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Alabama’s answer to “4 tickets, 4 hot dogs and 4 cokes”

By Buy a ticket to the Chattanooga game, Tide fans, and they’ll throw in a $10 concession voucher… plus a Nick Saban photograph!


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I’ll have some of whatever he’s drinking, thanks.

This year’s version of all in:  Auburn blows a 20-point fourth quarter lead to a struggling Georgia team so quickly I could hardly believe it happened, saves its ass with a miraculous play for the ages, almost manages to blow that in the game’s last 25 seconds… and Kevin Scarbinsky’s spinning a friggin’ rematch scenario in the national title game.

That’s some mighty powerful Kool-Aid you’re sippin’, dude.  Or maybe it’s leftover Cammy Cam Juice.


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We got your bucket list right here, ‘Cock fans.

When life throws you a fastball down the middle, peeps, you gotta turn on it.

I’m sure we can improve on Kendall’s list, right?  Please add your suggestions in the comments.


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Is defense as important as we think it is?

Before you jump my arse or give me the “one word:  Alabama” treatment, keep in mind that I’m asking you to consider this as a matter of degree, not dismissing the concept in its entirety.

With that in mind, take a look at Bill Connelly’s thoughts on tweaking the relative weights of offensive and defensive stats.  Also note a point that Bernie’s made this morning, that Georgia’s beaten the SEC’s second, third and fourth ranked teams in total defense.

I don’t think anybody would argue that it hasn’t been a strange season.  Maybe that makes this the best time to question conventional wisdom.  Or maybe it’s the college football equivalent of counting the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin.  Hell, I don’t know.  Did I mention it’s been a weird year?


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Once more, with feeling

Hey, it’s déjà vu all over again!

Mark Richt spent the week leading up to the final regular season home game against Kentucky answering questions related to the performance of his defense and those who coach it.

“I’ll say this: It’s definitely good policy for me, and it’s not the answer you want, but my main focus is Kentucky,” the Georgia coach said. “That’s where I gotta keep my mind. That’s where I have to focus on.”

That was in 2009 when Georgia’s defense was coached by embattled coordinator Willie Martinez, who was fired after the regular season.

I accept the inexperience factor to some extent, and it’s apparent that Grantham hasn’t lost his charges the way Martinez did, but, still, if I’m Richt, I’d be getting a little tired of having to recycle my material, so to speak.


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“I have no regrets.”

I wonder how long it’s going to take for Aaron Murray’s biggest detractors in the fan base to appreciate how great this kid’s been.


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