Musical palate cleanser: how does it feel? edition

I can’t embed it, but if you haven’t seen the first ever official video for “Like a Rolling Stone”, mosey on over here and check it out.  It’s really cool.


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8 responses to “Musical palate cleanser: how does it feel? edition

  1. Gravidy

    That’s awesome.

  2. AusDawg85


  3. Dog in Fla

    +sitively 4th st.

  4. Thanx Bluto. I like to keep up with all things musical and even get the drop on my kids on occasion. lol. Don’t know if you are a Cat Stevens fan…haven’t seen him on GTP. That format would serve “Father and Son” well.

  5. Keith Petersen

    As good as it gets…

  6. CrawforDawg

    Fantastic! Particularly, the shvatza with matzoh!

  7. heytogoober

    Wow … thanks Senator. Would never have seen that “if not for you.”