They’re good kids. Really, they are.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Corch elects not to suspend two of his players who were ejected for fighting in the Michigan game for the Big Ten championship match.  That puts the ball squarely in the hands of Jim Delany.  If enabling Jim Tressel to take his team to the Sugar Bowl in the wake of Tatgate is any example, I’m sure he’ll do the right thing.


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  1. heyberto

    I thought the fights were one thing, and is kicking them out of the game enough for that? No. But I’m not sure punishment means missing playing time past that game either.

    But that kid flipping off the Michigan fans? That guy needs a major attitude adjustment.

    Directing your anger in that way does dictate additional punishment.

    Same ol’ Urban. I will say that I’m a little surprised after the lip service he gave surrounding his lack of disciplinary action at UF… But not so much that I thought this wouldn’t be the case.

  2. Vindex

    He’ d be on the phone to that Gainesville lawyer Huntley Johnson, asking him get get Aaron Hernandez out on bail to suit up for the buck nuts if he thought there was any chance. Corch and the Ohio State fan base must be peeing on themselves in excitement over the possibility that if they make it past Sparty next weekend and FSU’s QB winds up with sexual assault charges, then he sits for the title game and the nuts take the field against Nole outfit stripped of its best offensive player. The reverse mirror image of 3 years ago when the nuts, the Big 10, AND the spineless Sugar Bowl Committe all collaborated to enable Ohio State to take the field with admittedly in eligible players in order to bring home their first-ever bowl “win” over an SEC team (although it has been vacated since).

    • Cojones

      Speaking of the Sugar Bowl, wonder how Saban will react after the SECCG? Last year he supported UGA going and asked how the team that was in the SECCG doesn’t represent better than one that didn’t make it to the championship level. Yep, it should be interesting.

  3. Tronan

    In related news, Sparty has found that its popularity has shot through the roof this week.

  4. sUGArdaddy

    After seeing that dude flip off the stands, I said to my wife, “can you imagine a mark richt player doing that?”

    As for Saturday, the only team I’d like to see in the bcscg less than Ohio st is auburn. So if Mizzou wins, I’m ‘go sparty.’ if auburn wins, ‘go corch!’

    • Dubyadee

      I can totally see a Georgia player doing that, and then not dressing out for the next few games.

      CMR doesn’t do a good job controlling players, but UGA has the most stringent punishment regime in the SEC. From a competitive standpoint, it’s the worst of both worlds.

  5. Rock and Roll Rebel

    Here’s to Sparty taking corch down a notch

  6. LorenzoDawg

    urban would be a great fit at the Barn

  7. Bulldog Joe

    I wish we had a coach who would stand up for his players like that.

    There are many ways to handle the discipline internally without punishing the entire team and the people who support them.

    • AusDawg85

      There is so much wrong with your statements, I don’t even know where to begin.

      • Bulldog Joe

        I will be happy to defend my point, if we keep it respectful.

        Full disclosure is I am a long-time Georgia supporter and an alumnus with no interest in trolling.

        • Cojones

          How can Criar support his players when they disrespect his discipline rules? No one could stop their temper tantrums so the players and their team suffered. By not enforcing a reasonable discipline he invites repetition and loss of control like he did at FU. That cost FU, the players and new coaches at least a year to clean the undisciplined trash he left behind. Muschamp had to do something early in his tenure that he knew from the start would put him behind the eightball with a lot of redneck FU fans.

          Criar is a public liar (“family values”), got permission to create another staff to recruit when he went to tOSU(I still don’t understand that ruling) and generally allows problems and individuals to fester. He isn’t taking up for his players, he’s simply trying to pull the wool over a dumb NCAA’s eyes and cover his ass with all the players he can get on the field; screw the high road.

          • Coastal Dawg

            The answer to your first question Cojones, is because Corch is a person of zero integrity who believes the ends justify the means.

            If we accept Bulldog Joe’s code, then an armed robber should be released so his family won’t suffer a loss of income.

