Eat mor Gamecock.

There’s something truly… er, delicious about the possibility of 10-win South Carolina falling to the Chick-fil-A Bowl and listening to the man who taunted Fulmer for years about landing in the Citrus Bowl try to put a happy face on it.


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  1. Russ

    Yeah it would be funny, but no way they fall that far.

    • It’s not that farfetched, actually, if Auburn loses on Saturday.

    • Macallanlover

      I know you are speaking of the CFA Bowl as a major fall for SC but I think a bowl should be measured by the trip/environment for fans and players. The money is somewhat irrelevant since it is split into so many pieces so the CFA, to me, isn’t much of a fall at all. It has become one of my favorites every year and is a great time for game viewing. If I do venture out on New Year’s Eve these days it is usually to a small dinner party and the game is always on. Worst places to be than ATL for travel and things to do.

      Admittedly, Duke isn’t very exciting as an opponent but it should allow the over rated Cocks a win. Although delusional Cock fans don’t realize it but them being in a bowl at all is over achieving for them as a program, don’t get above your raising. They aren’t far removed from having every holiday season open for them and their players, or heading for Birmingham, Memphis, or some other cold weather place. Big bowls just aren’t a part of their history so don’t act shocked.

      • The CFA is as much of a fall for SC as the Citrus was for UT. Sauce for the goose is what I’m speaking of…

        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Senator I agree with both the good points about the CFA Bowl, and the turnaround on Spurrier. There’s also the offense (not deep enough) to the South Carolina fan base that thinks of their team as an E-LEET program nowadays. The Chik-Fil-A Bowl is beneath Jadeveon Clowney, the best player in the universe of all time.

        • David K

          Even if they just fall to the Outback, that’s also as much of a fall for SC as the Citrus was for UT. Either way they’re a top 10 team that won’t be playing for much.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            The chickens are really imposters posing as a top 10 team. Mizzou had ’em dead to rights and then made the mistake of taking the foot off the gas, letting the ‘cocks back in the game. USCe should be 9-3 at best.

      • KornDawg

        I agree, Mac. I’ve been to two CFA Bowls, UGA/VT and LSU/Clem, and I had a great time at both. The game usually has a good turnout and the matchup is typically good, as well. Doesn’t hurt that they give out those little stuffed cows and free chicken biscuit coupons, either (at least not as far as I’m concerned.)

        • I just hate that they call it the CFA Bowl. All my life, I loved going to the Peach Bowl. It never mattered who made it to the bowl. One of my favorite family Holiday Traditions and some of my best holiday memories are of being in Bobby Dodd stadium and looking up at all the holiday lights in my City. Lord, I love Atlanta.

          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            Well…as long as we are nitpicking about changing names…back when they played the “Peach Bowl”, they were still called Christmas lights…

            You got your hang-ups on name changes and I’ve got mine, I guess.

            • Irwin R. Fletcher

              I’ll save my rant on how Macy’s has ruined the Great Tree and the Pink Pig for some other forum.

              • NO. I use to sing in our church choir on the bridge downtown at Rich’s every year. when they lit the big TREE. I hate PRISCILLA the PIG. That is not my Pink Pig. I still have the photos of me and Santa in the Winter Wonderland that was the attic at Rich’s. It was such fun riding the Pink Pig all around and under the big tree. What wonderful memories.

            • While we are at it….why can’t we leave well enough alone? They are frying macaroni and cheese and putting weird ingredients on Pizza and who decided it was a good idea to eat fried chicken with waffles. Somethings are just right like they are. What is wrong with these people? The whole world’s broke and it ain’t worth fixin.

              • Dog in Fla

                Colonel Sanders and Peaches & Cream?

                • That just looks like a bad stomach ache to me! Now.. I love ’em all….just by themselves alone on a plate. Don’t like for my food to touch. B/4 anyone starts with the, ” it all goes together inside”. BS….It is about how pure and perfect it taste in my mouth.

          • Bazooka Joe

            I am with ya there my brother ! I “thought” I had read in the fish wrapper back when the CFA was bidding to be one of the playoff venues that they would change the name back to Peach Bowl. Did I just imagine that ?

  2. Spike

    And this. He once again beat the East Champion and still did not win the division. Snort.

  3. KornDawg

    Congratulations Gamecocks, you made it to Atlanta just like every one of you said you would! (Assuming they go to the CFA Bowl)

  4. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Is it ironic that you can actually spell the word Citrus from South Carolina?

    South Carolina is in a sticky spot because they went to the Outback last season.
    Bama is a virtual lock for BCS at-large.
    Winner of Auburn/Mizzou goes to Sugar. (I hope…I would love to hear the Auburns whine about getting ‘left out’ of the championship game)
    If Auburn loses, no way Cap One passes on them.
    However, Mizzou could be different…they haven’t traveled as well in the past so there is some uncertainty there. Might not be an issue with such a big season and the novelty and such, but that would be the only way I could see Carolina moving into a better bowl than the CFA.

  5. Signal Mtn Dawg

    Hilarious……. but agree that if you fall in bowl picks, the CFA is where you want to be. For my money, this bowl delivers every year. Easy to get to, great venue, always sold out and the pride factor of ACC vs. SEC makes the game competitive and spirited crowd. Really hope UGA plays Michigan in the Gator…… beyond that, I was hoping UGA would play Miami in the CFA.

  6. Wonder who the Clemson staffer was that got into a ruckus with the uSC fans?

  7. Comin' Down The Track

    It would be a way for them to get me to finally stop calling it the Peach Bowl and change to calling it the Chicken Bowl… which is closer?

  8. Bulldog Joe

    Let it be Duke. Can’t imagine Cutcliffe has a lot of love for Spurrier, either.

  9. fatman48

    Well its 2:45 here in Athen’s, for those of you in South Carolina it’s 15 minutes till 3:00… “GO DAWGS”

  10. Dawg19

    You can’t spell “The Chick-Fil-A Bowl Game is going to suck” without USCe…

  11. stoopnagle

    Man, Auburn really cacked it up for the Cocks. I figured after Bama trounced AU, then SC would get the Sugar Bowl. Oh well.

    As a Georgia fan, since we’ve been to Shreveport AND Memphis since the last time we were in NOLA, I’m not going to laugh at anybody for making the Peach Bowl.

  12. Rocket Dawg

    I find it deliciously ironic that Missouri has been in the league two years and has just as many SECCG appearances as the Chickens. Not to mention that for the third year in a row USCe beats the eventual East division winner.

  13. AusDawg85

    Since returning to college ball in 2005, the great SOS is 76 – 39 (66% winning %) and has only one SEC East Division title to his credit.

    Mark Richt since 2005 is 86 – 34 (72%), has one SEC title and 4 divisional titles.