Proof that Paul Johnson surfs the Web

The genius, on Hutson Mason:

“We won’t know if he’s as good vertically as Aaron Murray until he plays for a bit,” Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said. “He’s clearly very accurate when you watch the tape in the little bit he’s played in. Everything that I’ve heard in the state for the last two or three years since he’s been there every time there’s a scrimmage or every time there’s practice, they’re always raving about him. I know a couple of years ago when they were struggling a little bit, people were yelling for him to be the quarterback. So clearly, he’s talented.”  [Emphasis added.]

I’ve gotta think that last sentence there was pure sarcasm.  If so, that’s not badly played, if you think about it.


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11 responses to “Proof that Paul Johnson surfs the Web

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    So, Johnson the Johnson is a genius at sarcasm?

    I may swoon, he says, dodging the cut blocks.


  2. gastr1

    He’s been taking notes from Spurrier. He has a ways to go to get to OBC-level snark yet.


  3. Cosmic Dawg

    Ha! I think that quote was free of irony and sarcasm. I think he was trying to be graceful, and really meant that if you’re good enough to be considered a potential substitute for AM, then you’re probably pretty good.

    But if he’s that subtle, then yes, that is some awfully funny cfb humor right there…he’s saying more about fans in general than Mason.


  4. Cats like him, who are so thin skinned and filled with fake bravado are consumed with how others are doing, what other people say about them, how the compare to others, etc., Their insecurity compels them to do so. I guarantee you that bastard plows countless hours into social media, print media and TV/radio.


  5. AusDawg85

    Hmmmmm…Come to think of it, I’ve never seen The Genius and www in the same room together.


  6. Junior

    Yeah I think Mason is pretty damn good. Wish Murray hadnt gotten injured, but really glad Hutson had the game he did against a 20 point deficit on the road. He played a helluva game.. Was 31 dialed in or what? I think those DA bumblebee nerds fired Mr. Conley up a little. Loved the way those guys were in such a rhythm. Damn its good to be a dawg! If only we had one tenth the luck of that team on the plains. Holy shitballs.