Auburn, without the bad deflection

Mark Bradley haz a sad. A big one.


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  1. Sliceshs

    How could they top that Hail Mary against us? Guess we know…

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Speaking of Auburn, they pulled another one out of their ass.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    Harry Potter is working his magic

  4. Damn Scorp …. now you gotta load up on the Scotts tissue. Everyone loves being associated with a winner. Rammer jamer …. whhoops…
    wait… WAR EAGLE!
    I love our Dawgs!

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Dear Homey,

      You just don’t get it. My admiration for Bama is purely intellectual. My heart is totally disinterested in Bama.

      One positive for us from the way Bama got beat by shitty special teams play, for instance, is that when Mark Richt watches the Arn Bowl, and I am sure he will, he will think….”See Dawg fans, Bama, they proly got nine special teams coaches…still didn’t do em any good, did it?”

      I ain’t a Bama fan. I am a long-suffering, still awaitin for Herschel, hopin for a miracle, Kharmic Bitch courtin thoroughbred Dawg.

      And this morning especially, I am glad we ain’t Bama.

      • No offense intended Scorp. Just having you on. The Gumps are in an especially sour mood this morning. As is the OBC. He got everything he wanted. Softest schedule in the SEC. No losses to the West yet fate would have it that a lowly uT beats him and then the team he beats from the east is that team the represents the east in the SECC game. Some where Larry is laughing and sayin ” ole lady luck just looked down and laughed out loud.” Yesterday’s game stressed my nerves. I haven’t heard from my GT bro-in-law since he called to say hello on my brides birthday. He called me after the first quarter and sang the Ramblin’ Wreck song. I returned the call after the 2nd OT period but he wasn’t taking my calls. Poor form! So I organized the group and we left messages, text messages, Twitter messages, utube vids, office messages for him. You get the picture. I imagine sometime in the next 24 hours I’ll be scolded by my beautiful bride for my deeds. And she will remind me to act my age etc. I will apologize and blame it on the October Fest triple pale ale we brewed for this occasion. All the while knowing that the Karmic Bitches just jap slapped my Bro in law for not manning up! GO DAWGS!

  5. ScoutDawg

    Somebodies’ envelope is just got a little bigger over there on the plains.

  6. Dolly Llama

    Stingtalk is jammed. Can’t get it on the phone. I will get it eventually, though, and drink deeply of tears of impotent nerd rage.

  7. Bryant Denny


  8. uglydawg

    Oh my Dawggies…that was cruel!!! I loved it more than a blowout…The nerds were celebrating in the first quarter…
    Man I love it when the Dawgs use that hobnailed boot!!!

  9. You should never fire your coach cause you might end up like Tennessee. Oh, wait…

  10. Biggus Rickus

    It would have been better for my blood pressure if Georgia had played well in the first half and won easy, but in a way it’s better to give Tech fans hope only to yank it away.

    • uglydawg

      It is better, Biggus! Real nats fans had to stay to the end….they stayed for the celebration that never came!!!! What a glorious ending!

  11. Dolly Llama

    A Tech win and a jar of homemade corn liquor. It gets no better.

  12. Bob Sackamono

    Man, when that ball popped in the air I thought…oh shit, not again.

  13. Irishdawg

    Dear Tech fans: suck it, you classless walking shit stains. It’s funny Murray got hurt? Is that it, assholes? Well, his back up just shredded your shitty defense and over came a 20 point lead. Hurts, does it? Well, try to ease the pain by going and fucking yourselves.

  14. If SC and Aubarn play in the SECCG I hope the dome implodes. Go Mizzou!!

  15. Hahahahahahahaha. Screw you Tech!

    Its great, to be, a Georgia Bulldog…

    • ChicagoDawg

      “It’s great, to be, a Georgia Bulldog” Really? Hmm…. that’s rich.

      • What, you don’t agree?

        • ChicagoDawg

          No, just surprised to hear anything other than someone sucks, someone should be fired, etc.,

        • gastr1

          Hard to believe you’re sincere in that, Mucktroll.

          • ScoutDawg

            You got his number gasr1, don’t let him fool you.

            • You don’t see how incredibly close minded that is?

