’d like to gauge how much of that is the result of thoughtful analysis and how much of it is simply an emotional reaction to what has been a frustrating season.

So here’s my experiment.  In the comments section, tell me whom you want gone and why.  If you’re expressing an “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore” sentiment, say so.  If you’ve come to your decision more in sadness than in anger, then tell me why, who you think would be a better candidate and why and what you think it would take to get your preferred coach in red and black.

Please keep your comments non-obnoxious.  This isn’t a forum for you to make personal insults.  (I’m about ready to ban the next person who mocks Richt’s beliefs on general principle.)  And I’d also suggest as you answer this that you remember the example of our Tennessee friends and the lesson of be careful what you wish for.

Also, there’s no need to jump in to announce you’re behind the current staff.  If you’re not commenting, that’s already assumed.  I’m more interested in hearing why people want new blood.



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Wednesday morning buffet

Kibbles and bits from around college football:


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Mark Richt has lost control of fourth down defense.

Sorry, but I’m not buying the latest weekly coaching outrage inflaming the Intertubes in response to this remark:

“I had my chance to coach that up and didn’t do it,” Richt said.

Part of that is because they didn’t expect a bomb. Junior cornerback Damian Swann said the same thing on Monday, explaining that they thought Auburn would target the first-down marker, rather than heave a bomb.

But it was a bomb.

“I’m in there, Grantham’s in there, we’re all in there. I could have easily said, ‘Hey guys, if the ball’s launched deep, bat it down.’ I could have said that,” Richt said. “That’s a good reminder for a young bunch of guys back there. I, quite frankly, didn’t think it was enough time to move the chains, so we weren’t thinking that they were going to launch a bomb into super-deep coverage.”

Hindsight is always 20/20, but come on, people.  Was it really necessary to say something that’s drilled into these kids on a weekly basis (“We bat it down every Thursday,” Richt said…)?  As Amarlo Herrera observed, it should be second nature at this point:  “I’m watching the ball in the air, just knowing it was about to get picked or knocked down.”

As for the coaches not anticipating a bomb in that situation, it’s hard to see how that matters either, as the coverage was there.

TODD J. VAN EMST — Special to The Telegraph

Two players had their hands on the ball and neither was in an Auburn jersey.  That’s what you hope for in that situation.  I can’t even say going for the interception was particularly unusual – if you’ll recall, that’s what the Hail Mary to end the Vanderbilt game ended with – and in any event, it’s just as likely as the ball gets fumbled to the ground as what in fact happened.  Probably even more so.

Richt’s just trying to give a little cover to a couple of players who are hurting.  That’s all.  There’s nothing else to see here; move on.


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