Not too shabby, Aaron.

Gene Sapakoff is a columnist for the Charleston Post and CourierCheck out his Twitter chain explaining why, if Jameis Winston isn’t cleared as to his off-field issues, he’s casting his Heisman vote for Aaron Murray. (h/t Rachel G. Bowers)

Again, I stopped caring about the Heisman Trophy a long time ago. But it’s gratifying to see the respect Murray’s season has garnered for him. He’s put that “big game” crap to bed for good, it seems.



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  1. I’ve been spitting these stats to a ton of people for a while now. Murray’s season was special up until Kentucky. People just didn’t notice because A) they were focusing on the defense and B) Georgia was out of the mix. I’m convinced had he not gotten hurt against UK, Murray was going to be invited to NY. He would have lit up Tech and finished strong. He was never going to win it, as the Heisman is all about super gaudy numbers or being on a contender, but being invited would have been nice.


  2. Irishdawg

    The Heisman is purely a media driven beauty pageant. It goes to whomever has the most Sportscenter highlights or the star player on the #1 team. Hell, Murray deserves it for his toughness alone.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You left off something Irish–a media campaign funded by the Heisman candidate’s university. But that will never happen for a Georgia player as long as that cheap POS McGarity is the UGA AD. Gurley’s the best RB in the nation coming back next year. Look for a lot of nothing out of the Georgia Sports Information Department next season. A media campaign costs money and, hey, we’ve got to keep our priorities straight in Athens when it comes to the $$.


  3. I have been reading Stingtalk since Saturday night and more than one of the folks over there have just insisted that Murray was not “all that” and that losing him was no big deal. To supposedly be so smart that is the dumbest group of people I have ever seen gather on a site that supposedly discusses football. They even discuss among themselves whether Godhigh or Gurley was the better of the two running backs. Holy shit. And they think Paul Johnson has no eye for talent.


    • Normaltown Mike

      If Gurley played at Tech (ha-ha), he’d run for 2K yards.

      If Godhigh played at Georgia (ha-ha), he’d vie with Brandon Harton for the “True Grit” spring award for the top walk-on.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      So, according to Stingtalk, we’re a bad, no talent team? And didn’t they just lose to this bad, no talent team? And the logical conclusion is . . . . . Not likely to appear on Stingtalk.


  4. ScoutDawg

    South Cackalacky love no less.


  5. Jcann

    Does he have a legitimate shot to get an invite? Maybe this plus the ESPN article will get him some votes and get him there. He deserves it, and it would be great publicity for the program.


  6. Brandon

    It would be a great story and the media loves a great story and rarely fact checks a story if its one they want to tell. Does Murray have a girlfriend or other family member (imaginary or otherwise) that has had a terminal illness or some other issue we can use to create some further melodrama to push him over the top? (tongue planted firmly in cheek)


  7. Irwin R. Fletcher

    It’s almost as if in the rush to leave behind the ‘old’ way of thinking about the Heisman, we’ve lost why the award was special.

    It’s safe to say that Murray has a chance to finish higher than Zeier did (7th) his final season. Even if he finishes in the top 10…it will be the first time since Hearst-Zeier that UGA had two players finish in the top 10 in consecutive years. (Jarvis was 10th last season) Gurley probably has the best chance to reach NY of any Dawg since Garrison Hearst.


    • ScoutDawg

      If he is fully healed next year… I would love to see what Mr. Gurley 2 could do. Good line, average line, Tech line, would just love to see a full 12 game regular season of Mr. Gurley 2. 1800yds. rushing, 600 recieving. who knows, but that would make a Heisman season.


  8. Slaw Dawg

    From “The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work.” The site also touts its commitment to having the Heisman Trophy “symbolize the fostering of a sense of community responsibility and service to our youth, especially those disadvantaged or afflicted.”

    If integrity is truly as important as on field excellence, if diligence and hard work are on a par with ability, if the Heisman truly stands for service to youth and the disadvantaged, then one would certainly hope that Aaron Murray, who not only willed his team to 2 epic victories against top 10 teams and nearly against 2 others–plus against the Vols at Neyland with multiple starters on the sick list; who is owner of records for passing yards, total offense and TDs in the toughest conference in the land, thereby outstripping a number of previous Heisman winners; who sports a 4.0 GPA; who devotes time and soul to working with the disadvantaged; who has brought only honor to his institution, his team and his sport; would at least be seriously considered.


  9. NewnanDawg

    Anybody that plays 13 snaps on 2 different series including a TD pass, all on a torn ACL should be there.


  10. Russ

    Except for stupid luck, the comeback against Auburn would’ve gotten him invited to NYC. Gutsiest playing I’ve seen in a long time.


  11. gastr1

    Aaron Murray has had the most curious of seasons. He came back “to win a championship,” which he’d never accomplished in his career, against the meme that QBs that return for their senior year after a record-setting junior year often do not fare as well in the senior year. So he didn’t have nearly as good of a year statistically, got hurt, didn’t win anything…and perceptions of him as a valuable QB have only gone up.

    Of course, we know the perceptions should have been “up” before, but what strange coincidences.


  12. Rock and Roll Rebel

    I was talking to a “Georgia fan” yesterday about the Tech game and all he could do was gush about Mason. He said several times, “we’ve been playing the wrong quarterback.” I had to bite my tongue. Hard. It’s still bleeding….