              I think our program is plateaued under its current regime. I think there is a severe lack of accountability that trickles down and effects the entire program. I think its am embarrassing joke that our S&C program is run by a videographer.

              Why is that such a horrendous problem for you? Why is that opinion something that drives you so absolutely bonkers that you can’t conceive of someone holding that opinion?

              It doesn’t make me any less of a Bulldogs fan. Have you ever seen me post anything trashing our players, for example?

              I’d absolutely love to be proven wrong about my views of the staff/program. Boy would I love that to happen.

              • RocketDawg

                I think you are a sorry piece of shit and should join charlottedawg on the “Banned from watching UGA games” list. Fair weather fan…

                • Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?

                  I am a fair weather fan because I have an honest opinion that is different than yours about the capabilities of our current staff/regime?

                  That’s incredibly narrow minded and bigoted of you.

                  I’m curious. How much do you do to support our players after they are done entertaining you? I bet nothing. My support doesn’t stop when they are no longer playing for “my team.”

  16. Tronan

    UGA damn near gives me another heart attack (I’m up to six this season), and then I flip over to the end of Auburn-‘Bama and see something that makes our victory look positively mundane. There is a massive rip in the time/space continuum at Jordan-Hare.

  17. Btw. Did anyone watching at home see that Tech commercial with the total dork yelling into a microphone about how you could build the Ironman suit if you wanted bc you went to Tech? i literally thought it was a gag but it was actually a real GT commercial…

  18. Spike

    I was at the 78 game. The most exciting game I ever saw in person. This may be better. Tech, we own you. Gurley is your daddy. You will never beta us.I

    • Nashville West

      I was also at the 78 game. That one was less nerve racking, you always felt like the Wonderdawgs would pull it out like they had so many other times. Both times, 13 and 78, it was our backup QB who pulled it out. This one may be more satisfying because karma has kicked our butt so often this year, it’s nice to be on the other side of it for a change.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Was there tonight and 1978.

      Those of us old enough all called it with the 20-0 score. When the Redcoats started playing Molly Hatchet and Skynyrd, we knew it was sealed.

  19. C

    Holy crap! All I can say is that Alabama just needs a special teams coach!

    • uglydawg

      Man, they just stood around after the field goal miss…I guess nobody told them it could be returned. By the time the pursuit began, it was an easy runback for a score.

      • stuckinred

        Yea but Georgia has awful coaches because KNOCK THE BALL DOWN. Seems like the greatest coaches in the world still have kids that f*ck up.

        • Flukebucket

          Saban looked and sounded like he had eaten a bushel of shit during the post game presser. A screw up of that proportion he just cannot abide. It will eat him up forever.

          • IAmAGurleyMan

            Whose screwup? His special teams for blowing it or his for asking for the one second back for a low percentage FG? You’re right – this will haunt him forever.

            • Chopdawg

              He lost the game when he passed up the chip shot FG that would’ve given him the 10-pt lead in the 4th qtr.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Auburn has one. He’s the guy who decided to substitute their kick returner into the FG defense team.

  20. HahiraDawg

    4 rushes, 50 yards and two scores later, Gurley is the man.

  21. Jazzy Jeff

    Auburn thinks they are a great team. We beat ourselves when we played them and then Saban beard himself. The last championship they won with a quarterback whose father was paid for his son to play football. So they swim in the bullshit and think they are a exceptional. In fact their fans are the most insufferable egotistical bunch of losers of all time. They don’t even know what name their team is. It is so true that only people only people that aren’t smart enough to get into Georgia go to Auburn. What a bunch of freaking losers

    • Well. To be fair most of them are the dumb members of well off families that couldn’t get into UGA….

    • 79dawg

      I dunno, I heard almost as many “War Eagles” today at the Joke by Coke as I did in Auburn…. Still living vicariously through our real rivals, after all these years….

  22. uglydawg

    Thousands of nerds turned off the game or left the (I use the word lightly) stadium after the first quarter. They are drinking Shirley Temples in the bars or playing Dragon Con. They still haven’t heard….
    I live out in the country…when the pass was batted to the ground, I went out behind the house and gave the loudest Dawg howl I could muster. About six or seven seconds later, someone howled back from a mile away…
    I’m a happy Dawg fan tonight…That’s a win to build on.

