Game day thoughts: if hating Tech is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Random things that have bopped into my head over the past few days:

  • It was lost in all the great things Georgia Tech accomplished last season, but Tevin Washington managed to end a lengthy streak by completing over 50% of his pass attempts.  Luckily for us, Vad Lee is more of a traditionalist at the position.  His completion percentage going into today’s game stands at a robust 47.1%.
  • Speaking of Mr. Lee, if the Jackets have to put the game in the hands of their passing attack in the fourth quarter, you can go ahead and light your cigar.
  • That being said, I have a funny feeling that the Georgia defender to keep an eye on today is Leonard Floyd.  If Georgia can’t set the edge and hold it, Tech’s going to get its share of decent gains running the ball outside.
  • I don’t think it takes any deep insight to recognize that Mason is the story on offense.  How the coordinators handle deploying and defending him will be the chess match of the day.  I expect lots of blitzing from Roof.
  • One thing to be nervous about:  Georgia Tech’s offense in the red zone.
  • Another thing to be nervous about:  Jeremiah Attaochu against Georgia’s offensive tackles.
  • We know Georgia’s struggled on the turnover margin front, but Tech is no great shakes there either, at minus-2 on the year.  If you take out the 1-AA opponents, the Jackets are minus-nine.
  • One other thing about Murray’s absence, aside from the fact that he absolutely owned Georgia Tech, is that the offense was really making strides in adjusting to the absence of a true deep threat.  I’m hoping the offense doesn’t miss a beat with Mason, but we’ll see.
  • Does Miami’s win yesterday affect Tech from a motivational standpoint?

Georgia is more talented and the Dawgs have been the more motivated team under Richt.  Ordinarily, that’s been enough, but 2013 has been a weird year, to say the least.  So I’ll say Georgia wins but doesn’t cover.  Which means I’m looking forward to another enjoyable walk out of BDS.  I’ll be the guy dressed in red with a shit eating grin.

The thread is open, guys.  Jump on in.


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102 responses to “Game day thoughts: if hating Tech is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  1. SouthGaDawg

    My question of the day is will Bobo turn Mason loose, or will he play it conservative. I think the first series will be telling. Does Georgia come out in Pro I or 3-4 receiver gun? Ok, that was more than one question.

    • SouthGaDawg

      Forgot to say that I’d turn him loose. If we play conservative, we will make it a close game. Also, I think Gurley runs better out of the gun than the I since the injury. The gun gives us more options (no pun intended) plus I think Mason will be more comfortable in the gun. BTW, in Coach Russell’s immortal words – Tuck Fech!!!

      • The Lone Stranger

        I figure it will be beyond bonkers if UGa does not open in the I, just to settle into the game. Of course, given that beastly DE for the Yellas combined with the suspect Tackles mixed together with a “green” Mason, the table is set for a robust screen game. I anticipate early swings out to TG2. Then you can open the middle for Lynch and some down the seam stuff!

      • AusDawg85

        Merritt lead blocking for Gurley was good for 8+ YPC against Kentucky. I’d like to see if we can gash the nats like that to let Mason get used to the excitement, emotion, noise, etc. before cutting him loose.

  2. I feel really good about Mason…He has that young cocky confident demeanor…that makes for a great QUARTERBACK!

  3. ScoutDawg

    How will I tell you from Huck?

  4. mg4life0331

    They have already made mention that Mason is more of a spread guy from high school. I remember him as he beat my packers in a semifinal game that year. I’m not saying they were Hawaii, but they definitely played a more from the gun.

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Doc, you ain’t shittin it has been a weird year…maybe the most weird I can remember (and das a lotta years). For this reason, and a couple of others, I am, as I polish my hat, beginning to get really worried about this thing there.

    Having watched Tech with something akin to vague disinterest several times this year, I worry about Tech’s defense…early in the game…they seem to run out of steam (lack of depth?) as the wane waxes, but that giant end is t-ro-u- b-l-e.

    I don’t think our defensive front will lose focus (get bored?) because they have to be on high alert for cut blocks…especially the lankier guys…like the aforementioned Leonard Floyd.

    I hate that I even thought of this, but are the officials ACC or SEC?

