Toughing it out

I saw a fair amount of knee-jerk (see what I did there?) reaction on the Interwebs yesterday about the coaches’ decision to let Aaron Murray stay in the game after it appeared he hurt himself on that long run because it led to the hit he took on his interception, which hit caused or exacerbated the ACL tear.

Nope.  It turned out, as has been the case so many times this season, to be a non-contact injury.

Aaron Murray “felt something pop” on his 28-yard run in the second quarter on Saturday night, according to Georgia head coach Mark Richt. It proved to be a torn ACL.

But Murray finished the drive and played two more on the torn ACL, waving off coaches and his backup, before it finally became unbearable.

“He was trying to hide it from everybody, I think,” Richt said Sunday night.

He did a good job of that… for a while.

Murray ended up staying in the game for 13 plays after tearing his ACL, completing a touchdown pass in the process, and completing 5-of-7 passes for 46 yards, as well as an interception, which proved to be the final pass of his Georgia career.

That is one crazy tough customer.  But this has to be the topper.

Makes me wish there’d be another senior night ceremony so I could applaud him all over again.


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56 responses to “Toughing it out

  1. @gatriguy

    The best ambassador of the university in my lifetime, moreso than Greene and Pollack or Stafford and Moreno. I hope UGA fans everywhere appreciate what we had here.

  2. gastr1

    I thought it happened when the defender grabbed his left leg to bring him down–hyperextended it, maybe. Obviously it was much worse than that.

  3. Raven

    I love him and his toughness but I don’t know if it’s the greatest thing in the world for people to try to “play through” serious injuries.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Agreed but that is the football mentality from Pop Warner up.

    • Hackerdog

      I totally agree with head/neck injuries. But a blown knee is different. You can’t really blow it more. It’s just too painful and unstable to play on (for long).

  4. dawgfan17

    If anyone doesn’t have him as one of their top 5 favorite UGA players then they are doing the whole fan thing wrong. Showing up to watch film 2 days after tearing his ACL when he has zero chance of playing for UGA again, wow. If NFL gm’s don’t take notice of that then they are doing it wrong. I have no idea how successful he will be in the pros but I darn sure wouldn’t bet against him.

    • The Lone Stranger

      He was an “interesting” QB to watch thru college that much is true. I saw him rated as about the 13th best option on draft day though, behind the likes of David Fales ( SJ St.) and a QB out of E. Illinois (ala Tony Romo). My guess is that some team takes him in maybe Round 3/4 but he does the D.Greene thing and hangs on for 5 years as a backup.

  5. DawgPhan

    All this and someone at the tailgate this weekend had to ask me if I was a Murray fan before launching into some “yeah, but” analysis of is career.

    Ummm, yeah…and I need to go check the grill.

    • TennesseeDawg

      “yeah, but” Murray spent his entire career playing with an anemic defense, inconsistent special teams play, an O-line that sometimes would show up for games and sometimes not and this season major injuries to most of his skill position players.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If Murray had played at Notre Dame, ND would have won the BCSNCG against Bama and Murray would have won the Heisman.

  6. uglydawg

    I’d retire his jersey. He’s taught and prepared his teammates for their future also…what a mentor..General…competitor….Dawg! Maybe we’ll see him back at UGA as a coach someday!

  7. Sam

    I agree with retiring his jersey, and I wish, Senator, that you wanted to see it, too. You are a prominent voice online and could really get something started. I also think that the second that AM’s pro career is over, we need to get him back here as a QB coach.

  8. Bob

    An amazing young man. Along with D.J. and Hershel, my favorite ever. And to think that a little over a year ago, some dirt bags would egg his house. Sheeesh.

    • tbia

      The great thing is, now we get the guy who is even better than he is. At least that’s what I’ve been reading for 3 years.

      • Gene Simmons

        Mark it down. Hutson Mason will be Aaron’s Tee Martin. As great as Peyton was in college, he could not catch a break. BUT I know where Peyton is today. Anyone heard from Tee lately?

  9. Irishdawg

    Jesus, can we clone this kid?

  10. Spike

    What a great UGA player! And an even better young man. His parents must be so proud! The dude is tougher than a $2.00 steak..

  11. Martin Van Nostrand

    On TV, after the series (or play)you can see him walking along saying, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck….knew something was real bad then.

  12. Gene Simmons

    Put AM behind Alabama’s line. Give him Alabama’s D and HE has at least two national championships. There is a lot to grumble about when it comes to UGA football, but ANYONE who says that AM is one of those things… Well, they are talking out of their rectum and don’t deserve to be heard.

  13. tbia

    FWIW, sitting in 132 Saturday night, Coach Bobo was very, shall we say, colorful and loud in his coaching. Much of it directed at Murray. Bobo was about to lose his mind when we wouldnt snap the ball and let Wooten’s catch get reversed.

    • Gene Simmons

      FWIW-I think Bobo coached the game of his life. Hopefully this is a sea change and not a blip on the radar. Gurley in the screen game has become our bread and butter. Short passes really work. GO FIGURE.