        • Macallanlover

          I do not question your Red and Black credentials, or fandom, but I really wonder where you would draw the line, if at all. We have all seen what happened at State Penn, Ohio with Tatgate, USC with the Bush situation, Corch at FU, the Barn in recent years, LSU in the past 3-4 years, and Miami in the 80s. The list could be much longer but I am sure you get the point. That Ohio player was wearing the uniform representing his institution with 100K in the stands, and millions watching on TV, and you would dress him out this week and put him on the field again?

          This isn’t an 8 year old who may not have known better, it is an adult playing in a privileged environment who has received training on how to act in these type situations and has been involved in several at both practice and other games. Whether you are an academic institution or a public corporation, you must set standards of behavior and not waiver in enforcing them just because of a short term situational gain. The inconsistency of making exceptions for a short term benefit will cause significant problems down the road. Corch has an history with similar situations at FU, I don’t want our HC going anywhere near his sleaziness for any reason. That doesn’t mean you cannot be a fan, but it does mean if people with your idea of setting ethical standards ever takes over the way UGA is run, I won’t be rocking the R&B.

          • Bulldog Joe

            My point is this:

            When we automatically give players the day off for every offense, it punishes the entire team and its fanbase, alienates the player, devalues the decision-making authority of the coach, airs our dirty laundry for every media outlet in the country, and weakens our team’s performance on the field.

            We also pass up the opportunity for the player to earn his way back, improving himself and his team through additional hard work.

            I think Meyer’s personality will keep him from staying anywhere a long time. However, he unites his program with real victories instead of moral victories because he does not compromise his decision-making authority.

            UGA’s quest for the moral victory outweighs its desire for the on-field victory. Going home with only a moral victory has grown very stale with a lot of us and with a lot of recruits.

            I wish more of our supporters will speak out.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              When we automatically give players the day off for every offense
              (we don’t)

              it punishes the entire team and its fanbase
              (which encourages a self-policing team and fanbase)

              alienates the player
              (really? it’s not just an incentive to behave?)

              airs our dirty laundry
              (public punishment of bad public behavior lets the rest of the country see that at UGA we know certain behavior is wrong and we care enough about our school’s reputation to acknowledge it in public)

              However, [Meyer] unites his program with real victories instead of moral victories because he does not compromise his decision-making authority.
              (what makes you think Meyer makes these decisions unilaterally but CMR does not?)

              UGA’s quest for the moral victory outweighs its desire for the on-field victory.
              (if “moral victory” is code for “those pesky morals that may or may not get in the way of winning”, then yes, if asked to choose, I think a lot of us prefer the NC of morals over the other one, as frustrating as it may be at times.)

              Going home with only a moral victory has grown very stale with a lot of us and with a lot of recruits.
              (it is also a selling point with other recruits and their mamas, and those are the kids we want.)

            • Macallanlover

              Not sure I understand your use of the “moral victory” term but if you are saying we may have lost some games due to standing on ethics and morality, you are right. I would prefer to lose those for having character than win them because I had nine. Rather than go the direction you obviously prefer, I would rather put some energy into getting the university presidents to demand consistent, and higher, standards for behavior and acceptable conduct from representatives of their school’s programs. If the NCAA will not support it, have the conference office level the playing field by having the same punishments for similar offenses. If not, just cut the cord from sports where the term “student athletes” has been bastardized and let the NFL and NBA set up minor leagues for athletes who have no interest in an education or adhering to rules of conduct. I don’t disagree that we are disadvantaged but I certainly don’t want to have my standards set by the worst among us. Otherwise we are no different from Meyer, or Auburn, and would be hypocritical in all we have said. I cannot go that far, and I don’t think many UGA fans would.

              • Bulldog Joe

                The best players want to go where there is an opportunity to win it all.

                That opportunity exists elsewhere right now. It hurts for some of us to admit it, but it is true.

                The SEC is not interested in putting itself at a financial disadvantage by unilaterally taking on enforcement responsibilities on every aspect of each school’s discipline policies. It sounds like a noble cause, but it is not going to happen.

                If we truly want to play by different rules and claim to want to win national championships, then we should drop down to a league in which they do.