    I think if we can jump out to say…..50-0? in the first half I will breathe easier.

    I am proly gonna tear up if 11 is on the sidelines with a headset.

    Go Hutster…be like Matt Saracen…

    Clear eyes, Full Hearts, be nice to the Bitches and kick Tech’s ass.

    • I think your losing it Scorp…..

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I don’t think, Joy, I KNOW I am worried about Tech. I am truly sorry if you don’t know Matt Saracen.

        • I know Matt. Mason is not Matt. Mason has been waiting patiently in the wings. He is going to be one of the greats! Have we ever had a QB that was not adequate? I tell you …..he has been in Aaron’s blessed shadow. He is ready ….the time is now. Aaron will lift him up. RISE UP MASON.

          • Dawgpa

            Does Joe Cox ring a bell?

            • Patrick

              Joe Cox was at least adequate, maybe more.

              Kiehl Frazier, Any Clausen, Jarrett Lee, Jeff Driskell, Reggie Ball

              You’re forgetting what truly horrid QB play looks like. Most other programs have had to deal with it. We have not under Richt.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Joe Cox was a DGD who won a bunch of track meets for UGA by outscoring teams when Georgia basically was without a DC or a D.

  6. TennesseeDawg

    As maligned as our pass defense has been, Tech is worse. They are 83rd in the nation and 13th (of 14) in the ACC. TTDB (Throw the Damn Ball)

  7. Debby Balcer

    The refs are SEC but I don’t know which crew.

  8. Rock and Roll Rebel

    Throw to Gurley in order to set up the run to Gurley…

  9. ScoutDawg

    Sign on Gameday; GSU 1-SEC 0. Damn, just damn.

  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    Man…the Round Mound Of Rebound looks cut.

  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    I hope those of you who are warming up watching FSU and the Booms!!! are aware the Fla secondary is the best the Noles will face all season…how bout that BD?

  12. shane#1

    Good luck Dawgs, for a change. Lately their luck has been like mine, shitty.

  13. ScoutDawg

    Want some pre-game fun? Go read Alligator Army. I think they are onto Agent M.

  14. IveyLeaguer

    One thing you mentioned has been on my mind all week .. setting the edge. And I’m more concerned about Jenkins than anybody. I’d really feel better with Dawson than Jenkins. Hopefully he will play some.

    The other thing is, OK we set the edge, but now we have to be disciplined and stay in our gaps. Thinking of our safeties bothers me.

  15. Scorpio Jones, III

    Stay worried my Dawgs.

  16. Nashville West

    It’s now official,ANYBODY can pass on this defense.

  17. Noonan

    I am still perplexed whenever an opponent tries to run the football against us. We defend the pass like a group of 11 blind senior citizens

  18. MuchoDawg

    Strutting around and talking trash before the game doesn’t do much for me. You want to strut? Then play defense and STOP the freakin’ pass. Then you can strut. My God, Tech is PASSING on us. Hell, we can’t covert anybody.

  19. That interception was downright Coxian.

  20. Nashville West

    Gotta love the ACC homers rooting for the insects. Sound off already.

  21. baddawg

    So… I know its early. Mason looks shaking. Def backfield smells like open ass. They have to man up. But, hypothetical here, if we lose to nerds… What now… Stumble into next year and hope it gets better. I mean. This sucks.

  22. Dolly Llama

    We’re just looking like shit. You’d know it’d be Vad Effin Lee’s coming-out party. Damn. Just damn.

  23. www

    Looking good so far…

  24. Carolinadawg

    20-0. I love Mark Richt. Such a nice guy. 7-5 is just fine.

  25. The Lone Stranger

    Well, there is always the Spring Game for Mr. Mason. Why no screens?

  26. Nashville West

    Maybe we can skip the bowl game this year. I don’t think I can stand to watch this pathetic excuse for a defense one more time. Let some MAC team go to Shreveport or Memphis instead and keep Gurley safe at home.

    • but we turned the corner. And we dominated against UK. this must just be a bizarre anomaly

      • gastr1

        I have to say, it does look like the secondary is really the only problem at this point. The line and LBs were so strong today that GT could not run the option at all. But our secondary is the shittiest thing since the invention of the stuff.

