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Boom goes the dynamite.


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Georgia-Kentucky game day post: A little less drama would be an exciting development.

I’ve posted almost next to nothing about this week’s game because there really isn’t much to say.  I mean, the stats suggest that the game shouldn’t be close, as Georgia gains on average about 125 ypg more than Kentucky and the ‘Cats are three spots behind the Dawgs in conference total defense.  Can Georgia make this game interesting?  Sure.  It’s not like the Dawgs haven’t struggled with Kentucky over the past few seasons (just go back to last year when Aaron Murray had to pull Georgia’s bacon out of the fire with a tremendous game).

But it shouldn’t have to happen.  If Georgia shakes off the hangover from last week’s unfortunate ending, avoids its typical streak of generosity – the one real advantage UK has today is in turnover margin – and the staff doesn’t wait until the second half to make adjustments to what Kentucky’s coaches are throwing at them, this should be a game where the Dawgs grind down the opponent, substitute liberally in the second half and win going away.

You know, like they’ve done so many times this season in conference play.

Anyway, I’ll be there to honor the seniors, who, if for no other reason than going 3-1 against Florida, deserve our eternal gratitude and thanks.

Also, this.

Chang and Moore accomplished that in a tough conference, too.

Hella career, Aaron.  Hella career.

Let a thousand comments bloom.



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Saturday morning buffet


  • D.J. Shockley on Aaron Murray:  “But in my book, he’s No. 1. He’s done it all. The numbers don’t lie. He’s put them in position, and obviously he can’t play defense and special teams. He’s definitely had a great career and worthy of being one of the best.” 
  • Johnny Football’s going to make announce a decision about his future before TAMU’s bowl game.
  • “The celebration by locals that for decades has been Florida football has more of an atmosphere of “Let’s just get this over with.”
  • Revenge is a dish best served urnge.
  • The financial aid deals Georgia signed with two recruits this week have five-year terms.  Still haven’t seen a downside for a recruit to do this.
  • It’s been a roller coaster ride for Arkansas’ seniors.
  • Want something to worry about in today’s game in Athens?  Kentucky’s defensive ends are fifth and seventh in the conference in sacks.


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HUNH, indeed.

It’s a great world.  Players can’t make a nickel off their names or likenesses, but coaches and schools can seemingly trademark anything they can think of for a buck.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has trademarked his name and has a deal with Clemson’s licensing program to sell merchandise that bears his name. Ohio State is in the process of trademarking coach Urban Meyer’s name and the phrase “Urban Meyer Knows.”

I wonder if Corrine Brown has trademarked “Corch” yet.

All I know is this one’s mine.  Keep your hands off, Tim.


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Don’t say a word.

In the SEC, it’s okay for self-important football officials to blather about their work on the radio.

In the Pac-12, it’s a no-no for coaches to say anything in public about officiating – even a conference apology for a blown call that wiped out a touchdown in a loss.

Accountability is overrated.


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