  23. It’s always fun to beat the nerds but until they finally fire that arrogant prick and give up the dirty cut blocking we might just want to stop playing them. Getting sick of losing lineman every year because of their diving at knees and ankles and somehow that’s legal yet Gurley’s TD gets called back because of a cut block.

    • Athens Dog

      Unbelievable call. Thought it would have been Penn

      • WF dawg

        The absolute worst was the Bennett fumble and recovery that was ruled incomplete. To me, that is the most egregious missed call of UGA’s season because it was reviewed and upheld.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          A bunch of bad calls that went against the dawgs this season were reviewed and upheld.

          • WF dawg

            That’s true, but none more blatantly wrong than this one, IMO.

            • uglydawg

              You’re right WF…It was awful. And the cut-block call that nullified the go-ahead TD was an intended spiteful deed. These zebras were making a statement that they stick together and Georgia’s (justified) bitching about Penn Wagers and Co. will not stand. The SEC needs to fire these idiots instead of putting up with them.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Won’t happen with limp-dick McGarity representing Georgia with the SEC office. What a pussy!

  24. Irishdawg

    “You work in obscenities is on par with the work of the masters in oils. ”

    Thanks. The Nerds bring out the worst and the best of me.

  25. Athens Dog

    We beat the nerds. All else is noise.

  26. Where is www tonight? He’s crawled back under his rock or back into his parents’ basement.

  27. I can barely get StingTalk to load. I can’t wait to drink of their sweet, sweet tears.

  28. Do you Mark Richt would have ever stationed a return man back in the end zone to run back that long FG with no time left on the clock?

  29. Ellis

    Auburn gets lucky again and ends the sec streak of 7 straight national titles. Way to go tigers, I mean eagles, I mean plainsmen or whatever. Hopefully FSU doesn’t melt down against The OSU and can at least keep the title in the south.

    Oh, well, the Dawgs still own the trade school.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I think Michigan State will beat OSU, so it’ll be worse. Auburn will continue the streak.

      • uglydawg

        Auburn wouldn’t fare well against FSU. OSU wouldn’t either. I don’t care for FSU, but they’ve got it all this year.

  30. WF dawg

    Well, SOS’s Saturday plans just opened up.

  31. Will Trane

    After the tough AU loss, Dawgs win out and salvage an 8-4 season. From the Vandy loss forward the players,and coaches did a very good job considering the injuries, their schedule, and the favorable home schedules AU and Mizzou had this year. Some players need to dig down this season to improve.

  32. Will Trane

    Mizzou will not face Carolina and Florida at home. Nor will they face a Dawgs team transitioning thru injuries. And AU, well you used all your luck this year. Will not come again in schools history. Nor will they get a schedule at home like that again.

  33. Will Trane

    Todd Gratham you and your position coaches did a damn good job after the 1st quarter. For all those Dawg fans who have whimpered and pissed on themselves about you this year they can go to hell. The NG is huge against GT offense and Smith barely played plus again the secondary was ravaged with injuries.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      “For all those Dawg fans who have whimpered and pissed on themselves about you this year they can go to hell”

      Because letting GT “only” hang 27 points on you (in regulation) gets you a magic medal that erases your body of work over the last two seasons?

  34. Will Trane

    Offenses. Should not say this, but if I was GT’s AD I would consider a change of coahces on the Flats. Your offense is terrible PJ. But hell Gators could not stop it with the coach every Dawg fan wanted 3-4 years ago. TG, for an NFL position coach you sure know how to throttle it. So what does that say about those cichken shit dawg faithful.

  35. Will Trane

    Damn Mason where have you been boy. You can get the ball out there in a flash.. Team nobody wants to play right now, even AU and Mizzou if it is between the hedges. Yep, those Dawgs. Once you guys start playing like you want to play, you can damn sure light up the board.

  36. Will Trane

    Shame on you Mike Bobo!. Did you not manage your RBs today. GT thought they held TG in check…well somewhat in regulation. Then in OT Bobo unleashed hell on them…to Hell with the Tech. Todd Gurley can you not run…great runs in OT…you shred Tech. The Jackets were sucking hind tit in OT.