  27. Dawgoned

    Floyd looks hopeless against the option. Still giving chase wide (as usual) and not sticking with his man.

  28. Patindc

    One score at a time.

  29. www

    Gurley’s TD called back because of a chop block? Oh, the irony…

  30. BR Dawg

    It’s almost like the refs are trying to fuck us.

  31. Nashville West

    I started to wonder whether these were ACC or SEC refs and decided that it really didn’t matter; we’ll get screwed either way.

  32. Another week. Another chance to get screwed by shitty refs.

  33. Ohh FFS. Can this defense be anymore clueless?

  34. Nashville West

    Bless Bennett and Conley, they showed up to play.

    • Too bad the secondary didn’t. And what a surprise that Garrison Smith is out with an ankle injury. I really don’t get why they won’t outlaw this dirty cut blocking bullshit.

  35. Wow. A kickoff into the end zone. Who woulda think it?

  36. Nashville West

    Game over

  37. If making a former 3 star athlete turned option QB look like freaking Joe Montana isn’t enough to get you fired then I don’t know what will.

  38. We let you lead for the entire game. Now we are going to beat you. LOL

  39. We’re gonna lose by a freaking FG bc our D can’t make a stop. Sigh.

  40. And now we use one on defense. Great clock management.

  41. Nashville West

    Well at least Mason will get some more reps in preparation for the Tidy Bowl

  42. Noonan

    Yep, Sims is pretty much equal to Hurley.

  43. Wow. I don’t think I can take another game like that….

  44. gastr1

    Beating Georgia Tech always satisfies. We kill ’em, and we impart our dominance, AGAIN. We win a squeaker in OT, we rip their puny little hearts and stop on ’em just to toy with ’em.

    We beat them with a backup QB and the worst pass defense in Georgia history, it just shows again how bad they suck in that shit conference of theirs. DUKE, baby. DUKE.

  45. I hope everyone is pulling for mizzou tonight so the fans of cock don’t back into the championship game!!!!

  46. ScoutDawg

    Damn if Mason hasn’t been paying attention all these years.

    • gastr1

      He’s clearly not Murray, but he did all right!

      • Ellis

        Mason looked as good as Murray ever did tonight. I am enthusiastic about next year. Hopefully our secondary can improve. Would also love to see Bobo gone, another game of questionable calls, but glad he pulled his head out of his ass in overtime and gave Gurley the ball on plays other than dive plays on 2nd and 25.

        • sUGArdaddy

          Ellis, you are either a troll or haven’t watched much tackle football. Good Lord, son. If you think Bobo is the problem, I don’t know how to explain it to you in English.

          • Ellis

            Try any language. I am not saying he is the main problem, our defense, especially the secondary needs to shape up and I think with experience they will, but please do not make any more excuses for our mediocre oc. He had no plan tonight and was again saved only by the talent on the field. I only made the comment that it was nice that someone reminded him that we have Todd Gurley on our team in the overtime period. I gave him some credit for making an adjustment for once so lay off.

            • sUGArdaddy

              Lay off? Learn the game, brother. Bobo is the best OC we’ve ever had and presided over the best offenses we’ve ever had. we avg a ridiculous amount of points and continually win games out-scoring people. Did you notice mighty aj and the bammers scored 28 on auburn? We scored 38, with 1/2 our weapons on crutches. We lit tech up for 41, Clemson for 35, USCjr and lsu for 40+. John football couldn’t score on lsu and Mizzou, but we somehow figured out a way. You name me te guy you think is better. Chad Morris just dropped 17 on the Cocks and makes twice what Bobo does.

            • WF dawg

              “our mediocre oc” — it is unfathomable to me that folks that think this way still exist. Unfathomable.

  47. ctfain

    Leonard Floyd came through tonight, big time. Very happy with the option discipline, if not the deep pass coverage.

  48. Comin' Down The Track

    Dear Nerds,
    This is you. This is what you look like.

    Dawg Nation

  49. BeachGaBulldog

    HOW ‘BOUT THEM DAWGS! To come back from a 20-0 deficit. Todd Gurley is a MAN!

  50. uglydawg

    To Carolina Dawg…”Prayer conquers all”. Mine got answered.