And at Stingtalk, there was much rejoicing.

The denizens at everyone’s favorite Georgia Tech message board have greeted the news of Murray’s injury with all the sensitivity you’ve come to expect, combining passive-aggressive wishful thinking with a cocky, yet deluded assurance that people taking offense at their boorishness are simply proving their intellectual inferiority to a bunch still internally distressed over their acne not clearing up during their college years.

As you read it, you realize this is all they’ve got.  Murray’s absence doesn’t improve Georgia’s chances this Saturday, of course.  But it’s not as if Mark Richt hasn’t proven he can successfully deal with adversity in a game against Tech. He’s beaten the Jackets with a converted fullback playing tailback.  He’s beaten the Jackets with a quarterback with an injured hand.  He’s beaten the Jackets with Calvin Johnson, repeatedly.  (Okay, Reggie Ball helped.)  He’s beaten the Jackets with Joe Cox throwing for 76 yards.  He’s beaten a seventh-ranked Georgia Tech team with the worst team he’s fielded in Athens.  He’s beaten the Jackets with Willie Martinez and he’s beaten them with Todd Grantham.

Murray’s absence, then, doesn’t concern me.  It does, however, fill me with regret that he won’t be able to pad his stats one last time against a team he’s absolutely owned.  Here are his passer ratings against Tech:

  • 2010:  250.86
  • 2011:  177.14
  • 2012:  227.40

And as a bonus, his passer ratings against Ted Roof’s Auburn defenses are 170.83 (2010) and 255.74 (2011).

So, yeah, that’s a shame, but otherwise I’ll take my chances.  Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, Hate Week has officially commenced.  FIAR,B!



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40 responses to “And at Stingtalk, there was much rejoicing.

  1. It’s time to smash the bugs/pests/Sheldons and send those Tech losers back to their parents’ basements. I love beating Uf the most but I hate losing to the pencil-necked geeks of the NATS.

    We run this state, Dawgs!


  2. Beer Money

    This is exactly why we need to pummel them once again. Their entire existence is based on whether they can beat UGA…which makes it all the more sweeter beating their asses knowing it bothers them so much that they have to cheer when our players get hurt in order to give them a chance. I do like how some are already seeing visions of Gurley running roughshod over their high school sized players.

    But what a miserable, low rent, low class, self-important, lifeless, hopeless, spineless, dickless, gutless, bunch of losers they are.


  3. Biggus Rickus

    It’ll be funny when Mason lights them up in Murray’s absence. I’m not confident in the defense holding up enough though. God, just play well once against a team with a decent offense, please.


  4. TennesseeDawg



  5. pantslesspatdye

    I post this comment with a burping infant in hand and hate in my heart. I’ve spent more than my fair share with Tech graduates and their world view and self-importance is as absurd as their football iq. I hope we always remember how important it is to crush them. My progeny will.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    For Aaron…kick their fucking nerd asses back to the stone age they come from…


  7. Babyfarts McGeezax

    Just spent about 5 minutes reading StingTalk and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to go down to Bobby Dodd on Saturday and act like the biggest asshole on the face of the earth. There is no better feeling than pasting them on the field and then laughing in their smug faces on the walk to the car. Fuck them.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      You are, of course, correct, Babyfarts (pretty sure that sentence is a first for me. Thanks for the opportunity); and, pantslesspatdye, my dear old Dad taught me the Tech fight song as a tiny child with the swear words intact just so I would learn to hate Tech even as I was learning to speak.


  8. Turd Ferguson

    All Hutson Mason did was lead 5 TD drives. And Todd Gurley is still Todd Gurley. So while the loss of Murray hurts, it’s sure as hell not because he was our only hope against GT. Hell, from what I saw last night, I’d still expect us to win with Faton Bauta at QB. If Jenkins and Floyd stay disciplined, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised with another score like last year’s.


    • uglydawg

      To tweak your optimism, Turd, I’ll say that Todd Gurley isn’t “still Todd Gurley”. He’s better than that. He’s getting better every game and should peak out against the pimpled nose-pickers of North Ave.


  9. coastiedawg

    Arron Murray has torn ACL and will have surgery this week:


  10. Coondawg

    Please….please have another “favorite Tech Game story” thread like last year. Absolute gold! I sent a copy of last years thread to Afghanasskickakistan and I still have folks talk about it ….”yellow, the color of piss and cowardice” yes sir!


    • I have to see what kind of hanging curveballs they serve up at ST this week. Rest assured there will be something mockworthy. If nothing else, those folks are reliable.


      • Hanging curve balls this week from tech boards? Senator, here comes the deuce. When you speak of me, speak of me well….


      • Dolly Llama

        They post something mockworthy hourly. I read it daily for a laugh. Now I’m reading it daily just to get excited about the game.

        Did you read the post BeeStorm (who apparently “wields the banhammer” at that place, I won’t dignify him/her with “is their version of the Hon. Sen. Blutarsky) posted in that thread?


  11. Slaw Dawg

    Thanks for the public service with the Stingtalk links. Many younger Dawg fans mistakenly think Tech hatred is misplaced or unwarranted and even that we should drop the annual Good Old Fashioned Hate Bowl. I can only assume they don’t know their history or haven’t encountered actual, living breathing NATS fans.

    As I (and others) have said many times, it isn’t so much that it’s more enjoyable to defeat Tech than it is to beat the Gators or Tiggers. It’s that beating them sustains their misery, and is necessary, because a loss to them gives hope to the snottiest, most smart alecky fans you will encounter. They are the WORST visiting fans in Sanford, are most prone these days to do actual damage (once upon a time would have been Aubie fans, but they’ve cleaned up their act a bit), have no sense of proportion, no class, and are generally rank pretenders when it comes to understanding and appreciating the great sport of college football. In the rare event of a Tech win, their fans’ attitude is essentially “ah ha a ha ha, we beat you at that thing that matters so much to you that we don’t really quite understand but we like that we beat you at it cause it makes you mad now back to my xBox.”


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Look you young whippersnappers! Do you want to get shit for 365 days from people with pocket protectors and zits!


  13. Tronan

    The fact the nerds are obsessed with what happened to another team’s QB in a game against someone other than Tech speaks volumes about them. And, while I recognize that many Tech fans have not applauded Murray’s injury, it is completely unsurprising that many of them have. For those classless trolls, obsession has become derangement.


  14. Dawg19 – The cradle of trolls.


  15. 81Dog

    “If you want to spout internet garbage showing ridiculously poor sportsmanship and massive personal insecurity about your manhood by taking delight in the season ending injury of another team’s quarterback, YOU CAN DO THAT! YOU’RE AT GEORGIA TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Pencil neck douchebags. They have a lot of class. It’s just all low.


  16. SavDawg

    + every plus I have to give.


  17. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Let me begin by saying that I know a number of fine people at Tech. They all happen to be faculty or graduate students. Wouldn’t give you a nickel for any of their undergraduates. That’s way more than they’re worth. As for their vaunted academics, just happened to be paging through the Georgia Media Guide this afternoon. Did you know Georgia is Number One in the number of National Football Foundation Post-Graduate Scholars with 12? Tech is tied for 15th with 3. We are tied for second on the list of Academic All American football players with 21. Tech doesn’t make the top 16. How about NCAA Post-Graduate Scholars – Football? Dawgs tied for number 1 with 13. Tech not in the top 11. (page 138).

    To HELL with Tech.


  18. Old DAWG

    I think we should roll Murray out there. Then we could add “beat them with a quarterback in a wheelchair”. And, I’m being serious. I think he could do it.