That’s okay. I spit in your food before I served you.

At least nobody was shot.


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30 responses to “That’s okay. I spit in your food before I served you.

  1. Dawgy45

    Of course the server is named Forrest…Gump I presume.

  2. Bulldog Joe

    That waiter will never get a better tip than the one he got from our defense.

  3. Cheap Bastard!…… That is soooo tacky!


    You can’t hide class…

  5. Dog in Fla

    It’s part of their charm.

  6. JN

    Hope the tipper was a female. Any man who puts circles for dots should be *^%$# slapped.

  7. Harry your hands are freezing

    Honestly he probably didn’t have enough for a tip anyway due to it being a Regions pre-paid card. Also, not that I’m endorsing what this person did, but it probably wasn’t the best choice of words for that waiter after a loss like that if fandom is expressed upfront.

  8. stoopnagle

    3 points: the first, noted above by the honorable Dawgy45, is the server’s name is Forrest. 2d, everyone knows Regions Bank is the fiefdom of Bobby Lowder, right? 3d, a real Bama fan would have left a 15 cent tip.

    • sniffer

      You’re thinking of Colonial, now BB&T. Lowder would want nothing to do with Regions. They were his biggest rival.

      • LorenzoDawg

        Sniffer, is Lowder in jail yet? I know the big dog track booster (Milton?)got a get out of jail gift from a friendly Alabama jury a while back. I was hoping neither could afford to replenish the “fund” coffers anytime soon.

        • sniffer

          No, but it must feel like house arrest to him. He went from being worth $200mil to $5mil. Something like that. Biggest “little” prick I ever met. McGregor will be fighting civil suits (initiated by him) for a long time. You know, trying to get his good name back, and all..

          • Good luck with that.
            “In 2001, the Board of Trustees at Auburn summarily dismissed President William V. Muse, inspiring a widespread campus vote of no confidence in the Board. The widespread belief on campus was that Lowder exerted tight private control over the Board, and thus over the ostensibly public university, using his clout to place some of his close friends in positions of power.”

      • Ah, thanks for the correction.

    • Bulldog Joe

      If FSU and OSU lose one, they’ll bump it up to 16 cents regardless of what the BCS says.

  9. Bryant Denny

    Let’s face it, this is probably the best career lesson “Forrest” will ever learn.

    If he’s going to pursue a career in the food service business, he’s got to know his clientele. 😐

  10. AusDawg85

    Waiter was an Aubie? Yeah…I’m OK with this.

  11. Gregdog

    I actually have no problem with this. Some things you just don’t talk about in customer care (politics, religion, allegiance, etc). He/she got the “tip” they earned, and it was a good one at that.

  12. Parts

    Surely all the fans from south Ga will go, because that’s why we play the game in Jacksonville each year right?

  13. Will Trane

    Tipper may have some laughs with this. A lot of disclosure by a website and a waiter. Hope they have solid legal rep. Get ready. A lot of public disclosure of a private transaction. Visa Card # ending 2270; don’t think Visa will think highly of that, nor Regions Bank. Waiter and restaurant should have let it go. Now the boot is on the other goot. Roll Tide.

  14. Will Trane

    So good to see CMR’ pupil use some of CMR’s past OC strategy from FSU. Gas them on defense. Run from side to side and don’t give them a chance to sub. In other wors…Oline make their ass quit in the 4th quarter”. Had somewhat did it to AU. Amazed how Bama did not do that against Auburn.

  15. 3rdandGrantham

    I swear that is the most backwards state in the U.S. They seriously have nothing better to do there, so they dedicate their entire lives to their beloved football programs. When I occasionally travel to Bham for business, I’m almost immediately pegged as some foreign outsider (I’m guessing based on my overall appearance and lack of a deep bama accent), and am continually asked where I’m from. When I tell them Virginia, most often I get bank stares as if I just named some foreign country that nobody has ever heard of.