Afternoon, Charleston! We’re on the air with Penn Wagers.

Evidently the SEC has no problem with one of its legendary officials spending time on the radio explaining his game calls.

Sure would be a lot more fun for Penn to do that on Richt’s show.


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33 responses to “Afternoon, Charleston! We’re on the air with Penn Wagers.

  1. The other Doug

    It look like Penn has had a rough conversation with the league office if he is willing to go on the air and discuss his controversial calls.

  2. Irishdawg

    I’d like Wagers to have a rough conversation with my right boot.

  3. CitadelDawg

    He goes on the air with a local sports talk guy, Bobby Hartin, a few times every season, so I wouldn’t say this is out of the ordinary. I don’t recall him ever defending specific calls he made before, though. He refused to comment on the flag he threw on Richt, he claimed that the fumble result was a tie and so it went to the offense, and he claimed–best one–that Murray didn’t qualify as “defenseless”… apparently he doesn’t know the rule real well.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Isn’t there a helmet-to-helmet rule that would have applied to the Murray hit even if it wasn’t ruled targeting?

      • Rock and Roll Rebel

        I would love to see one of our DBs go hard at Penn-and then explain that he was not defenseless. Perhaps a bit of perspective is in order.

  4. Always Someone Else's Fault

    He’s not going to go on the air and admit he screwed up. But the fact that he’s there and spewing nonsense tells you that the post-game chatter has affected him. Which simply means his grudge just got a little bit bigger. Great.

    • pantslesspatdye

      Was there much major media post-game chatter? I had company over and didn’t follow the post-game shows.

  5. Keese

    Let me have a 5 minute conversation with Mr Wagers, he’ll never step on to a football field again

    • mwo

      If he is going to be live on the air I will split the gas with you and we will go tag team his sorry ass! We could make his eyes match his zebra shirt.

    • Moe Pritchett

      well, it at least sounds like he would have some difficulty in holding a whistle in his teeth.

      • mwo

        He would be able to clench firmly and hold the whistle if I get the chance to relocate it for him.

        • Keese

          The only thing missing in a Penn Wagers game is for a streaker to run wildly around him and his crew with only a power G cape on his back

  6. Porter Osborne Jr.

    Does he take calls from the public or is this just with the host only. I’d love to ask him a few questions myself.

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    How the fuck does the SEC office allow Wagers, or any other official to go on the air, when coaches are not allowed to comment on their calls?

    This is absurd.

  8. Alcoholic Genius

    Hey, Penn. Is it dark in there. Do it smell bad?

  9. Will (the other one)

    Guessing he doesn’t explain the chokehold Auburn had on Ray Drew during their final play either.

    • ARDawg

      Thank you for referencing this. That was the first thing I noticed watching the fateful play in real time, and now it is my lasting memory of it. The holding was criminal, and few have even mentioned it.

  10. Normaltown Mike

    Reminds me of an old SNL sketch with John Goodman called “the Referee Pittman” show. the audience had some great questions like “are you blind?”.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    This happens to us because we are always the first to penalize ourselves. When the SEC or NCAA needs to assert itself, they know they can count on having an easy and willing bitch in desperate need of claiming moral superiority. Wagers not the only one who knows this.

    We need a new head coach.

    • William

      What does that haev to do with the horrendous flags Mr. Assh@t Wagers has thrown against our team?? How do you even realte this to “needing a new head coach”?? Did you not see Richt get that flag?? You think he was being submissive there? None of us know what Coach does after a game like that. He could have chewed out his team and praised their near come back. I would almost guarantee he sent film into the SEC offices over those calls. Please, explain your comment in more detail. I think I might’ve missed the point.

      • Bulldog Joe

        “You guys are the best officials in the SEC.”

        If that’s the best he’s got, then yes he was being submissive.

        If the officials or the SEC office had any fear or respect for him, they would have stopped these types of overreaching calls long ago.

        As long as he is our head coach, this will continue to hurt us in games big and small.

        • William

          Really? The rant he went on before that didn’t register? He yelled That was Crap in their faces. He gladly stepped into their faces to make sure they knew he was good and pissed. I’m sorry, nothing about that moment seems submissive to me. So, he is a terrible coach because he didn’t cuss? Also, you have no idea if the SEC fears or respects him. These conversations happen behind close doors (although I’m not opposed to making them more transparent). The basis for your request to have him removed is faulty.

          • mwo

            It looked like when Richt was really going at it with Pencildick Wagers, the other official turned Richt around by the shoulders. Richt flinched like he was gonna swing on that guy. I thought he was gonna throw a punch.

            • Dog in Fla

              Who doesn’t love that word! It reminds me of a story about a loving wife unafraid to stand up for her rights and the rights of her Jimmy way back when:

              It is generally thought by most that Thigpen v. Johnson contains some of the finest hog related language since the infamous “Pencil-D!ck” case of Gilbreath v. State of Florida, 650 So.2d 10 (Fla. 1995) in which the Florida Supreme Court thought that the following was an obscene or harassing phone call placed by a disgruntled spouse of a postal worker, apparently having a little trouble carrying out his duties at the post office, directed to the postal service management employee she thought responsible for irritating her postal worker spouse husband and, therefore, her:

              “She requested to know what the !**k was going on at the post office, the
              !**k*** harassment on Jimmy (her husband) and stated that ***damn
              !**k*** b!tch whore (name deleted) called for a
              !**k*** investigative report on Jimmy, and the
              !**k*** b!tch falsified the documents. She stated that she followed that
              !**k*** b!tch whore (name deleted) to her ***damn driveway last night and if that b!tch called her boss (the name of a well national realty company deleted) and cause [sic] her to lose her job, her mother!**k*** ass is gone. She stated !**k those bastards, you can’t communicate with !**k*** idiots.
              She said if those mother!**k*** c***suckers don’t quit messing with them, they would all be gone starting with the !**k*** b!tch (name deleted) postmaster !**!*** whore-b!tch (name deleted), the c***sucking two-faced (name deleted), and that p*ssy-wimp (sic), white faced, Pencil-D!ck c**ksucking , red-haired mother!**k*** (name deleted). She didn’t give a
              !**k and it would be worth it to get rid of all of their !**k*** asses.”

          • 81Dog

            thanks for your input, Mrs. Wagers

        • JonDawg

          Bulldog Joe, do you honestly believe Richt said “You guys are the best officials in the SEC”? Does a man, that fired up, start yelling compliments? Apparently Richt’s cool demeanor has transcended all logic and he is completely unpredictable now. OR he was still pissed at the press conference, threw us a “bone” and told us , in a nut shell, what he said to the official, in such a way that he could “tell us” and not get fined. In case you need this further spelled out for you, I’m guessing Richt said “You guys are the WORST officials in the SEC”, dressed it up for public consumption as to not get fined and/or draw further ire from officials with an ax to grind. But that doesn’t fit in your little hissy as nicely, does it?

  12. SD

    Bulldog Joe you are correct we need a new Head coach.
    Most on this site are fine with the sad state of the UGA program.
    Some of you need to grow some balls and learn something about football.
    I am a bulldog…..but this program needs a new LEADER.

    • JonDawg

      You may be a “bulldog” (ya know, the lowercase says alot) , but you’re also an idiot.

    • JonDawg

      Anyone who makes statements about balls because someone has a job, and they don’t agree with it, is surely thinking too much about balls… The ones in your mouth didn’t grow there, so how did you get them? I’m guessing the good ol fashioned way, huh?