Today, in Finebaum’s Profiles in Courage

Good Lord, even for Finebaum this is embarrassing.

Yes, let’s make sure we give thanks for Mike Slive having the courage to make the only move he could to break a TV deal that wasn’t measuring up to what the Big Ten and Pac-12 were getting.  I know I’m particularly thankful that the SEC has managed to sabotage its football and basketball scheduling as a result of that courageous action.  Slive is just like a fireman rushing in to a burning building to save a young child… except for the fire and the kid.



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55 responses to “Today, in Finebaum’s Profiles in Courage

  1. PAWWL has always been a shill for $live and his favorite team, the Crim$on Tide.

  2. Erskine

    I wish Mike Slive would show some of that supposed courage when it comes to compliance.

  3. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    Would it shock anyone if the Alabama folks want to set up their own network one day, ala Texas?

    • They do that and I could see the two big media teams (Georgia and Florida) telling the SEC to stuff it and walk out. I guarantee there would be 3 conferences starting with the ACC that would accommodate the Dawgs and Gators.

    • They can’t. All media rights for conference teams belong to the SEC now.

      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        The difference between being arrogant, cocky, emulated and competently successful and being Texas.

        Yet another reason Saban should leave to be with like minded souls.

    • FisheriesDawg

      The media share in Alabama and the media share in Texas are two completely different things. Yeah, Alabama is a big draw in 2013, but when they’re down again (and they will be) they’re a completely different animal from Texas. When all of the bandwagon Alabama fans in Atlanta move on to the next team (they were previously Florida fans for the most part), all the Alabama network would have would be Birmingham. That’s not financially feasible.

  4. I am so sick of Finebaum.! Thought when I got away from B’ham I would never have to see his ugly face and hear his BS again. Have to change the channel every time he comes on. What was ESPN thinking?

  5. On the topic of his tweet, I like TAMU but Missouri doesn’t fit. They never will fit. Go back to the Big 12 or to the Big 10.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      I’m happy to have Mizzou.

      • WF dawg

        If for nothing else than that they’re what’s keep SOS out of the SECCG right now.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Yup. And I pretty much hate everybody else in the conference…’cept maybe the teams from Mississippi. I’ll be rooting for Missouri every game they play the rest of the season…they seem like good people.

  6. reipar

    I guess I am in the minority. I am glad we added both those teams and can only hope the trip to Texas is at least half as much fun as going to the Zou.

    • I don’t object to the new schools. I object to how poorly thought out their admissions were. All Slive and the presidents cared about was changing the TV deals. Hardly an act of courage.

      • reipar

        I agree it had nothing to do with courage and everything to do with money. However, I am not sure how more thought would have prevented the situation we are in with scheduling. We are not going to go to a 9 game schedule and we are not dropping perm cross divisional opponents. With those two as givens I do not think it matters how much you plan or think there is going to be a problem.

      • GaskillDawg

        Agree whoheartedly. The conference gave even less forethought to accomodating basketball scheduling than it did football scehduling. I guess taking two new schools before knowing how to schedule them is an act of courage in Fiebaumland.

    • I really think we are in the majority. Both are nice additions to the SEC. They just need to figure out that who’s in the east and who’s in the west more geographically correct.

  7. Castleberry

    This expansion is teRrible for Georgia and I’m still sick about it. How is the annual tilt with Mizzou anything but a step down from our rotation through the West. Just one step closer to a nine game schedule and expanded playoff…

  8. Otto

    As long as UGA/Auburn and UT/Bama are not impacted the expansion is fine. I like that the SEC is the only Conf with programs in 2 of the top 3 talent producing States. Tradition is a major factor in keeping the SEC strong and I have a growing dislike of LSU because of their whining about having to schedule a program that lost to Ga. Southern (no that doesn’t get old)

  9. Bright Idea

    Finebaum using the word courage in any context is laughable. He’s so self centered that he can’t recognize courage in ways that most of us do. His old show was gutter entertainment but I dread him being the face of the SEC Network. He has done a great job of making the Slives of the world fear his wrath.

