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Giving new meaning to the term “dead drunk”

My only surprise in reading this article is this“The man was not cited.”

C’mon, A-CCPD.  If you ain’t citing, you ain’t trying.  Just ask Jimmy.


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You know who has never won a big game?

I was gonna go down that path, tongue planted firmly in cheek, but I see the AJ-C already beat me to the punch.

Except they’re being serious.  Loosen up, guys!


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Welcome, Stingtalkers!

Hey, look who’s dropped by.

I gather the reason for the heaving bosoms from criticism about the lack of class being shown Aaron Murray is because they believe Josh Nesbitt received a deliberate injury in the 2009 loss at the hands of Georgia’s players.  Any excuse for an embarrassing loss will do, I suppose, but it’s not like they have to look very far for a rebuttal.

Bless their little insectile hearts.


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Gurley does Moreno.

From Saturday’s game:

Man, I love watching him play.


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Answering a question with a question

In response to Jeff Schultz’ query, all I can say is was Georgia Tech more motivated than Georgia in 2009? Somebody seemed to think so at the time.  At least until they played.

It’s the rivalry game that got Richt his job.  Motivation won’t be an issue this week.


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Boom explains.

Photo via USA Today

Will Muschamp’s got the license plate number of the semi that hit his defense Saturday.

“That’s what the option does — it takes talent out of the game. You don’t have to block Dante Fowler now. You option off Dante Fowler. You don’t have to account for him anymore in the blocking,” Muschamp said.

“That’s why the service academies run it, that’s why they run it, that’s why a lot of these schools run it, because it takes talent out of the equation. A lot of talented guys don’t like having somebody at their knees every snap, either. That’s part of why they run it. Talent’s negated in that situation. It doesn’t really matter because you don’t have to block a lot of the guys.”

Somewhere in Atlanta, Paul Johnson is taking time out from his preparation for the Georgia game to call his AD about scheduling a game with Florida.


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My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 13

Man, the Pac-12 isn’t making it easy, is it.  Here’s my top ten for this week (*tiebreaker):

  • Alabama
  • Arizona State
  • Auburn
  • Baylor
  • Clemson
  • FSU*
  • Missouri
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma State
  • Stanford

Also considered:  Oregon, Wisconsin

Back to struggling.  With that road win over UCLA, I couldn’t leave Arizona State out of my top ten anymore.  And I couldn’t quite bring myself to vote Baylor out of the top ten for losing to a Oklahoma State team that lost to a West Virginia team that got waxed by the Bears.  That left me knocking Oregon and Wisconsin out, just barely.

If there’s any consolation, there are a bunch of huge games this week that should sort things out to some extent.  Of course, that’ll probably mean I’ll spend thirty minutes again putting a ballot together.

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