It really never gets old.

WordPress just reminded me that GTP celebrates its seventh anniversary today.  It was Georgia’s ’06 win over Georgia Tech that inspired me to start blogging, and this post was the result.  (Thanks for the memories, Reggie.)

And while I’m reminiscing, I can’t help but share my favorite post about Tech over that seven years.

When you say “Tech fan base”, you’ve said it all.


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14 responses to “It really never gets old.

  1. DB

    Simply put: Get The Picture is the best sports blog. Thanks for everything and congratulations on the anniversary.

  2. I watched that video again and I still laughed out loud with the “obtain bowl eligibility” moment. I looked at my comment from last year and apparent-ally it still isn’t old.

  3. Congrats Senator! In this time of thanksgiving I am thankful for you & your blog. I have 2 kids now which means I go to 1-3 websites a day now; this is always one of them. No one knows how much work blogging is, the amount of homesick involved, and how relentless it is unless they have done it themself. Thanks for creating a great space with rational content for us to enjoy and cultivating a commenter base that is generally interesting & informative. Congrats again on all your success- long may it continue.

  4. Homesick= timesuck. Stoopid autocorrect…

  5. Macallanlover

    Let me add my congrats for what you have achieved Senator, it is a fun part of every day for me and I appreciate your efforts. Seventeen million hits is impressive and momentum continues to build, you deserve the good fortune that brings. Thanks for the stability you provide to an unwieldy group of passionate fans. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend and bring home some bloody pocket protectors.

    • I noticed in the post about when Bluto turned pro there was mention of a Mac following him. Hola Mac!😉

      • Macallanlover

        Wasn’t me, but I would have followed him if I were aware there was a civilized place to discuss our beloved Dawgs in 2006. (You know I couldn’t acknowledge an unknown female knowing me so personally on the interwebs…….Mrs. Mac would slip something into my single malt and I wouldn’t get to see our Dawgs have that special season where all finally goes our way! Speaking of which, current legal situation aside, what would it be like to have every single thing go your way for an entire season like FSU is seeing this fall? Hope I don’t jinx them but it has been incredible to me to see someone not face adversity once with loss of key players, or some really weird calls/events.)

        • The Mac referred to there was a commenter on the old AB-H message board, a very knowledgeable guy.

          • Macallanlover

            Sounds like there is no chance we get confused with one another again.

            • I wouldn’t confuse the politics of you two, either. 😉

              • Macallanlover

                You never know, I swing both ways when viewed on a larger spectrum. I am extremely conservative on financial and security issues but pretty liberal on many social issues. Problem is, the first two I view so critical that I cannot support any one who doesn’t agree on those two. A few decades ago there were elected representatives who voted their district/state’s beliefs, now the Party must be obeyed. We lost something in that change and it prevents moderation/compromise which leaves us bitterly divided. Doesn’t mean the two Macs would agree in the end, but I would be very suspicious of anyone I agreed with totally.

  6. The Lone Stranger

    Clearly we should ALL hope that one day we have a meaty driving wheel to come home to. That cat truly seems to lust after his steering mechanism there.

  7. AusDawg85

    Whew….that link to your first posting allowed me to read every one you’ve written by linking forward. I’m exhausted but enlightened. It’s like I slept in a Holiday Inn Express, only better. 😉