Not a great look

I’m not trying to be disrespectful here, but I see what Navy’s wearing for the Army-Navy game

… and my brain immediately says “motorcycle cop”.  Is it just me?



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21 responses to “Not a great look

  1. Looks like the Under Armor folks in charge of Maryland’s cartoon uniforms designed that helmet. But as long as my Middies don’t wear “Smoke Gray” I like our chances of making it “TIAR,B”. TWELVE.


  2. LawDawg

    You know how fast you were going, boy?


  3. Irishdawg

    As an Army veteran, I really want to make jokes about fashion and Navy guys, but Army’s uniforms aren’t much better, And the Army managed to come up with a camoflauge combat uniform that looks like a couch from 1976 (which they’re now getting rid of)


  4. Will Benson

    Calling officer Poncherello…officer Ponchorello.


  5. Bob

    Where is Bob Sutton when you need him? All he did was own Navy and the AD got rid of him. Haven’t won since and they have figured out how to lose in every possible way imaginable.

    Navy wore similar ones last year. I would prefer both academies go back to their great traditional unis. I have been blessed to have attended 5 of these games and they are incredible..unlike any sporting event I have ever attended. The combination of pure passion for 60 minutes and undying respect when the game ends is indeed very, very special. Go Army, Beat Navy…but I love em all.


  6. BMacDawg87

    No, its a cardigan… but thanks for noticing!!!


  7. Nate Dawg

    I think they look kinda cool – but I don’t want UGA going all crazy or anything.
    I can also see where an 18-20 yr old would think they’re cool.


  8. stoopnagle


    This is the greatest rivalry game in college football and no one can tell who is playing.

    Please, Nike, stop doing this.


  9. Spike

    I thought they were Vandy’s at first. You know, the whole Achor Down thing…


  10. Nashville West

    Like I wrote about the smokie grays, it’s not the unis, it’s the players inside the unis. That goes 1000% for Navy, Air Force and Army. They’re all winners, no matter what the scoreboard says.

    Nevertheless, GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY!