Mason and the HUNH offense

Interesting quote from Mike Bobo about the gameplan for Georgia Tech:

… His plan entering Saturday’s game at Georgia Tech was for the Bulldogs to run the hurry-up offense for much of the afternoon before the Yellow Jackets jumped out to an early 20-0 lead.

“We tried to go fast really all night tonight. We just early in the game, we had some guys and we missed them and couldn’t really get anything going,” Bobo said, later adding, “They don’t play a lot of people on defense, so I thought if we could wear them down with the screens and with the hurry-up, no-huddle, we’d be able to run the ball late. And we just got so far behind, we kind of had to stay in the pass mode and some one-back runs out of the gun.”

I guess I should take back my criticism that Bobo didn’t build on the Kentucky game.  And maybe it’s not such a surprise that he had to pull the reins in early last Saturday until Mason settled down a bit and the o-line got more in sync.

But it sounds pretty clear that he’ll be tweaking the offense to match his quarterback’s skill set.  It should make for something to watch in the bowl game.


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52 responses to “Mason and the HUNH offense

  1. DawgPhan

    Wait a second…Bobo puts thought into his game plan and then makes adjustments?..the guy that sits behind me for a few games each season would be surprised to learn this.

  2. Gwinnett Dawg

    Once again, the problem on Saturday wasn’t with the offense; it was with our sieve of a defense. Outside of Kentucky and App State, who have we shut down all year?

    • I thought if we held them under 30, we would win and likely by double digits. In regulation, we held them to 27 although I thought they would get their points on the ground because I wasn’t convinced we would be disciplined against the run. I also didn’t foresee our safeties getting caught looking in the backfield time after time in the 1st half. Vad Lee went Beyond Crompton in the 1st half and then came back to earth in the 2nd.

      • King Jericho

        I actually was fearful of the opposite; during the Auburn game, I saw the DBs getting overextended on stopping the run, but luckily Nick Marshall couldn’t hurt us with his arm. Didn’t really expect Vad Lee to have a better arm though.

    • adam

      The offense and the defense both played poorly in the first half and both played much better in the second half.

      Why does it have to be O vs D? Both of them were pretty useless to start the game. You don’t get down 20-0 without the offense opening with 4 possessions for 0 points.

  3. William

    I think he often puts a lot of thought and care into how he wants to attack……he just gets let down by the O-Line so often. Perhaps this is why his adjustments are so good sometimes; he has had to learn to do them on the fly due to the O-Line not showing up.

  4. Irwin R. Fletcher

    “They don’t play a lot of people on defense” <— Second time I've read that this week…first time was a D-Line recruit whose brother(?) plays at Tech that wants nothing to do with them b/c they don't rotate.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Tech, generally, lacks quality depth at every position except at running back.

      It is because of their high academic standards, don’t cha know? 🙂

      Stanford has the same problem.

  5. Beer Money

    How Bobo has not come to blows with Grantham yet like the two S Carolina coaches did in Athens is beyond me. Despite some conservative playcalling at times (Vandy) has really done a great job “working with the tha scraps you been given” as 2Pac would say. The fact that we really did not fall off in offensive production despite being decimated beyond repair at every skill position speaks volumes of where he is as an OC.

    • William

      This, plus a Christmas Bonus!

    • Beer is for Horses

      I can’t disagree that the defense did make it touch on the offense at times this year, but that’s a two way street. Bobo’s crowd, imho, has put the defense in bad spots far more often than vice versa over the four years they’ve worked together.

      • Beer is for Horses


        Before one of you Dunning-Kruger geniuses points out my typo

      • Cosmic Dawg

        You are talking about four years, I know, but

        this year our offense is tied for 114th nationally in number of punts (few) and #18 in number of kickoffs (many), but never gets credit for scoring so often they give our defense great field position to defend.

        Our team is tied for #110th in turnovers gained, but only tied for #58 in turnovers lost.

        I occasionally read a comment that our poor ol’ defense is bad partly because of our offense (without the 4-year disclaimer), and I think that’s a real slap in the face when our offense is generally putting them in a great position.

        Nice handle, by the way.

        • Great point – one of the keys this year was the failure to generate turnovers (although Penn Wagers took one away from us and gave us a 15 yard penalty to boot).

          The offense generally gave the defense field position to defend except for turnovers and special teams derps.

          • AusDawg85

            For a while, somebody was keeping up with the number of points that could be attributed to ST screw-ups and O turnovers. Would be interesting just to see where that ended-up for the season.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Let’s just say both coordinators have a lot of experience playing short-handed against an opponent playing at full strength.