  10. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Finebaum in career shift from gadfly to sycophant. Not sure that transition is possible.

    Fare thee well, Baldie.

  11. Vindexdawg

    The Corch dilating on the “unfairness” of the BCS process and now the Bald-Headed Bamite with the Courage of Slive. A real epidemic of Shamelessness this week in a sport that could use a LOT less of it.

  12. Macallanlover

    I still think ESPN will come to realize that hiring FBomb was a mistake. He will alienate the passionate fans of other SEC schools if he continues to be a lackey for the Tide and spit on everyone else. Bama has a high percentage of Alabamians amongst their followers but it falls off drastically as get further away from the state borders. FBomb doesn’t “travel” well when you leave the sub-80 IQ level. All I know is I have thoroughly enjoyed him not being on the 3-6 time slot on my satellite radio channel. I have plenty of alternative TV channels to get CFB news from but was forced to change stations every afternoon to music channels when that crowd of clowns took over the CFB show.

    • From your mouth to God’s ears. FIRE HIM PLEASE! I would love to hear the feedback ESPN has received concerning him this season. Of course, we never get that info. Wouldn’t want us to know how wrong they were on this choice.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Joy I think you might be missing the point of ESPN….

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            ESPN don’t have time for anything but money….he gets viewers, clicks, all the markers….nothing else matters, what the fans say certainly does not matter at all.

            • Guess I’m idealistic. Hate to think all things are about the $$$. A sign of the times, unfortunately….

              • Macallanlover

                With corporate groups it has to be about that money, that doesn’t mean that it has to be slimey though. Profits are not evil and there are many great corporate citizens that should be applauded for the way they conduct their business and achieve their goals the right way. But I digress, I disagree with Scorp, I think FBomb will cost them viewers, not help them achieve their financial goals. My opinion is the WWL cannot distinguish between good and bad Southerners, his followers are loud, abrasive, and idiotic. We have that element among us unfortunately, but they are not the norm in the SEC’s constituency. FBomb does not represent what we are about, and the people who tune him in regularly cannot afford to buy many of the products ESPN’s advertisers are selling.

  13. shane#1

    I miss Tammy.

  14. shane#1

    BTW, I have a bone to pick with ya’ll. I leave you in charge because I have had a hell of a season and have been too busy to look after things around here. I come back and the place has gone to hell. First we lose that high amp O and now Murray is gone for Tech. I swear I can’t leave ya’ll alone for five minutes! I’ll give you until August to get this mess cleaned up or there will be hell to pay!

  15. Bryant Denny

    1) One doesn’t have to watch or listen to Finebaum. It’s possible. I’ve been away from the fray for going on several years now. Life is better.

    2) Because his show used to be based in Birmingham, it was stupid for him not to ride the hot hand. He and Tubs were best buddies back in the day. When the Tide cycles down a bit, he’ll move on to the next thing.

    3) I played high school sports with a sibling of one of his regular nut jobs. Makes me proud, I tell ya.

    Happy thanksgiving,


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      BD you always bring reason to the asylum. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving back athca.

    • 1) So true. Used to listen for an average of 10-15 mins back when he was on Sirius Ch91 before I couldn’t take it anymore.

      2) An opportunist. He’s a big orange alumni. Can you seriously imagine a UGA alumni being the voice of the gators?

      3) I certainly hope Tammy’s brother took it easy on you!

      Happy thanksgiving to you too, beat auburn, and for god’s sake, please send Nick to Texas.

  16. Anon

    With so much better product available via blog, I rarely even acknowledge espn’s journalistic offerings (except for documentary type things like 30 for 30)

  17. Will Trane

    The guy is a freaking nerd of the highest order. Took awhile to put him with a face. He is a dork. His comments and opinions are piss. Just trying to be kind, but I have a few more comments about him.

  18. uglydawg

    He’ll go away soon enough….wait a minute, what am I saying? Granny, Corso and Co. are still hanging in there after all these years.