  37. 69Dawg

    The Old Ball Sack gets to lay claim to the SEC title again since ,he beat Mizzou oh yea well he’s done it 3 years in a row.

  38. Will Trane

    At ttimes I THINK our O line is woeful. Then on the plains and the flats, you guys start taking over a game. Saw it aginst Carolina, Florida, and LSU. If you are a downline on D or O in Georgia high school. You have to look at Freind and Wilson. Of all the hype about other teams, there have been some great play from the D and O lines.

  39. Bulldog Joe

    And now, one of the greatest traditions in all of college football…

    …the spell SKYNYRD cheer.

  40. Bulldog Joe

    Kick, Bama, Kick.

  41. Bulldog Joe

    We’ve had a lot of problems this year, but Marshall Morgan’s placekicking has been money.

    • uglydawg

      “We’ve had a lot of problems this year”…yep…and right now I can honestly believe had half of those Dawg injuries not happened, we’d be looking an a NC this year. Georgia is a better team than any of the teams they lost to.
      Gleefully looking year is going to be GREAT!
      Way to “hunker down” Dawgs!

      • Biggus Rickus

        Fully manned, Missouri was probably better than Georgia this year, if only because they play solid defense. Next year, the offense will be loaded again, so if the defense can merely be okay there’s no reason Georgia shouldn’t make the SEC championship game.

        • Not sure I agree – they would have had big trouble dealing with our receivers (Mitchell, JSW, Bennett, Conley, Wooten and McGowan). Finally throw Gurley and Marshall into the mix. I don’t think they had the players on the back end to stop a fully functioning Georgia offense. We’ll find out in Columbia West next year. Remember we were a dropped 2-point conversion from tying the game with a wave of momentum. I also don’t think we would have been -4 in turnover margin with a fully functioning offense.

          • Biggus Rickus

            I don’t horribly disagree with this. I’m giving them a little bit of the benefit of the doubt, because they’ve looked better than I thought they were since that game.

            • RocketDawg

              Mizzou is a good team. They do play good defense but I have to believe that the game would have been closer had we had all of our weapons for that one. I don’t think we played a defense this year that could have shut a fully manned Georgia O down completely.

  42. Scorpio Jones, III

    Here’s my summary of the what happened there on Saturday.

    We watched Hutson (or Hudson) Mason grow up.
    We now know that Georgia’s defenders learn from their mistakes…they knocked it down!!!!
    Paul Johnson the Johnson is a true genius…calling the pass when nobody on either side could stop the run was a magical moment in football strategy.

    To have given Tech hope, then snatched it away is golden…my ole daddy would be proud for the win, and doubly proud of the tease.

    And in Awbun, Alabama, to see Bama get beat by bad special teams play is very interesting indeed….four, count them, four, missed field goals.

    What I took from Saban’s post game stuff was that no matter what he said, what he was thinking was…”what the fuck just happened?”

    And at the end of the day, the good guys win in Nerdville and the Kharmic Bitches picked a priceless moment to repay the Bama Nation for Harvey Updike. Note to Bama fans….don’t fuck with Mother Nature.

    The Miracle of the Dead Trees….the Bitches, for once this year, are giggling and pointing at Bama fans, not us.

    And me…well, this morning I can well and truly say I am glad we ain’t Bama.

  43. Bulldog Joe

    Never thought we would win one by tipping the ball up in the air.


  44. Scorpio Jones, III

    It has been a very strange year, indeed. Injuries, pokes in the eye from the Kharmic Bitches, weird officiating, losing Aaron Murray against Kentucky…Kentucky!! Then the absolute joy of teasing Tech.

    Yeah, I know we got the bowl game, but your Senatorness, I just wanted to give you pat on the head for taking the time (and I can only guess at how much that actually is) to give us Dawgs of the lunatic fringe a place to go and blabber…really dude, your “house” has become part of our lives. It is obvious all the good lawyers are not dead.

    Tip of the battered old Dawg hat, Boss, no shit.

  45. Advance apologies for all the readers of this blog and that may include some tekis, but I just CANNOT hold this in, any longer than about 12 hours or I will have another ,mini stroke. HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO FOREVER. JUST THE RIGHT WAY TO START THE HOLIDAYS.