It’s part of their charm.

Georgia’s athletic director expects the fan base to show for the bowl game, even if, as he acknowledges, “There may be a little dip every now and then as far as execution…”



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  1. HVL Dawg

    At this point I wonder how much McGarity cares which bowl we go to. Since bowl revenue is split within the conference, it seems like the only other factor for McGarity to care about is cost.

    So what are the costs?
    *There’s travel/entertainment costs- I don’t see any difference between Jax, ATL and Nashvegas.
    *And each bowl has a minimum number of tickets they expect the school to buy.
    *Anything else?

    So I guess the calculus comes down to how many tickets the fans will buy from the school relative to that bowl’s minimum requirement. And that’s why McGarity is out front on this, and why next week he’ll have CMR out there saying how excited we are to go to Jax, ATL, or Nashvegas.


    • Bulldog Joe

      He’s inwardly cheering for Atlanta, thinking of the gas and hotel money we save for the reserve.

      Also, many of our players can get there on their own. At least the ones with active drivers licenses.


  2. mdcgtp

    I think UGA fans will show up in some numbers because we have a large fan base. the fan base loves our team, and the “hassle cost” and actual cost of attending a game in Orlando OR Atlanta is relatively low for the reward of seeing our team play.

    Honestly, I find the number of brain cells and characters typed that are wasted on the topic of bowls akin to that of the Heisman trophy. I say this for two reasons. When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, the bowl system was essentially a 50/50 free agent model/conference tie in model on new years day, but the rest was a “free for all”. Bowls from all over the country tried to compete with each other for compelling matchups. Thus, the games seemed to have some interest and meaning as teams who had pretty similar seasons were battling it out to end on a high note. Further, the fact that there were a smaller number of them meant that teams actually cared and valued the experience because it was an actual reward and not simply the participation trophy it is today.

    Once conferences got involved in negotiating supplying bowls with content and espn needed to fill 2 weeks worth of programing, the whole system went downhill. Slotting replaced compelling matchups. Recall after the 1984 season when we “squeeked” into the Citrus Bowl (which had been rebranded from the Tangerine and was way way below the Gator in pecking order) it was played a few days BEFORE Christmas and was viewed as a the cheapest of consolation prizes. Nonetheless, it was the bowl that both UGA and FSU “deserved” based on how their seasons played out.

    My point is a simple one…they are virtually ALL consolation prizes. EVEN the “BCS” bowls are because the matchups are so terrible. At this point, I think it is yet another argument for something that an expanded playoff would fix. that said, the discussion around who is going where over whom is relatively uninteresting.


  3. Why do I feel like we will see V Tech in the Music City Bowl? Could fate send the Fish Fry there to play us again? Just don’t let it be BC. I have had a bad experience with that match up.


    • sUGArdaddy

      Calm down, Homer, and book your condo in Jekyll again for New Year’s. You can book the Gator. Been 25 years since we’ve been there, which seems crazy. We go 10-2 and go to the Sugar Bowl and play Hawaii. We go 8-4 and go to the Gator Bowl and play Michigan. Go figure.


      • I could get into catching red fish on the mudflats. 😉


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I favor going to the Gator and playing Michigan. We wear out the B1G teams with regularity. JAX is close enough for the fanbase to come in droves. All the WLOCP fanatics will be able to stay at their beach condos, too. Perfect.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “There may be a little dip every now and then as far as execution,”

    Isn’t that the truth. There should have been more of them.


  5. TL

    Gator is a good call — the name sponsor is, which is owned by a Georgia Grad from Augusta.


  6. HVL Dawg

    Execution hasn’t dipped- they’re booked solid right now.


  7. BulldogBen

    Why even take that shot about the execution given the context of the conversation? It does no one any good.

    I become less impressed with McGarity each year.


  8. cube

    Another trademark of our program is to blame all failures on execution.


  9. The more money you get out of Butts-Mehre the more lunatic you likely are. Just saying.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Uh oh. The dreaded “public reprimand” from the Big Ten. LOL.


  11. Will Trane

    Thank you CMR and Dawgs for another bowl trip. May not be what you or we had hoped. But you are a very good team at 8-4. Dawgs have the longest record in SEC for bowl trips…17 straight years. Thanks CMR and Staff and all those Dawg teams..


  12. JRW7

    Who wants to go see a 8-4 UGA team that played well below expectations this year and is headed for another season of the same next year, if CMR keeps CTG, whose defense was 10 th in the SEC this year!


    • Cosmic Dawg

      Expectations…I think we probably started with them too high. I don’t see how in the world we thought a defense this young was going to pull its weight right out of the gate this year.

      Add in the injuries, and…well, Is it fair to revise expectations built around talent when that talent goes down? I agree with you about CTG, but more for last year and failure to *improve* much this year.

      Consider this – between attrition and injury we’ve probably lost 70% of our total starts (ie # of games x starters) from last year’s bowl game heading into this year’s. That’s a lot.

      You have to admit, though – it’s been awfully entertaining, regardless of the record.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        CD, you make a point here. “Right out of the gate” we had to play top 5 team Clemson at Clemson. THAT is stupid scheduling and you can lay that right at the feet of McCheapskate. Play ’em later in the year. Swap the App State or N.Texas date for that one–but not first game at their stadium. Galactically stupid scheduling. When we get an AD who’s interested in maximizing winning more than maximizing $$ we’ll do a lot better.