      I not just talking injuries.

  6. doofusdawg

    guess hutson wasn’t ready for the bootleg… not that a play that causes defenders to sprint one way and then the other might make them tired.

  7. Will Trane

    Like I said in an early post when the Dawgs scored in the closing minutes of the 1st half and the way the D was beginning to play, the GT 2 TD lead was in trouble. When they went to OT it was over…ask TG…4 carries, 2 TDs. That was a solid plan…some may complain about the screens to TG that were not pproductive yard wise but it begin to gas GT.

  8. Will Trane

    Both Bobo and Grantham did great job, and to the players credit they executed it. That is why I would put this 8-4 team in the top 25. No Marshall @ RB, no Rome @ TE, no WRs like Mitchell & Scott Wesley to stretch the D deep and mid. I have nothing but praise for this team and coaches down the stretch.

  9. Will Trane

    My SEC power rankings the last 2-3 games of season. Auburn, Georgia, & LSU. The coaches and players on those team did very good after a long season. Their work showed in those games. Add Missouri. Yesterday I placed a call to them to congratulate them on their SEC East title. They deserved.

  10. Will Trane

    What happened to A&M? First it maybe cute for a gifted QB to move all over the field to get a pass off, but their is a down side to that. So is everybody else and his eyes are up and down while it is moving. Missouri, watch both of their QB’s presence in the “pocket” or behind the LOS. Does Mizzou move marshall around with preseure?

  11. Honey Bobo is doing just fine…..and will continue to get better an better. Now ….TG….he just does not fit into the future of the DAWGS. Go on …get outta there.

  12. Cameron

    One interesting possibility aspect about running a HUNH potentially more often next year will be skill-position depth advantage we will have over just about everyone. We will have 4-6 quality running backs. WRs: Mitchell, Conley, JSW, Bennett are all basically a given. Throw in any number of developing receivers and we should have good depth there once again.

    Only concerns for depth are TE and OL (as usual). All told though, going 3-4 wide running a HUNH should wear down teams fairly consistently if we are (1) rotating guys and (2) stopping anyone on defense so that the HUNH can get back on the field.

    • AusDawg85

      Hahahaha…oh,man. This makes me chuckle. Your analysis may be spot on, but when have you seen us do it? Once we have a 2 score lead, we’re going to slow down and try to grind our way home to victory….or until the other team gets the lead, then finally get around to showing how good an O we are. That’s as much on CMR as,well…you know who.

  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Agree with Beer Money. We’d be lucky to have 4 wins if not for CMB, McClendon and Ball.

  14. Being realistic, as long as BOBO analysis does not slow down the HUNH of Mason, it will be a travesty if UGA is not one of the 4 playoff teams. Even with 2 OT but 0 1st half score vs GT, I saw and can see Mason likely leading his team production to > 40 every game. The schedule is favoring us a well, most of the assumed competitive games are at home except with the CHICKS.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Once again we begin our season with Clemson and South Carolina. Who scheduled the Clemson opener? Oh, yeah, right. The genius we hired from FU who said when he came over that he was going to follow the “Florida model” when it came to scheduling. When did FU ever open up with 2 ranked teams back to back, one of them being an away game? Let’s show McCheapskate the door. I may try to get on the Board of Regents just so I can get the SOB canned.

  15. I personally am taking offense to the idea that Bobo was responsible for the Dawgs change in fortune. I took off my coat and sweatshirt exposing my Reggie Ball MVP #1 Georgia Tech jersey thereby releasing the ghosts of Reggies past and the direction of the game changed immediately.I froze my ass off for the next half but it was well worth it. You’re all welcome for my sacrifice.Hell my voo-doo worked so well that even Grantham wised up and swapped Swan with Dawson in coverage. In any event, I need some credit here, I was the person who turned that whole puppy around by summoning up the Ghost of Reggie Ball . Coach Richt,Coach Bobo, Coach Grantham and all citizens of the Bulldog nation…… you’re all welcome.I know you all think Mason and the Gurley man were what turned the game around but you are just wrong…Hudson,Todd Artie(great catch by the way) I’m the reason we won . I took one for the team…I have a bitch of a cold now but it was worth it. Strategy and coaching are great but good voo-doo is better. Screw a special teams coach we need a voo-doo priest and I hereby volunteer. Coach contact the Senator we’ll do lunch are WELCOME. COACHING MY ASS….. I’m going to go take my meds now.

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