                Otherwise, we are only fooling ourselves.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  FWIW, I’m with you Joe. UGA’s discipline policy is idiotic. But you won’t get anywhere telling the clowns on this blog that, at least not the vocal ones. So I don’t waste my time trying anymore. I do believe that there are many, maybe even most, in the fanbase that think the way you do on this issue. I wish we could vote to throw that whole worthless bunch at B-M out. In an election we could see what Bulldog people really thought. But the University won’t let us.

        • AusDawg85

          Bulldog…thank you in return for being respectful and defending your position. Others have done a very good job already of elaborating on my point, but I see your frustration. I can’t change your mind (and not my place too) but perhaps I can make you reflect a little more about where we are as a program vs. what you perceive to be the winning advantage in others.

          “I wish we had a coach who would stand up for his players like that.” That is so unfair to Mark Richt, and you are really turning the table on what’s right and what’s wrong. Look at nearly every disciplinary action CMR has taken over the past few years when kicking kids off the team. He’s counseled them, made them realize the consequences of their OWN actions and not prevented them from transferring to an opponents school. Covering-up their misdeeds behind closed doors is wrong in society…it’s wrong in football. If cheaters win, so what? I’m not jealous one second about the 2010 Auburn team with Newton, or tOSU in the Sugar Bowl. I’ll take 1 million Aaron Murray’s and lose every game than one Fairly, Newton, Bush, Hernandez, etc. just to win a damn MNC. If we disagree on this point, then we’d better not have to sit next to each other in Sanford Stadium…it would be a long afternoon.

          “There are many ways to handle the discipline internally without punishing the entire team and the people who support them.” Wow…this is the statement that sets me off. Perhaps I’m reading too much between the lines, but I’ll be clear on my point of view and you may certainly enjoy your own. The player who violates a rule is the one who has hurt the team. They KNOW the rules. They are expected to follow them. If you get suspended, you’ve hurt the team. Not the coach, not the administration, not the SEC or NCAA or anyone else. It’s a consequence that MUST be learned by young men, many, sadly, who have not had that lesson taught prior to arriving on a college campus.

          Now, there may be other forms of punishment you favor besides suspension, thus your belief that the consequences should not have to hurt the team. But I challenge you to arrive at punishment that would equal the responsibility a player MUST feel towards his teammates to act right and NOT GET SUSPENDED. Do they do it anyways? Obviously…but that tells us a lot about the character of the person involved. Selfishness. That’s not good for the team and thus deserves the harshest of penalties in suspended play.

          And if you ever feel “punished” as a fan for a coach managing team discipline, then you’ve got some issues to resolve. I really don’t get that sentiment. As a fan, I’m not owed anything other than expecting each member of the UGA community being loyal and doing what’s right every day to represent one of the greatest institutions in the world.

          • Bulldog Joe

            I do not have an issue with the players we have dismissed. Their outcomes were deserved.

            My issue is the institution-driven automatic suspensions for petty issues that happen here and nowhere else.

            Scooter violations, 0.2 alcohol, drivers license renewals, marijuana residue in a shared room, retaliation on a fight you didn’t start, brownies, etc. Give them extra strength and conditioning work, extra film study work, or other tasks that help themselves and the team under the supervision of the athletic department. If they don’t do it or don’t do it well, then take it the next level.

            Time out or public embarrassment is for elementary school. We are dealing with young adults.

            These policies hurt us on the field and in recruiting as they give the public the impression of a weak coaching staff, not a strong one.

            Zero-tolerance policies actually have the opposite effect of what they were intended to do.

            It is true here.

            • AusDawg85

              Ok…so are you backing off of blaming CMR (if you even were…maybe you weren’t but you don’t appear to be a CMR supporter) since you point to the “institution-driven” rules? I’ll assume yes to this point and we can move on together.

              “…policies hurt us on the field…” Let’s agree to disagree. Yep, we probably have cost ourselves a chance to win some games with the suspension of players, but I still think that form of punishment has been appropriate. Again, it’s the player’s selfishness causing the problem, not the coaching staff enforcing the rules.