      • WF dawg

        Prior to this year, though, Murray hasn’t been great at throwing the screen. The fact that I can’t remember the last time anyone’s said that just shows how much progress he’s continued to make. Now, what was a weakness has become a strength.

  14. Scorpio Jones, III

    50 for Aaron…kick Tech’s ass for the fallen warrior.

  15. Spike

    What Scorp said…^^^

  16. Heathbar09

    It’s sad that it’s taken some fans 3 1/2 years to appreciate how good AM11 is what he means to this team and University. He truly is the definition of DGD. He will be successful in life no matter which path he chooses.

  17. David K

    Are we doing something wrong to get all of these non-contact knee blowouts? Do other programs have the same problems? If they do, maybe I just don’t hear about it. Your knee shouldn’t give out when you jump up to celebrate with a guy or when you’re running down the field.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Bama had about 2-3 WRs tear ACLs last yr. It’s just bad luck. Ain’t nothing you can do.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Yeah, but the collective damage of playing football all of your life can leave your ligament hanging by a thread. Then you make one weird move and… pop. You have to consider all of the impacts that these guys bodies take over the years.

  18. Debby Balcer

    I hope Aaron is drafted and plays for a long time on a good NFL team. He has spent most of his career at UGA with fans clamoring for the number 2 guy (Mett or Mason). We were lucky to get him. I hope his records stand for a long time. Aaron you will be missed.

  19. Comin' Down The Track

    I’m gonna miss that kid.

  20. cube

    Good luck to Aaron on his future endeavors. He’s one of the best we’ve ever had and I’m sad to see him go.

    With that said, I don’t understand some of the things that are being said about the progression of the injury. How could the tear not have gotten worse? He went from being able to play to not being able to stand up.

    And did team doctors do an evaluation on the sideline after he injured it initially? It seems a little strange that Bobo would be the one deciding whether he tore his ACL.

    • tbia

      He came off the field and Courson came over to him and they chatted. He then went to the bike and rode it until we got the ball back.

      This was obviously after he first did it. We have no way of knowing what he told Courson, but no, he did not jump on the training table.

    • Debby Balcer

      He had a brace on the knee after the run. Watched the game from the dvr and the announcers pointed that out.

      • cube

        Maybe I spoke too soon about feeling better. I don’t understand putting a brace on it but never getting him on the training table for a thorough evaluation. I’d like to hear the explanation for that.

      • The Lone Stranger

        But I believe he has always worn that knee brace.

  21. Will Trane

    Get hurt on any play. And AM got hit some in the Auburn game. Had UK game in hand. Have 2 FBs and 3 TBs, and only TG sits in the top 25 rushing backs in SEC. In game like that, I’m with Spurrier, what in the heck was Bobo thinking. Apparently they were intent on a QB records show. Can drop some WR, but you have to have a guy to get the ball there.

    • ugafidelis

      I disagree. And F Steve Spurrier, he would have left any of his QBs in the game. Leave AM in ’til the half then bench him. I re-emphasize F Steve Spurrier. Remember “half a hundred?”

  22. Will Trane

    Have Courson and company learned much about injuries during games, more particular ACLs. Could tell he injured on the cut on run before the tackle. Almost like JS-W at UT. Think the football department has to evaluate S&C re this injury after season. Way to many of these on a roster.

    • Hackerdog

      I didn’t see Courson evaluating Murray’s knee. I think he talked to Murray.

      But I certainly wouldn’t expect Courson to read Murray’s mind and divine whether he was seriously injured, or just tweaked something, as he apparently claimed.

      Plus, the end result is the same. If a player plays with a concussion, he can make it worse. That’s why you don’t take a player’s word for it on whether he is concussed. You run sideline neurological tests. If a player plays with a blown knee, he still has a blown knee.

      I guess Courson could have demanded that Mason go in 13 plays earlier. But that wouldn’t have saved Murray’s knee.

      • cube

        The end result is not the same. Either Murray is not allowed to re-enter the game and ends the night with a partially torn ACL…or he continues playing with a partially torn ACL, putting the other ligaments in the knee at much higher risk for damage, and is later carried off the field with a fully torn ACL.

      • cube

        By the way, Courson could have done more than just talk to Murray. He could have put him through flexibility and strength tests.

        He knew it was bad enough that he should probably put a knee brace on it, so it is baffling as to why he didn’t do the tests.

        • cube,if you ain’t an ortho you’re just speculating. Come to think of it even if you are a doctor you are still just speculating . Hackerdog is probably right that ligament was already gone but was not unbearable until it got torqued by that sack and the floating ligament gets pinched between the bones of the knee. ouch!!!!! Face it,partial or total tear that is as tough a SOB as I’ve ever seen. I’d be proud to be in a foxhole with him but it would probably be a better idea to let him lead the whole army.DGD

  23. Rebar

    Great attitude from a great kid! We are gonna miss AM11

  24. Coastal Dawg

    Can’t he apply for a medical redshirt🙂