Welcome, Stingtalkers!

Hey, look who’s dropped by.

I gather the reason for the heaving bosoms from criticism about the lack of class being shown Aaron Murray is because they believe Josh Nesbitt received a deliberate injury in the 2009 loss at the hands of Georgia’s players.  Any excuse for an embarrassing loss will do, I suppose, but it’s not like they have to look very far for a rebuttal.

Bless their little insectile hearts.


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37 responses to “Welcome, Stingtalkers!

  1. Spike

    No rings this year for you bozos. We beat you guys with Joe Cox. Hutson is licking his chops. So is Gurley.

  2. heyberto

    I hope someone in the football office sees this and pegs it right square on the locker room bulletin board. Win it for Aaron boys.

  3. Dawg in Beaumont

    I feel like “YOU TOOK ME SERIOUSLY AND GOT TROLLED!!!!!!111” that the 40 year old virgins at stingtalk love to trot out is the new version of “with all due respect”

    Something that people with zero self awareness say to justify the moronic things soon to come out of their mouth.

  4. @gatriguy

    I hope the D comes to play. The I should be ok with Hudson, but I hope we show out on defense once this season.

  5. St. Simons Spradlin

    Speaking of heaving bosoms, there’s about 6 jumbo specimens in a post on page two of that thread. Definitely couldn’t be Tech girls.

    • Will (the other one)

      I don’t think the plural form of “girl” and “Georgia Tech” can be in the same sentence, referring to each other, and the sentence still be accurate, factually.

  6. Hell, we could snap it to Brendan Douglas all game long from a wildcat formation and kick the hell out of this bunch of posers.

  7. Dawgy45

    “The simple response to all of this butthurt is to show them the replay of the clearly and intentionally knocking Nesbitt out of the ’09 game after the play was over.”
    Yes please show us this. I remember watching the video back then and not seeing anything resembling what they were (and still are) griping about. I also remember one of their posters likening it to an attempted murder of Nesbitt. Pathetic.

    • Nesbitt wasn’t even knocked out of the game. He came back to throw the fourth down pass that Thomas dropped to finish off Tech’s chances.

      • Dog in Fla

        Bee Bee’s Best Drop Ever

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Please, it was Bay Bay.

          • JonDawg

            I remember watching that unfold in a motel in Vidalia Ga, (long story lol) and when he dropped it, I went crazy, woke my wife, and screamed “Boo Hoo Thomas until I fell/was pushed off the bed.. Our worst in 20 yrs beat their best in 20yrs lol. I was also sitting in the rain the year before, watching us blow our 3rd quater 17 pt lead, and hearing “we’ll never lose to them again!!!” as we were leaving the stadium from little punks dressed in yellow. Little do they realize, how close they were to being 0-12 against Richt, looking at 0-13. Richt = Total domination of the nerds. Just like him, I LOVE BEATING TECH.

            • Dog in Fla

              At that brief moment, I wondered if college football was fixed. Then I regained control of my senses when I realized that Bee Bay was no Calvin Johnson

      • Dawgy45

        Don’t let facts get in the way of a good excuse!

    • JP

      I think it’s at the 29 minute mark. I had to look away it was so incredibly horrible. It’s basically the exact same situation as Murry’s injury, since as soon as this happened in ’09 we all ran to our computers to share how delighted we were that Nesbitt was out for the seas… errr…next 30 minutes.

      • Spence

        Whether he was out for the season is irrelevant. What matters is whether there was any intent or foul play. He hurt his right knee, which is down on the ground. There are zero people grabbing, holding, touching, or twisting his knee or leg. That any Tech fan complains about this is further evidence that they are horrible whiny people.

        IF there are Tech fans here that disagree and see any evidence of foul play on that tape, speak now.

      • Spence

        The difference between what happened to Murray’s and Nesbitt? If Murray slightly twisted his ankle he would never have left the game like a little punk.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          The difference between what happened to Nesbitt and what happened to Murray is that Murray matters.

      • Dawg in Beaumont

        Nesbitt missed one series if I remember correctly.

      • Dawgy45

        Okay, I’ve watched it…again and I STILL don’t see it. It must just be me, right?

    • gastr1

      They’re bitching about what happened to Eddiie Lee Ivery in 1979, for chrissakes. THAT replay is on the youtube too, and it also is nothing like what the yellow tools say it is.

  8. edawg

    Anyone remember them taking a cheap shot at Mike Thornton last year and knocking him out of the SECC game?

    That was the play where the tv broadcast picked up our coaches in the coaches’ box screaming obscenities about it.

    • edawg

      The play is at about the 2:01:45 mark. Thornton is the far side defensive tackle. If you pay close attention, you’ll see that he is engaged with one offensive lineman while another dives at his lower legs. ESPN refused to show a replay, so just back it up and replay it on your own.

      The screaming happens shortly after the play is over, around the time they are attending to Thornton out on the field.

  9. I Wanna Red Cup

    As a good friend says, the Teckies are a ” bunch of bugger eating morons.” GATA

  10. Irishdawg

    Tech fans are delusional fuckwits, which is why they conjure up imaginary reasons to justify their default mode of being classless diaper stains

  11. Silver Creek Dawg

    What a pathetic fanbase (it’s really an insult to true fanbases).

    I for one have NEVER opened Stingtalk unless I am linked to its idiocy by a friend or the good Senator. It seems that they constantly want to know is on ours and live to see what’s going on on our interwebs.

    Am I misguided in this thought?

    • Dolly Llama

      You are missing one of life’s great joys if you never visit Stingtalk, my friend. I visit it once a day, at least. It’s like watching a bunch of Star Wars freaks and Trekkies try to fake a football message board.

      In fact, it’s not “like” that at all. It’s what it “is.” Never has a school ever lived up to its stereotypes better.

  12. McTyre

    Rich coming from cut block U.

  13. Coondawg

    Who was the Nerd player who after the 02 beatdown said something along the lines of “most of the students here don’t even know we have a football team”. Damn straight…..bunch of tickle pile, world of Warcraft, Star Trek marathon plain oatmeal eatin what’s a vagina piles of nerd crap! They have no place in society other than to be mocked.

  14. uglydawg

    The biggest example of Tech’s hypcritical complaint is their taking out of (Chris Carpenter ?) long seconds after he punted the ball. I’d find it if I could.

  15. COFH

    Pay no mind to the lamentations of North Avenue. Just kick their ass. Again. And again. And again.

  16. Scott W.

    I think the simpler and more effective response is to keep calm and troll on.
    Look at the big brain on these ones.

  17. Here ya go:
    Murray is more of a man than you could ever dream of being stingtalkers.