Georgia Tech’s real problem with academics

Smart kids with choices don’t want to play in that offense.


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7 responses to “Georgia Tech’s real problem with academics

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Tech’s real problem with academics is that the administration at Tech decided football players could no longer take classes at Dekalb College.


  2. ScoutDawg

    I wonder if this one gets a Stingtalk rec.


  3. www

    i’m probably the only one who doesn’t get the context, but anyone care to explain why an article from spring 2010 is being recycled in november 2013?

    and i’ve heard something similar to what scorpio posted in the past. any source for that info?


  4. www

    you’ll hate to hear this then, but CPJ and his lack of recruiting is wearing out his welcome on the flats.

    look for him to be shown the door if next year is another 7-5 or 6-6 season.

    of course, a win saturday could change all of that.


    • I’ve heard similar stuff. But I’ve also heard that buyout is making a few people reluctant to can him.

      The thing is, if CPJ is let go, it’ll take Tech three years to recruit for a different offensive scheme. Assuming Tech hires somebody who can recruit, of course.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        It’s not that the Tech offensive scheme can’t work, it’s that Johnson is such a dick (see what I did there?) that he can’t recruit. That offense would work if he had better skill position people. Can you imagine the damage Tech could do in this offense with a Mike Vick at QB and a Gurley at one of the RB slots? Tech also needs better O-linemen but, most of all, a competent defense with athletic players. I recognize that some offensive players would not want to be in that scheme, but if they started winning with it those barriers would disappear. Ain’t happening though as long as Fish Fry is HC because he basically pisses off the recruiting pool. It’s not the offensive scheme that kids find so objectionable–it’s the HC.