              “…and in recruiting…” Gonna call total B.S. on that statement. First, just who are we missing on in recruiting? Look at our skill positions and tell me we’re lacking. One or two “get away” and we steal a couple. If you’re buying in to the rating systems before these kids even step foot in an SEC arena, you’re just not being fair to reality. If the pot smokers and laptop stealers were afraid to come to Georgia…how come we still got ’em?! C’mon man. I don’t know what programs you are so jealous of, but if we go through each one and understand the fundamental differences at each institution vs. what CMR has to have dealt with at Georgia, you might start to get a better perspective. Did you not read (I think it was SlawDawg’s) the post just the other day pointing-out Mark Richt’s record? You do realize he is the current dean of SEC coaches? We are a “winning program”.

              I don’t think you are one of these more recent graduates that whine about why we haven’t won a MNC yet (we’re Georgia dammit! We’re entitled!!). I think you’re one of us older dudes that remember pre-and post 1980 and wonder how the hell it is that we can’t get back to the Championship game again and being #1 with all the resources and talent we have, right?! What gives??!!! I share that too, but the problem is not all on CMR. The problem is not how we handle discipline. And yes…some lax programs, cheaters, coaches and players you would not want near your son (or daughter for that matter) have made it to #1. (I’m looking at you Aubuurn…)

              F’ em. We’re Georgia. We’re going to do this, against the odds, and it will be far, far sweeter than anything or anyone or anywhere that’s happened since the BCS was established.

              Except that we’re now going to the playoff system and going to be soooo screwed you better plan on living a long time, Mr. Bulldawg, to see this thing through.

              With a h/t to Bryant Denny…have a nice day.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              Listen, I agree with a lot of this. I could personally care less if a kid runs stairs for smoking weed vs being suspended. The Sen.’s original post was about fighting…that kind of BS, arrests, theft, flipping off the crowd, bar fights, etc – needs to be punished in public with punishment that really hurts, and most of that ought to get you kicked off the team.

      • Ginny

        Haha I was really hoping he was kidding but I guess not.

        • Bazooka Joe

          The day we start doing what Bulldog Joe suggests above is the day I end my season ticket buying….. And Joe, I think most of Bulldog Nation would agree with this post.

          • Bulldog Joe


            Mr. McGarity agrees with you.

            For many of us, it is not about the football. It’s just a good way to connect with family and friends. Nothing wrong with that.

            Just don’t expect to win it all.

  8. Spike

    I gotta tell ya fellas, that punk that did the double flip off of the crowd on national tv while wearing a OSU uni deserves to be suspended or booted the rest of the season, then be made to publicly apologize. Enough is enough. I won’t hold my breath waiting on Meyer to kick his ass. I know I would.

  9. Debby Balcer

    I would have been surprised if he had suspended them. Discipline is not in his vocabulary.

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    What an inspirational man. Corch is such a father figure to his players. I’m disappointed at the insinuation that he is thinking of anything other than their welfare and character.

  11. The Lone Stranger

    Same ole same ole for both the “college” of tOSU and The Corch. They are true fits for each other culturally.

    • Cojones

      You betchum, Kemo Sabe. If he was on a breakfast grain box, he’d qualify as a cereal killer with his personality. His “discipline” contribution to a true-to-life possible serial killer player is documented. One of his FU players had to discipline himself and sit out play for an eyepoking that the nation saw. Others openly broke his “rules” regularly and never saw lost game time.

      He is only a QB short of sponsoring a prison team with his “discipline.

  12. Tim

    Is there a bigger dick in sports than Corch Irvin Meyers? Top 1% my ass.

  13. stoneydawg

    The president and ad at OSU, in any order, should make it a point to Corch that the osu will not be embarrassed like that and will not tolerate it. Then they should can the player(s) and let Corch deal with that.

    • Macallanlover

      It is telling that neither has stepped in and over ruled Urbie. Says a lot about Ohio and how they got themselves on probation in the first place. Wait, is this a violation of their probation? I am sure the NCAA will be right back in there investigating for another dozen years. Sure they will….

      • Cojones

        ….Institutional control loss of players….Think that fits the same category that they should have been dinged with initially.

        And the show continues.