Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

Hunh… I guess Nick Saban can’t coach, either.

The best thing about the ending to this year’s Iron Bowl is that it’ll suck most of the oxygen out of the room about Auburn’s miracle against Georgia.

And if Gus Malzahn didn’t hop on a plane for Vegas Saturday night, he’s crazy.  With the giant rabbit’s foot he’s toting, a few bets on the roulette wheel would have been child’s play.


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40 responses to “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

  1. ScoutDawg

    I wonder how long before Bama’s kicker has a mysterious, career ending injury. You know he is gone right.

    • RocketDawg

      I said the same thing to my wife. Their kicker and several of the O-line will have “mysterious” career ending injuries this summer (many of which will be suffered during a horrific bass fishing accident) so the Bammers can sign 35 recruits for the umpteenth year in a row

    • TennesseeDawg

      He’s a senior so Saban won’t have to worry about it

      • ScoutDawg

        In that case they will probably find him in a ditch somewhere. Or he will move to Montanna where they haven’t even heard of Bama…

    • PatinDC

      The kicker is a senior. It seems he was the same kicker who missed all the field goals against LSU in the rematch season.

  2. Timphd

    Before the kick I told my wife “watch something bizarre happen for Auburn to win, like run back a short kick for a TD”. She asked “can they do that?” and I said, “sure, it is Auburn”.

  3. charlottedawg

    Saban’s achilles heel is special teams especially field goals. the SECCG against us, LSU in 2011, and I believe they jumped offsides against A&M last year to seal the game. Obviously one of if not the best coach in CFB right now but he cost Bama that game with a decision to try and kick a 57 yd field goal.

    • ScoutDawg

      He said that one kicker makes them in practice all the time. I remember this time that Georgia tried one from 60…

    • I remember when the OBC coach didn’t believe in giving schollys to kicker. “Let a walk on do it.” Then it cost him a championship. He has kickers on scholarships now.

    • uglydawg

      His mistake wasn’t the field goal attempt as much as it was not preparing his players to cover the return…they just stood there. It should be like a punt..once you hear the “thump” you run downfield to cover it. They just stood around until it was too late.

      • WF dawg

        I bet, too, that there’s some truth that the FG unit isn’t the nimblest set of guys to cover a return. Still, should have been covered.

  4. Little Nicky’s deal with the devil is over….Head on over to Texas… see what you can do..

  5. Mike Cooley

    Right before the kick my brother in law asked me if you could return a short kick in college football. Right then I had a weird feeling that something wild was about to happen. Auburn and their stupid dumb luck is really annoying. But the looks on the Bama people’s faces was hilarious.

    • PHDawg

      If Auburn had two losses (ESPECIALLY if one of them was to us), I’d have been laughing my ass off last night. As it is, though, now we still have to deal with all the stupid “WDE!” as if those bastards don’t have the luckiest luck of all the luck ever.

  6. Will Trane

    Winning expectations are at a new high for AU now. Fail to win the West in falling years under 1st year coach will become an increasing burden. Think not ask his former HC and the guy at Florida. Failure win in this fashion here after will be laid at the ability to coahc.

  7. Will Trane

    Do you ‘bat the ball down” or do you intercept it.in 4th down plays? Ask Ohio State. play at end with Michigan. Or the Dawgs against GT. Result is always the answer, but if you are a player it is all split second decisions. DAwgs are at .500 in that decision now.

  8. fatman48

    My son asked me right after the game, “Daddy where dose Malzahn hide the other Horseshoe” ?

  9. Will Trane

    4 cards your call. Saban made a 5th call for a FG after Foster blew up on the previous four. Paul Johson made a 5th call caused by TG that set the stage for Gurley in OT. JH-Cs; pic set up tying FG, Inside Dawgs 50, 2 run stops, an incompletion,, and PJ decides to punt Dawgs down inside their 2. CMR is saying to himself, we will win in OT.

  10. Will Trane

    4 other cards played by the Dawgs OC. 3 cars turned by Gurley on runs of 6, 11, and 5…1st OT TD. Dawgs take temp lead. 4th card played, Gurley up the gut for 25. Summary, GT was playing on fumes on D by now. O line play and Bobo’s pace killed GT even thought Dawgs had less TOP and plays.

  11. Will Trane

    Special teams. Ask Richt. Ask Saban. They are special when they work, but when they do not, all hell can break out.

    • Merk

      Sometimes ST failure can result in good things. We do not beat UF a couple years ago if Walsh was not in a slump, because you know Richt would have went for 3 instead of 7 both times.

  12. Slaw Dawg

    I hate Abuurn’s f’g guts from way back, but their good luck in their last 2 games was set up by (Lord, this is hard to say) great motivational coaching, smart play calling and never-say-die play from a group that was totally depressed a year ago. Malzahn is the conference coach of the year.

  13. BulldogBen

    With the painful roller coaster that this season has been, all I could help thinking watching that was “how long oh lord? How long til we get our moment in the sun?” At this point, I simply can’t envision it.

  14. AusDawg85

    +1 UGA Hall of Fame.

  15. Charles