Oh, the things you can learn at The Hive!

And here I was thinking that Gurley kid’s pretty special.



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19 responses to “Oh, the things you can learn at The Hive!

  1. Turd Ferguson

    “Who the hell is ‘Sims’?” asked everyone.


  2. I want to soak my head after having read that thread. The insights and conclusions drawn by the posters was so stunningly dull. How can you care enough to expend the 20 calories necessary to contribute to CFB social media site, yet still possess such profound ignorance in understanding of the game? Ugh…


  3. ATLienDawg

    And I’m officially dumber for reading that thread. My favorite line was about their RB averaging more ypc than Gurley as proof their offensive scheme is superior to UGA’s. Clearly, the Hive has gotten so used to PJ’s offense they’ve forgotten about the forward pass.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III


    Do I really have to read that shit?


  5. Required reading ….The HATE that stirs from this will be the force that puts a whippin on those bees.


  6. fetch

    Any offense that works based on making the other teams defense scared you are going to cause a career ending injury, should be banned.


  7. Jcann

    My personal favorite from that thread is the guy who said he would take Godhigh over Gurley or Sims because his YPC is around 10…classic


  8. uglydawg

    Silly, uniformed, dreamers. It never changes.
    When opponents are considered, there’s no way to compare the stats for these two teams. Georgia should win on talent and toughness alone.


  9. hunkerdowndawg

    I have looked at lots of stats, lots of analysis, a lot of tendencies… NOT. There is only one stat: We have #3 and they do not. Gurley goes big in Atlanta today!


  10. Dawgy45

    So we will have our “hands full with Godhigh”? Alec Ogletree approves of this comment.


  11. PTC DAWG

    Ugag…..they think that’s funny.


  12. Junior

    Early on, Gurley pulled a Moreno. In OT, he channeled Robert Edwards circa ’96. Only thing I can slight him on was his wiff on the block on the last regulation posession. Other than that, just awesome.


  13. DawgByte

    I left voice mail on Santa’s phone and asked him to drop off some 5 star DB’s in Athens. Santa called me back and said, “Fire Lakatos first, then I’ll think about it.”