Nerds win! Nerds win! Nerds win!!!!

Shit’s gettin’ real, Stingtalkers.

There is a comment thread titled “I am happy Aaron Murray got injured” on, a Georgia Tech sports message board not affiliated with the school.

It was started on Sunday at 2 a.m. and has more than 130 subsequent comments on it. Some commenters are siding with the theme of the thread’s title and some are denouncing the thread.

Georgia receiver Chris Conley doesn’t need to go far to find motivation to go against the Yellow Jackets. He hears about threads and comments like on and he looks at his Twitter mentions.

“But just some of the comments that were made about players on the team being injured, namely players that just got injured, it kind of pissed some people off,” Conley said. “It rubs them wrong. There’s not searching for motivation for this game.”

Georgia players are pissed off about something you wrote!  If you’re a faceless tool hammering on a keyboard, that probably generates more satisfaction than you’d get if your football team actually won the game.  Best of all, you can keep reliving the glory with your virtual mates in thread after thread after thread.  It’s nice to have something to cling to on those dark nights when somebody reminds you that your team has a winning percentage of 8.33% against Mark Richt.

The football team may not be winners, but every one of you online warriors can make that claim.  And you didn’t even have to suit up and take a hit on the field.  Boy, won’t that be a hoot to discuss at next year’s Dragon*Con.


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49 responses to “Nerds win! Nerds win! Nerds win!!!!

  1. When the game is over on Saturday….these lizards will be hard to find. Wonder what they will talk about on ST next week? How stupid is it to say one is glad AM got injured. That’s just inviting evil into your field.

    • The other Doug

      What will be on ST next week? The same thing that is on there every week:

      FIRE CPJ NOW!!!!!! -This one is great because it is filled with delusional NATS who talk of hiring elite coaches, big money donors paying the buyout, and a few who think CPJ is still the best coach evah.

      We suck and will continue to suck until…. – This one is great because you get to see all their lame excuses: academics, the school doesn’t care about football, AJC doesn’t pay enough attention to them, ACC sucks, offense sucks, GT doesn’t cheat, etc.

      Insult thread- This one is filled with “go mow my lawn” and “We make more money” and “leg humping mutts” and …. it’s really cute to see them act like 2nd graders.

      Dragon Con, W.O.W., or Halo thread- This is the moving on and getting back to what really interests them thread.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    These chickenshit nerds are big talkers behind their keyboards but don’t have the balls to say it to one of the players in person.

  3. Chris A

    Well written Senator!!! I loved the part of the online warriors! My boss at work was telling me the triple option just works. When you live in a world of bronies, level 5 wizards, and candy canes anything is possible.

  4. Irishdawg

    I’d like to see some hard numbers about average income for Tech grads and UGA grads. I’ll bet the Techies don’t make more.

    I’d also like to compare numbers of which alumni base has seen real women’s breasts or can drive a stick shift without getting a nose bleed.

    • The other Doug

      Engineers make good money and UGA has a variety of degrees like education that don’t pay as much, so I would bet the average salary is definitely in Tech’s favor.

      Tech fans who say point to the pay difference fail to understand that UGA is a liberal arts school and offers a wide variety of majors. I guess they feel like school teachers are below them.

      • Lorenzo Dawgriguez

        Yes, they can afford the very best technology in inflatable girlfriends.

      • DawgPhan

        no doubt that Tech’s avg salary is higher than UGA’s. Smaller alumni base and higher paying jobs.

        Of course as a UGA grab playing in the tech sector, I have never worked for a tech grad and when I have interviewed them for positions they have been woefully inadequte.

        • DawgByte

          Of this statement, I can certainly attest. I worked with a Tech grad once who thought the Apple Macintosh was a “super computer”. He was completely clueless.

          Engineers may have higher starting salaries, however how many become entrepreneurs or own their own business? It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish and I would venture to guess there are far more UGA alums who own their own businesses making huge money than Tech grads.

          • Will (the other one)

            Another thing that will bring down Tech’s average going forward is the number of them that went into construction-related engineering jobs or architecture. The market there is a bit stagnant overall, and there have been huge software advances, resulting in far fewer positions.

      • D.N. Nation

        I work in a field that fits my two (hey, I liked Athens) liberal arts UGA degrees because I like the field. My wife works in a STEM field because she likes that field. The money, of course, is a motivating factor, but it is not *the* motivating factor. I don’t make a ton of money, but I’m happy; if I had to destroy myself to make $10K more a year, I wouldn’t do it.

        The “WE’LL MAKE MORE MONEY! WEEEEEE’LL MAAAAAAKE MOOOOOOORE MOOOOOONEY!!!!!” talk, to me, comes from people who *don’t like the shi*t they do*. Great, you’ll make more money. Good for you! Be happy with that! But instead of demanding that it matter to me, why not make sure it matters to the person in the mirror?

    • Dawgaholic

      I’d bet UGA has more grads making over $300k per year and more grads making less than $60k per year.

    • You might be disappointed about the stick shift numbers. We were doing a brisket for a tailgate at our house with several of my son’s friends. I swung by to change for the game and blocked some kids in. They shouted upstairs for me to move the car and I said the keys are on the table go move it. When I got back down stairs they were all sitting on the couch waiting for me. All 5 of them. All males between the ages of 19 and 21? None could drive a stick. My sons were at the game sitting up the tailgate.

  5. AlphaDawg

    8.33% ? What fresh hell is that, Senator? My lowly Calc class at UGA didn’t prepare me for those. Can that be converted to a Dolly Parton fraction?

  6. www

    “There’s not searching for motivation for this game.”

    should we assume this is just a typo or…?

    anyway, you guys definitely don’t want to have the “tech grads don’t make as much money as uga grads” conversation.

    both are good schools but the average salary isn’t comparable. just saying.

    go back to talking recruiting rankings.

    • It does sound funny. But given how well-spoken Conley is, the fault may lie with the AB-H.

    • Anon

      1,000,000 rupees =\ $1,000,000

    • Debby Balcer

      Money does not buy happiness. In my case it is true because my Tech grad is a chemical engineer and her sister is a special ed teacher. Both like what they do and that is more important than money. My tech grad doesn’t follow football she follows round ball. She also thinks that it is lame when GT grads throw around salary and SAT scores.

    • How bout Georgia football players make more money in the pro’s than Tech football players? This is a football blog after all. 😉

    • Dawgaholic

      Not sure I buy that article. According to it, Tech is between TX A&M and LSU and well below UF and Missouri. Also, the University of Illinois is higher than some Ivy League schools. I’m thinking the study is flawed.

    • charlottedawg

      You can get a great education at Tech that leads to a well paying job and career. What I have a problem with is people who want to pretend you can’t do the same damn thing at Georgia because they either have a massive inferiority complex and/or because Georgia beats Tech in football on a more than regular basis.

      Also both schools are solid state educations but they will never be in the same category as a Duke, MIT, or Ivy league.

    • Yeah, that “jealously rears it ugly head”, is what we do at Georgia when comparing how educations pay off. Sticking to football ,which we have in spades over GT makes for better fodder.

  7. Turd Ferguson

    My favorite is the “No, we run this state” thread. That’s Tech fandom in a nutshell: they apparently care enough about football to *participate in an online discussion board dedicated to football*; but in the week leading up to another ass-beating courtesy of the Dawgs, they’re quick to assure each other than they don’t *really* care about the football.

  8. I think I heard Pat Dye say something about UGA not being man enough to beat GATech