Tuesday morning buffet

Plenty of nourishment this morning…


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30 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Mark Richt has lost control of S&C in womens soccer.

    • JasonC

      Ladies soccer probably has more, but I believe ladies Ultimate might have a higher ratio. Constant cutting in space.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Nice to see Saban taking a break from his lunch salad to say that Nick Marshall is as good a QB as Chattanooga’s.

  3. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    Darn it, I clicked on the AJC link above, now I feel so dirty.

  4. The other Doug

    Foley isn’t going on record since the GSU loss and saying BOOM! will definitely be back. Any chance he still cans him after the FSU game?

    • Depends on how bad they get beat. That picture of Foley cupping Boom’s head reminded me of my great aunt holding me still so she could kiss me. Boom is wearing a much bigger smile than I ever did. lol.

    • FSU is going to drop the hammer on BOOM! and the Gators. They want to put some more distance between themselves and Urban’s Flawed System #3 team. If the Noles make them quit by the end of their first score in the second half – something Georgia should have done – then the dam will break and it will get U-G-L-Y. Then BOOM! may be irredeemable.

  5. Careful Brad

    Tuesday, I just had my morning check of StingTalk and the answer is Tuesday, that’s how long it took for them to break out the “yeah but we make more money!” argument. They also are saying football has little to do with the rivalry. Then why is this the week both sides of the rivalry call hate week? Shouldn’t they wait until finals week to really talk trash?

    • LOL.

      Or they could trash talk attendance figures for the two schools at Dragon*Con.

      • AusDawg85

        Or pocket protector purchases at Staples.

      • Maybe you could run a poll to find out how many of your followers work for Tech grads. According to them, we all do. But, I honestly don’t know a single UGA grad who works for a Tech grad. Surely there are a few to add a scintilla of truth to the myth. In my experience, I have done business with Tech grads in which I was paying them to do work for me. Doesn’t that mean they were working for me?

  6. Really interesting article on the ACL injuries. I’ve always just worked under the assumption that ACL tears were just something that can be attributed to dumb luck as much as anything. I grew up playing soccer and I knew it was very common in girls/women’s soccer, there was a point in time where among the top players, it was hard to find a woman who had played for a significant length of time who had not had at least one ACL tear. I had no idea about the changes that have been seen by implementing this guy’s techniques.

    • ripjdj

      you can always find experts on both sides of an issue . Previous studies actually indicate that ACL injuries in women’s soccer actually are gender/genetics based . Different hip/pelvis placement puts more stress on the knee resulting in more ACL injuries. Jury is still out IMHO

  7. Beating the Nerds will send us to the Gator Bowl? Fish Fry should be grateful. He certainly doesn’t need to face LSU in another bowl game.

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    ” Richt said on his radio show Monday night that quarterback Aaron Murray is having his knee surgery today and wants to make the trip Saturday to Georgia Tech.”

    “If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!”

  9. Brandon

    I knew a girl in college who tore her ACL doing a drunken cartwheel at 2 in the morning. Right there on Bloomfield behind Guthries.

  10. Macallanlover

    I don’t agree that FU’s loss to GSU was their “low point” or most embarrassing loss, the clubbing they got on national TV in the Sugar Bowl against Louisville was much, much worse. They were 11-1, ranked in the Top 5, healthy, and had a month to prepare. They didn’t just lose, they got dominated by a mid-major who would struggle every year with Georgia Southern, and would have lost to them several times over the past 25 years. GSU has led FSU, Miami, Auburn, Ore St., and Florida, all in their home stadiums, before when each were ranked teams, they just never held on before. Not saying this wasn’t bad, but this is less surprising to me than what I saw on January 1.

    I realize this was an unusually weak Eagle team, but they put up 300+ yards of rushing against UGA last year in Athens, and over 300 yards against Bama in Tuscaloosa two years ago when the Tide led the nation in rush defense. Gaytors had no defense for that exhibition they put on against Louisville, they can blame injuries and the unique, HS offense for the loss last Saturday. But they could have been trying against GSU, they were at least at the end; they never put any effort against Louisville from start to finish. They should have been very concerned at that point.

    • C’mon, Mac, unmotivated teams lose bowl games all the time. ‘Bama did it against Utah. Big Game Bob lost to Boise State.

      SEC teams don’t lose to 1-AA teams. At least, they shouldn’t.

      • Macallanlover

        I agree unmotivated teams can lose at any time, especially in bowls ( I recall two particularly bad ones in Nashville under CMR). But this was a stand-alone BCS game in Nawlins. Shouldn’t happen there, imo. Of course, I never felt they should have been ranked that highly last season anyway. I was more embarrassed for an SEC team getting drubbed that badly in a major bowl than I was with GSU whipping them last weekend. We simply have different opinions of the significance of the surprise, mine due to it being a game everyone should show up to play with an exclusive, national spot light on them. This an obscure throwaway game with nothing to be pumped about.

        • What do you think occurs more often – unmotivated teams not showing up for a bowl game, or SEC schools losing to 1-AA teams?

          And I bet Boom wishes that GSU game was as “obscure” as you’re trying to project it to have been.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Has it occurred to either of you that the FU players purposely laid down because Boom lost the team and they want him out?

          • Macallanlover

            I am sorry it didn’t become an instant classic on ESPN or make CBS’ SEC Express, I didn’t get to see much of it at all. Bowl games that don’t excite you shouldn’t get played…way too many of them now. I am part of the problem, I watch almost all of them.

  11. AlphaDawg

    Elvis has always wanted free tickets to an Eastern Michigan game.